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A simple, powerful, next-generation
onboarding software


Organize and automate the entire pre-boarding journey. Make it more accessible, convenient, and manageable for new hires and existing employees.


Keep new hires engaged, and productive at all times. Equip them with the information they need to get started and integrated into their teams, fast.


Build exceptional first days for newcomers. Complete paperwork quickly, assign onboarding tasks, and gather electronic signatures in a flash.

Set new hires up for success

Instill a sense of connection and belonging in new hires before their first day.

Introduce new hires remotely to team members, and get them familiar with your company culture and policies. Provide a centralized hub of useful resources that they can tap into, before they even start.

No more manual tasks, paper forms, reminder notes, or cheat sheets. Automate the entire onboarding process, create custom onboarding checklists, and connect new hires with teammates before their first day.

Create a streamlined onboarding process that saves time, and reduces onboarding time from weeks to hours. Allow new hires to spend their first day getting to know their teammates, and not completing paperwork.

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Easily onboard a group of new hires – all at once

Seamlessly customize onboarding for various new hires from different job types, departments, and locations with just a few clicks. Support mass hiring or seasonal hiring for similar roles across multiple locations with personalized onboarding experiences tailored to each and every new hire.

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Easy Onboarding of a Group of New Hires

Streamline different onboarding workflows

Create unlimited onboarding processes strictly based on your needs.

Easily build various onboarding journeys for different business units, job levels, and regions. With EVA-BOARD, you can seamlessly customize your onboarding workflows, templates and portals to give multiple new hires exceptional experiences that align with your organization and brand.

Centralize and complete onboarding tasks in one single place, to boost productivity and focus more on creating meaningful introductions. Save valuable time, eliminate the administrative load, and create a more memorable onboarding journey for your newcomers.

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different onboarding workflows

Embed any form or documents to be signed

Send new hires multiple documents that need to be signed and cleared before day one. Seamlessly share documents and request e-signatures instantly. Decrease time and cost spent on admin tasks – and quickly get back all important documents from new hires in one go.

Onboarding Software Digital Signature
Onboarding Software Digital Signature

Delegate onboarding roles to the right employees and teams

Save your team valuable time by automating tasks and allocating roles.

Take away first-day anxiety with an onboarding experience that takes new hires by the hand. Automatically notify managers and employees, and allocate onboarding buddies. Set expectations from the start and say goodbye to unprepared colleagues, mountains of paperwork, and new hires getting lost in the shuffle.

Automatically send new hires onboarding tasks and get them ready to hit the ground running before they start. Easily track the process with a simple deadline setting and automated reminders that keep both new hires and your internal team in the loop. In just days, take new hires from “just hired” to “incredibly productive” — and keep them there.

Assign internal employees their roles, create deadlines, and remind role owners when a task is overdue. Set automated tasks and reminders that keep everyone on track and updated, at all times.

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EVA-REC Position Pipeline

One single platform to recruit and onboard new hires

Auto-assign and delegate tasks to new hires with confidence. Say goodbye to manual checklists, data duplication, and missing information slipping through the cracks. Set onboarding tasks for specific roles, assign owners, set up automatic reminders, and seamlessly track tasks in one single place.

Get more clarity with real-time
onboarding metrics

Intelligently evaluate your onboarding process with real-time interactive reports and dashboards. Pull reliable, relevant, and actionable built-in reports from one single dashboard – and quickly unravel any bottlenecks or areas that need improvement.

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Explore 2000+ world-class integrations
that easily help you build, run, and scale your workflows

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Seamlessly integrated with top-tier recruitment tools
Easily run, manage, and streamline your onboarding process – wherever you are

  • LinkedIn

    Promote jobs, connect with potential candidates and build a diverse talent pool fast.

  • Zoom

    Schedule remote meetings, webinars, and interviews – all under one unified umbrella.

  • Slack

    Bring team collaboration into one place, and help keep remote teams stay connected.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Allow users to conduct video meetings, chat and collaborate – all in one place.

  • Indeed

    Promote job vacancies, boost job visibility and build a centralized database of candidates.

  • SAP

    Interview, assess, and recruit top performers through AI and video interviews.

  • Oracle

    Manage, automate, and optimize core recruitment functions to hire top talent fast.

  • Udemy

    Suggest online courses to candidates to fine-tune their skill sets.


    Securely exchange electronic job offers, NDAs, certificates, and more.


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Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution in the UK


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