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Centralize your
organization’s processes
across different

Centralize or decentralize your recruitment processes for your group/subsidiaries, in one single hiring platform. Add multiple branches, each with its own authorization setup, hierarchy levels, and branded career page.

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hiring process tracking
approval workflow

Your approval workflow can now be better, faster, and smarter

Streamline approvals for job offers, contracts, job requisitions, relatives, referrals and rehires – and say goodbye to chasing down approvals from this day on.

self-service portal for employees

One self-service portal for all your employees’ recruitment needs

Provide employees and managers with instant access to vital recruitment information from any device, and on the go.

chat between workers

Centralize communication to stay connected to your workforce

Sync your inbox seamlessly with Gmail or Outlook to make sure important messages are never missed.

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Run various hiring processes in minutes, not days

Create and build a fully customizable hiring process for every role or category imaginable.

invite recruiting agencies

Invite recruiting agencies to help you build winning teams

Invite and grant agencies the permissions you require to make them part of your hiring process.

Set new hires up for success with customized journeys

Craft a personalized and enjoyable onboarding experience for all new hires based on their job roles. Elevatus helps your enterprise create a customized onboarding process so you can warmly welcome, engage, and retain new hires successfully.

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scoring and ranking applicants

Rank and score applicants based on their answers

Utilize advanced AI to help you find top applicants that best match your requirements. Search and filter based on criteria like skills and experience, then rank applicants in order of qualification.

Hire at Enterprise-Scale - Applicants' Answers Evaluation

Evaluate and score the applicants’ answers on the spot

Assess applicants based on your model answer to gauge soft skills and job competencies fast. Easily filter out correct answers, eliminate guesswork – and flawlessly assess the skills that are tough to measure.

Keep track of your visa quotas, at all times

Give your enterprise one central location to manage, automate and gain insight into allocated, reserved, and used visas. It’s now easier than ever to save, print, and download governmental forms to be filled by users on the system. Manage your entire visa inventory from one single tab, seamlessly reserve visas for employees or agencies, and get instantly notified when visas are about to expire.

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track your visa quotas

Automated video interviewing that pinpoints top talent fast

Customize your assessment process once and automate the rest. Assess thousands of applicants, streamline communication, and automatically filter top talent through the power of AI. Spend more time doing work that matters and less time sifting through CVs.

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automated video interviewing

Seamlessly integrate
with your favorite tools

Explore 2000+ world-class integrations
that easily help you build, run, and scale your workflows

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Seamlessly integrated with top-tier recruitment tools
Easily run, manage, and streamline your onboarding process – wherever you are

  • LinkedIn

    Promote jobs, connect with potential candidates and build a diverse talent pool fast.

  • Zoom

    Schedule remote meetings, webinars, and interviews – all under one unified umbrella.

  • Slack

    Bring team collaboration into one place, and help keep remote teams stay connected.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Allow users to conduct video meetings, chat and collaborate – all in one place.

  • Indeed

    Promote job vacancies, boost job visibility and build a centralized database of candidates.

  • SAP

    Interview, assess, and recruit top performers through AI and video interviews.

  • Oracle

    Manage, automate, and optimize core recruitment functions to hire top talent fast.

  • Udemy

    Suggest online courses to candidates to fine-tune their skill sets.


    Securely exchange electronic job offers, NDAs, certificates, and more.


Recruiting software that helps your enterprise hire at scale

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Recruit a more diverse workforce

Recruit diverse candidates through a multilingual career page, diverse job boards, fair hiring practices, and unbiased AI technology.

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A candidate-first experience

Take the candidate’s journey to a whole new level. Engage top talent through timely communication, instant notifications, and a branded experience.

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Customize permissions for your enterprise

Set up specific permissions for users within branches, and control who can create, manage, edit or delete processes within the platform.

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Dynamic analytical reports

Customize any analytical reports your enterprise needs, to turn your hiring data into powerful, rich, and valuable insights.

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Seamless integration process

Further elevate your experience and connect with any integration your enterprise needs – without worrying about building it.

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200+ talent assessments

Uncover the potential of candidates with a suite of assessments that unravel skill sets, IQ, EQ, language proficiency, and job performance at a glance.

The #1 award-winning recruiting software

#1 AI recruiting software

Elevatus has won The Best AI-Powered Recruiting Software, numerous badges of appreciation, and prestigious awards for its incredible advancements in technology and outstanding level of excellence in HR.

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Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution in the UK


Keep your data safe and secure at all times

Achieve the best GDPR compliance with our safe and secure recruiting software. Take the effort out of compliance with enterprise-grade security that safeguards your data and protects your enterprise.

Explore our award-winning recruiting solutions

Companies of all sizes are using EVA-REC to hire without the extra time, effort, and cost.


EVA-SSESS is the fastest way to discover and hire top talent, wherever they are.

EVA-SSESS - Video Interview Platform

Create better first days for new hires with EVA-BOARD, and build a paperless onboarding process.

EVA-BOARD Onboarding Software

Enterprise recruiting can be complex. But we made it simple.

See how our award-winning recruiting software can help your enterprise easily attract, engage, hire, and advance the best talent.

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