8 Struggles Every Talent Acquisition Team May Face & How to Fix Them

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Despite how spotless your recruitment efforts can be; HR challenges can sometimes seep into the talent acquisition world.

Since the majority of us are still working remotely, getting a good handle on the remote recruitment process can be hard. There are various things that talent acquisition teams must take into consideration. From onboarding new hires, looking after the employees, hiring top talent, to fostering a culture of high performance – the list goes on.

These hurdles though, aren’t difficult to face or resolve, though. They just need a few handy tricks, and some awesome hiring technology to get back on the right track.

This is exactly why we are here today to share with you some struggles that talent acquisition teams may face, and how to fix them!

Difficulty finding qualified candidates

It’s not unusual for talent acquisition teams to fall at the first hurdle; which is the inability to find qualified candidates. A job posting can attract a large number of candidates, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fit for the job. And chances are, your job postings aren’t appearing on the radar of top talent.

So what can talent acquisition specialists do in this case? It’s simple. Investing in a hiring platform will be a start.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC can provide talent acquisition teams with a single place to manage all vacancies, job boards, job postings, and applications. What’s more, our hiring platform allows them to post their vacancies on over 10,000 job boards, and consequently rank the candidates from highest to lowest match. This gives talent acquisition specialists the ability to find and attract qualified candidates with just a click.

Losing top talent to competitors

Believe it or not, many talent acquisition specialists are under the risk of losing top talent to faster moving companies. This can be due to a lengthy hiring process, complicated application process, and poor candidate experience.

However, by simply ensuring timely communication with candidates, talent acquisition teams can significantly boost their candidate experience.

To eliminate losing your A-star candidates to competitors, make sure you keep communication lines open, automatically send reminders before scheduled interviews, and keep candidates in the loop on their application status.

With a hiring platform like EVA-REC, you can update candidates with automated emails, keep the application process short, and dwindle down the hiring process to a few days. Therefore, allowing you to effortlessly impress and retain top talent!

Taking a longer time to hire

Too many talent acquisition teams are so hung up on hiring the perfect candidates, they end up dragging the process for too long. Studies have shown that when the hiring process is too long, around 57% of candidates lose interest in the vacancy altogether.

And if you’re looking to hire ‘’hard to find’’ talent, then taking too long to hire won’t help you land your dream talent. In fact, it can negatively affect your corporate brand image in the long run!

In this case, we strongly suggest you leverage hiring technology to speed up your time to hire. Whether it’s an advanced hiring platform or applicant tracking system, these incredible technologies can help you eliminate manual processes, automate tasks, and customize hiring pipelines, based on your own preferences and needs. Therefore, reducing time-to-hire by 80%!

The lack of employer branding

Talent acquisition specialists tend to focus so much on the recruitment process, and not enough on the employer brand. But if the candidates never heard of your company and you have a weak online presence and employer brand, then it will be harder for you to attract top-notch candidates.

Therefore, you should work hard to build your brand and showcase it throughout the recruitment process. Start by creating a branded career page. Where you can help candidates learn more about your company by demonstrating your perks and benefits, team testimonials, company pictures, and work environment.

This way, you will build credibility, and you won’t struggle to attract top performers for your company. Even better, converting them will become a piece of cake!

Maintaining a great candidate experience

Creating an awesome candidate experience is paramount. Every talent acquisition team knows this. However, with remote recruitment in the picture, the candidate experience tends to get overlooked. And more than 46% of HR professionals believe that the outbreak negatively impaired the candidate experience.

To avert this issue, talent acquisition teams should pay extra attention to the candidate journey. They have to be more conscious of every touchpoint, and make sure that their outreach is thorough and prompt.

So start by giving candidates all the details they need for their interviews or assessments, and keep them in the loop on their application status. Also, having a “Plan B” will always come in handy when things like technical difficulties start to arise!

Disorganized interview process

A deeply disorganized interview process is a major red flag for candidates. When interviews are constantly rescheduled and interviewers are always showing up unprepared, candidates start to see this as a red flag. Luckily, a hiring platform can enable you to manage and organize the interview process seamlessly.

Where candidates will get automated emails informing them of the interview details, the next step, and everything else they need to know.

What’s more, talent acquisition teams can collaborate together on the platform and evaluate candidates in one place. Where they can leave their feedback, comments, and ratings – without the need to have them ALL show up to the interview! With a more organized interview process, candidates will get a better first impression on your company.

Eliminating hiring bias

As humans, we’re all wired to make quick and hasty decisions when under pressure. For many talent acquisition teams, their final decisions are distorted with unconscious bias due to insufficient insights and information.

This will have talent acquisition teams feel inclined to make biased, emotional, or inconsistent decisions when interviewing candidates. Luckily, a hiring platform like ours minimizes hiring bias. It provides talent acquisition teams with actionable and accurate data-driven insights to help them make the right objective decisions.

It will also rank candidates from highest to least fit, and provide a matching percentage that matches the right candidates to the right job role. This can help talent acquisition teams instantly spot the best candidates and make the right hiring decision effortlessly, without the need to second guess themselves or invoke any biased decisions.

Falling back into ‘’old ways’’

Now that we got the hang of remote work, it will be hard to put the genie back in the bottle and return to the old ways of getting things done.

Whether it’s manually screening resumes, resorting back to spreadsheets, or going back to the phone screening process – the old ways of recruiting are long gone now.

With new hiring technologies, AI, and machine learning at hand, the HR landscape has evolved in ways we cannot even fathom. Gone are the days when traditional recruitment used to be considered enough. Now, talent acquisition teams need to adapt to the new norm, and find further ways to innovate their recruitment process to ride with the new wave of change.

Closing words

While you may face your fair share of struggles as a talent acquisition specialist, nothing is impossible to overcome in this digital age. And with the right hiring technology and resources, tackling these challenges will become a breeze.

All you have to do is leverage the right hiring platform, create a great candidate experience, speed up the hiring process, improve your employer branding, organize the interview process, and embrace the new way of recruiting.

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