A group of talent acquisition specialists
    6 Big Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Using TikTok Resumes for Talent Acquisition

    Remember last year when TikTok exploded in popularity? It went from an app where 15-year olds would lip sync to Britney Spears songs – to a worldwide phenomenon of 1 […]

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    recruiter using a hiring platform
    6 Brilliant Ways a Hiring Platform Can Maximize Your Company’s Growth

    The human resources department is the heart of any organization. It’s more than just paperwork and filing. It plays a key role in securing top talent, improving retention, managing employees, […]

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    recruiter relying on a hiring platform
    6 Ultimate Ways the Social Media Outage Affected HR and How Hiring Platforms Came to The Rescue

    The majority of us, in one way or another, are tethered to our phones. We can spend endless hours scrolling through social media apps. And when we’re done, we’d reopen […]

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    4 Easy Ways a Hiring Platform Transforms Recruitment in the Sports Industry

    Sports play a huge role in our society. People flock from all over the world to enjoy sporting events with their loved ones. Whether it’s for the Olympics, Euro Cup, […]

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    Elevatus Surpasses 1 Million Video Assessments Completed Worldwide

    LONDON – October 12th, 2021 – Elevatus, the provider of the most comprehensive AI technology, today announced it has successfully delivered 1 million video assessments to date for its clients. […]

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    A recruiter using AI to boost remote recruitment
    5 Great Ways AI is Transforming Remote Recruitment in 2021

    In today’s digital age, AI is more than just a passing trend. It’s playing a fundamental role in revolutionizing the remote recruitment process and HR landscape. AI has terrifically helped […]

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    talent acquisition specialist
    6 Talent Acquisition Mistakes You Might Be Making and How to Avoid Them

    Sticking to your tried and true hiring methods could be doing you more harm than good. Especially for your talent acquisition process. Sometimes, even the most conscientious HR professionals lean […]

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    recruiter using a hiring platform
    7 Wonderful Uses For a Hiring Platform That Small UK Businesses Should Know About

    Your company’s needs, priorities and strategy vary based on the size, age, location and industry you’re operating in. But there’s one thing that all companies have in common: the need […]

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    5 Great Ways Remote Talent Acquisition Software Supercharges Hiring

    Remote talent acquisition software isn’t particularly new in the recruitment scene. Older versions do exist, but they’re from the dark ages and are in crucial need for an upgrade. However, […]

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    recruiter overcoming recruitment challenges and solutions
    6 Big Recruitment Challenges and Solutions You Need to Be Aware of Today

    Ramping up talent acquisition after Covid19, comes with its own fresh set of challenges. The job market changed, candidates have the upper hand, technology is advancing and new HR trends […]

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    recruiters using video assessments to assess candidates
    5 Important Ways Video Assessments Build a Diverse Workforce

    To ensure a more diverse and inclusive workforce – you need to rethink the way you hire. After all, a diverse workforce begins with an excellent recruitment process. Diverse talent […]

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    recruiter using a hiring platform
    5 Hiring Platform Hacks That Make Recruiting More Successful

    The increased demand for skilled talent has created a whole new challenge for talent acquisition teams. It’s not easy to find great candidates. Especially when there’s a talent crunch out […]

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    recruiter using hiring technology
    10 Great Integrations That Will Help You Hire Faster with Elevatus’ Hiring Technology

    Recruitment processes can be complex in the world of HR. This is because you need to find the right blend of hiring technology and innovation – and make them the […]

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    Recruiters using a hiring platform
    5 Amazing Ways a Hiring Platform Improves the Recruiting Workflow

    Hiring the best and brightest talent is the heart of every HR department’s mission. And as the company grows, hiring needs begin to rapidly grow as well, which amplifies the […]

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    recruiter using a hiring platform
    6 Ultimate Steps to Choose the Best Hiring Platform

    A hiring platform has a plethora of benefits. More than what you could count on one hand. Maybe even both. But the truth is, finding the best hiring platform is […]

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    recruiter using a hiring platform
    7 Powerful Reasons You Need a Hiring Platform

    Winning the talent race is an ever-growing challenge for many companies. Whether you’re running an enterprise, a small business or just a startup – hiring top talent can be an […]

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    talent acquisition specialist
    6 Simple Ways to Create a Powerful Talent Acquisition Strategy

    Talented teams drive every business towards success. But they don’t exactly come knocking on your door – you have to proactively look for them. The pressure to fill positions with […]

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    candidate journey mapping
    6 Candidate Journey Mapping Secrets Every Recruiter Should Know

    The global talent crunch is no joke. The same way finding a new job can be challenging, finding the perfect candidate is challenging as well. Your recruiting team and candidates […]

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    recruiter using video interviewing software
    5 Simple Ways AI Can Help You Hire the Best Talent Through Video Interviewing Software

    In modern-day recruitment, AI has heavily improved the way we find, attract, hire, and retain talent. As the world is becoming more and more digital, companies are eliminating the overwhelming […]

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    video assessment interviews
    6 Great Things HR Teams Need to Know About Video Assessment Interviews

    Hiring quality candidates isn’t rocket science. All it takes are a few great video assessment interviews to improve your chances of landing great talent. In fact, they are now a […]

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    talent acquisition team
    6 Amazing Ideas That Recruiters Can Use to Maximize Talent Acquisition

    Think of talent acquisition as an art gallery filled with paintings. What draws someone’s attention to a particular painting is the way it stands out. The same thing goes for […]

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    Recruiters using virtual hiring software
    6 Practical Ways Recruiters Can Use Virtual Hiring Software to Reduce Bias in Hiring

    Hiring bias has been under intense scrutiny lately. You may have come across various articles that cheer diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, right? The truth is, hiring can […]

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    recruiters using virtual hiring software
    6 Big Ways Virtual Hiring Software Increases Diversity in Recruitment

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion are no longer just buzzwords in HR. In fact, DE&I is a top priority for companies today. Simply because it’s seamlessly helping them outperform the competition. […]

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    recruiters improving the candidate experience
    How Innovative Hiring Can Extremely Improve the Candidate Experience

    Employers know that succeeding in this tough talent market isn’t easy. They also know that it all comes down to the candidate experience if they want to truly stand out […]

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    remote hiring process
    5 Useful Remote Hiring Tips That Actually Work

    Remote hiring is no longer a passing trend. It’s a new norm that many recruiters can no longer ignore. Today, we’re seeing more and more companies resort to remote hiring […]

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    8 Great Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Help You Attract the Right Talent

    Every company aspires to grow and hire top performers. But hiring top talent is not easy, especially when it’s crucial to the company’s success. At the end of the day, […]

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    video interviewing
    Elevatus Integrates with Zoom to Help Clients Run Faster and More Effective Virtual Meetings

    LONDON – September 2, 2021 Elevatus, the leading AI technology provider, announced its latest integration with Zoom, to help clients conduct more streamlined and organized virtual meetings. This integration will […]

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    Elevatus Leads Video Interviewing Transformation with Advanced AI Technology

    LONDON – September 1, 2021 Elevatus, the provider of the most comprehensive AI solutions, is enabling companies worldwide to conduct quality interviews and attract top talent with its advanced video […]

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    Blog Without text
    Elevatus’ AI Technology is Creating Huge Momentum in the KSA Market

    THE UNITED KINGDOM – August 23, 2021 Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 spells out the Kingdom’s intention to become the global leader in Artificial Intelligence, by placing it at the heart […]

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    recruiters using an applicant tracking system
    The Best Applicant Tracking Systems for UK Businesses

    On average, every job post gets hundreds of resumes. And many recruiters still can’t seem to find the candidates they’re looking for. But what if, HR teams can take this […]

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    remote recruitment
    Remote Recruitment: 6 Proven Techniques to Ace It

    Today’s recruitment atmosphere has never been more challenging. In a world that is characterized by the rise of AI and technology, the ever-growing need to automate the remote recruitment process […]

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    recruiters building an employer brand
    7 Mistakes You Are Making When Building an Employer Brand

    When it comes to the term ‘’employer brand’’ many seem to assume that it falls under the marketing umbrella. However, it’s much more than just the logo, brand messaging, or […]

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    recruiter using video interviewing software
    10 Great Ways Video Interviewing Software Can Help You Hire Top Talent

    How great would it be if you can hire the best talent in less time, and with fewer resources? In today’s tight labor market, adopting the right hiring technology is […]

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    Omantel uses Elevatus' video interviewing software
    Omantel Partners with Elevatus to Assess Generation Z Talent with its AI Video Interviewing Software

    UNITED KINGDOM, London / August, 9 2021 – Omantel is the first company in Oman to strategically partner with Elevatus, to leverage and utilize its video interviewing software that is powered […]

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    video interviewing software and AI
    6 Big Reasons Why Video Interviewing Software is Making Hiring Human Again

    It’s 2021, and the world seems to be more automated; especially in the world of HR. In fact, everyday life is starting to feel more robotic, than human! The same […]

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    struggling talent acquisition specialist
    8 Struggles Every Talent Acquisition Team May Face & How to Fix Them

    Despite how spotless your recruitment efforts can be; HR challenges can sometimes seep into the talent acquisition world. Since the majority of us are still working remotely, getting a good […]

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    recruiters using an applicant tracking system
    5 Great Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Help You Win Quality Talent

    Are you scouting for top talent but aren’t succeeding? Do you feel like you’re losing top talent due to a lengthy hiring process? We might know what the problem is. […]

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    recruiter using video interviewing software
    Video Interviewing Software: 5 Great Reasons Why HR Teams No Longer Rely on CVs Only

    The more we look around us, the more we’ll see things that are outdated in HR. We’re surrounded by a wave of disruptive technologies, yet we still see HR resorting […]

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    applicants conducting video assessment interviews
    7 Strong Reasons Why Video Assessment Interviews Are Essential to Assessing Applicants

    Once upon a time, talent acquisition teams relied on spreadsheets, outdated processes, and text-based CVs to assess applicants. However, from words to phone to video – the interview process has […]

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    recruiter focusing on remote recruitment
    6 Captivating Reasons Why Video Interviewing is Now a Must in The Remote Recruitment Process

    Do you feel like your remote recruitment process needs to be improved? Perhaps it needs a little touch of innovation? If so, then you’re probably thinking about adopting some software […]

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    recruiter using a hiring platform
    5 Wonderful Ways a Hiring Platform Can Help You Attract Top Talent and Strengthen Your Employer Brand

    Trying to attract top talent with a weak employer brand can be rough. Especially when you don’t have a great hiring platform to lean on. When A-star candidates are interested […]

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    recruiter using recruitment software
    7 Valuable Ways Recruitment Software Can Sharpen Your Hiring Process

    We’re all thriving on software in this tech-savvy and digitally driven world. In fact, in the HR industry, AI and hiring technology are taking over, and we’re seeing more and […]

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    talent acquisition
    7 Huge Mistakes HR Departments Are Making in Talent Acquisition

    The world of talent acquisition is changing. From a ruthless pandemic, remote recruitment, to AI technology – things are no longer the same. In the midst of all these changes […]

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    Getting their remote recruitment right
    7 Awesome Ways to Get Your Remote Recruitment Right

    Hiring great people has always been challenging, even before Covid19 pushed everyone to leap into digital transformations. And with remote recruitment, the challenge is now even bigger. Ask any talent […]

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    A recruiter working on the assessment process
    6 Big Concerns You May Have About the Assessment Process and Why You Shouldn’t Worry

    Remember how we used to hate sitting for exams back in school? In the same way, the assessment process can be quite intimidating for many applicants. Applicants have spoken out […]

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    A recruiter using video interviewing software to onboard new hires
    5 Fantastic Ways to Onboard New Hires in a Remote Recruitment Process

    Today’s onboarding process is quite different, especially in remote recruitment. There are no handshakes anymore, contracts are signed virtually, new hires are often trained online, and the online onboarding process […]

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    A female recruiter sitting on her desk, and using an applicant tracking system.
    8 Promising Tips You Need to Master to Grow and Succeed with an Applicant Tracking System

    Do you sometimes wish that you can get a better handle on your recruitment process? Attract the finest talent from all around the world with an awesome applicant tracking system? […]

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    A group of candidates using video interviewing software.
    6 Useful Ways Video Interviewing Software Builds Engagement With Applicants

    It’s no secret that we all love using intelligent video interviewing software. Not only does it pave the way for a wonderful applicant experience, but it can also help talent […]

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    A female recruiter using an applicant tracking system to beat the talent shortage
    5 Great Ways an Applicant Tracking System Beats the Talent Shortage

    Top talent is certainly holding the cards in today’s challenging job market. There’s an increasingly competitive job market out there, and your company is probably scouring for an applicant tracking […]

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    A group of recruiters who are sitting around on a table and brainstorming how to use a video interviewing software
    Video Interviewing Software: 6 Awesome Reasons Why HR Departments Are Loving It

    As an HR professional, your job must be a little tougher than usual. Between the challenges of remote work, layoffs, budget cuts, and virtual interviews – you’re looking for a […]

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    A recruiter in a suit, debunking myths about HR automation in a hiring platform.
    Hiring Platform: 7 Big Myths About HR Automation Debunked

    There’s no doubt that AI, hiring platforms, and automation are now total game changers in the HR industry. In fact, they’re becoming buzzwords that are getting a whole lot of […]

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    A male recruiter using a video interviewing software to make the assessment process easier
    4 Great Ways Video Interviewing Software Makes Difficult Assessment Decisions Easier To Make

    As an employer, manager, or recruiter, all the effort you’ve put into the assessment process leads to one dreaded moment – making that final tough decision. Making the right decision […]

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    A group of employees working together and using EVA-SSESS to future-proof their assessment process.
    6 Useful Ways Video Interviewing Software Can Future-Proof Your Assessment Process

    Covid19 permanently changed the course of the assessment and hiring process. There’s no doubt about that. Companies, decision-makers, and employers who are working remotely are still finding it hard to […]

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    A group of diverse candidates from different backgrounds, getting ready for their video interviews.
    5 Great Ways Video Interviewing Software Reduces Job Application Discrimination Today

    Sometimes, it can be easy for discrimination to slip into the assessment and hiring process. Granted, discrimination is quite prevalent everywhere. But there’s always a way to swerve around it […]

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    An employee wearing a professional suit, holding a red laptop, and using video assessment interviews to create a winning applicant experience.
    5 Wonderful Ways a Video Assessment Interview Can Help You Build a Winning Applicant Experience

    Have you recently conducted video assessment interviews? If you have, then you most likely know how awesome they really are! In fact, they’ve also probably helped you create an ultra-fast […]

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    A female recruiter wearing a tie, glasses, and lifting her arms up, ready to boost the hiring hit-rate for video assessments.
    6 Easy Ways Video Assessment Interviews Boost Your Hiring Hit-Rate

    You’ve probably heard time and time again how video assessment interviews are paving the way for a seamless hiring and assessment process There’s no denying that video assessment interviews are […]

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    video assessment software
    Video Interview Fears? Use These 6 Great Tips to Overcome Them During the Assessment Process

    So you got the call or email that invited you to a video interview, and you all of a sudden break into a sweat. Your mind starts to race with [...]

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    Employees at the office who seem to be having a hard time measuring the ROI of video assessment interviews.
    7 Simple Ways to Measure The ROI of Your Video Assessment Interviews

    Have you recently started using video assessment interviews at your company? Are you wondering if using them can save you time and money? The short answer is yes. The long […]

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    An employee pushing a huge chess piece, symbolizing trying to avoid a failing assessment process.
    6 Killer Strategies to Avoid a Failing Assessment Process

    You’ve probably tried everything in the book, but it’s just starting to seem like your assessment process isn’t working anymore. Perhaps it has turned into an endless cycle of processes, […]

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    A male recruiter sitting crossed leg on a cloud, trying to create a fun and interactive assessment process.
    5 Creative Ways to Make Your Assessment Process More Fun and Interactive

    Whether you’re looking to hire your next big superstar, or you have to assess a mass number of applicants, there’s no denying that the assessment process can get quite boring […]

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    Two HR recruiters wearing professional suits and reading more about new remote recruitment trends.
    6 Emerging Remote Recruitment Trends That Every HR Department Should Know About in 2021

    Covid19 has forever left its mark in recruitment. Recruitment processes changed, hiring challenges became common, and remote recruitment trends began to emerge. It’s no secret that HR professionals had to […]

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    Two male candidates conducting a video assessment
    The Best Guide to Rock Your Next Video Assessment Interview

    Do you have a big video assessment coming up, that’s making you feel a bit nervous? Video assessment interviews are becoming the norm nowadays, especially since the start of Covid19. […]

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    A picture of a male applicant resting his head on his laptop, stressing over the assessment process.
    5 Great Ways Video Interviews Ease Applicant Stress During the Assessment Process

    Many applicants tend to feel quite nervous before their video assessment interviews. Undoubtedly, they can significantly ramp up stress levels for applicants and turn the assessment process into a nerve-wracking […]

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    A female employee holding her laptop that has video assessments that she needs to watch.
    6 Valid Reasons Why You Should Try Video Assessment Interviews in 2021

    Video assessment interviews aren’t exactly a new concept. In fact, video assessment interviews are a popular choice now for companies and employers who are looking to save time, money, and […]

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    A group of male candidates dressed differently, getting ready for the assessment process.
    What Do Personality Tests Really Reveal During the Assessment Process?

    Do you wish that you can get to know your applicants on a deeper level? Maybe get game-changing personality insights that can help you assess them more accurately throughout the […]

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    A picture of an HR professional dressed in a suit
    6 Talent Acquisition Tips to Build Awesome Relationships with Remote New Hires

    Building an awesome relationship with remote new hires is a total system of success and happiness for talent acquisition professionals. But let’s be honest, it’s no easy task. Onboarding and […]

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    Elevatus wins Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution
    ELEVATUS Wins Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution in the United Kingdom at the 2021 Technology Innovator Awards

    Elevatus has been applauded for its innovation by winning a highly acclaimed award that recognized its AI hiring solution for its major advancements in technology and outstanding level of excellence […]

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    A picture of recruiter who is losing top talent and it's impacting talent acquisition success
    6 Big Reasons You’re Losing Top Talent to the Competition and How It’s Impacting Your Talent Acquisition Success

    In talent acquisition, there’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect talent for your company. In the same way, nothing feels worse than losing top talent to competitors. We know […]

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    A picture of a female talent acquisition specialist with curly hair
    14 Secrets That Talent Acquisition Professionals Will Never Tell You

    Talent acquisition professionals will always want the best for you. However, there are many things that talent acquisition teams are not allowed to share with candidates. Some of these things […]

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    A picture of a recruiter who is trying to make the hiring process more painless and engaging with a recruitment software.
    Top 5 Ways Using Recruitment Software can Make Your Hiring Process Painless and Engaging

    There’s a startling trend of top talent dropping out of the hiring process. Why’s that? Because some companies aren’t using the right recruitment software to keep candidates engaged! We know […]

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    A group picture of HR professionals who are actively working on the remote recruitment process.
    4 Important Reasons Why Employer Branding Matters More Than Ever Now in Remote Recruitment

    Despite the rise of Covid19 and remote recruitment, hiring top talent still remains a core necessity. And what plays a huge role in remote hiring success? Employer branding!  You might […]

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    A picture of a talent acquisition specialist who is actively trying to find dream talent.
    4 Things That are Guaranteed to Help Talent Acquisition Teams Win Over Dream Talent in 2021

    There are motivated talent acquisition leaders out there who are hoping to crack the hiring code. How can one engage and retain top talent? What’s the easiest way to win [...]

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    A group of recruiters sitting on the floor, using their laptops, trying to create an awesome company culture and remote recruitment process for candidates.
    5 Great Things Your Remote Recruitment Process and Candidate Experience Say About Your Company Culture

    We’re all aware of how tough the recruitment market is out there. There’s a heavy strain on companies to stand out to candidates from all the competition. And what’s the […]

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    A picture that shows how candidates feel alienated by talent acquisition teams during the interview process
    Talent Acquisition Professionals, Are Your Interview Questions Making Candidates Feel Strange and Alienated in 2021?

    Most people will unanimously agree that interviews can be a terrifying and nerve-wracking experience for candidates. We all know that talent acquisition professionals strive to make the candidate experience exemplary. […]

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    A picture of a tired recruiter at her desk that is having a burnout at work, using a recruitment software.
    4 Useful Ways to Avoid Recruiter Burnout with Recruitment Software

    The life of a recruiter can be stressful. Ask any recruiter, and they’ll tell you that. While many recruiters enter the HR industry to create a significant change in recruitment […]

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    A recruiter working on a remote hiring process
    The Excellent A to Z Guide For Remote Recruitment Success

    Thanks to Covid19, the future of hiring is here, and we have the proof. Remote recruitment is no longer just an HR buzzword. It’s the new norm. Companies worldwide, big […]

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    A recruiter working with AI recruitment software to uproot the hiring process
    5 Wonderful Ways AI Recruitment Software is Uprooting Hiring

    The battle to attract and retain top talent remains ongoing in the HR world. Candidates are being selective. And unemployment is just half the picture. The great news is though: […]

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    A group of talented candidates from top schools that are looking to be hired by talent acquisition specialists.
    4 Simple Reasons Why Hiring Talent From Top Schools Only is a Big Talent Acquisition Mistake

    All talent acquisition teams dream about hiring top talent. They’re always looking for the best of the best. This means looking for A-grade candidates, who graduated from top schools, with […]

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    An HR professional looking for top talent in unexpected places
    5 Unexpected Places Talent Acquisition Teams Can Find Awesome Hires

    Every successful business has talent acquisition professionals that just know where to source top talent. The same way they know how to keep a great hiring process in place. In […]

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    A picture of a talent acquisition team hiring and helping out a candidate with a disability
    4 Great Tips to Support Talent Acquisition Teams in Hiring People With Disabilities

    For as long as we know, people with disabilities have been unfortunately underrepresented and excluded from the workforce. And for many, they still remain an untapped workforce. When in reality, […]

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    a group of millennials feeling engaged throughout the remote recruitment process
    8 Excellent Ways to Engage Millennials in the Remote Recruitment Process

    There’s a certain generation that is driving the bottom line, and it’s Millennials. Millennials view their careers as more than just a paycheck. It may come as no surprise that […]

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    recruiters finding solutions to their remote recruitment challenges
    Dear HR, Here are 6 Innovative Solutions to Your Remote Recruitment Challenges

    You may have come to realize that some remote recruitment challenges are still sticking around, despite all your efforts to eliminate them. They just refuse to go away! From lengthy […]

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    a group of talent acquisition specialists
    13 Things Talent Acquisition Professionals Must Quickly Stop Doing

    There’s no doubt that talent acquisition teams are the superheroes behind every hiring process. However, HR challenges can push recruiters off-road, and they might swivel into the wrong path sometimes. […]

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    A talent acquisition specialist trying to achieve work-life balance during Covid19
    How to Achieve Work-Life Balance as a Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Some people might raise an eyebrow to the thought that work-life balance in recruitment is possible. Some people might also say that recruitment isn’t just a 9-5 job, since your […]

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    A picture of a recruiter that successfully reduce his workload with recruitment software.
    5 Useful Ways Recruitment Software Can Reduce 80% of Your Workload

    A decade ago we would have imagined our future to involve flying robots and self-driving cars. Today, our world has AI recruitment software, which are just as cool! Since the […]

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    A recruiter who is using AI in remote recruitment
    6 Awesome Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Remote Recruitment

    AI is becoming the new black in remote recruitment. AI hiring platforms are offering companies a wide variety of benefits when it comes to hiring top talent. HR professionals are […]

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    A picture of a recruiter who is trying to succeed in remote hiring
    Hiring During Covid19? Here are 5 Great Remote Hiring Tips

    We’re well into 2021 and the majority of us are still hiring remotely. We’re still getting the work done from our sofas, kitchen counters, backyards, and home offices. There’s no […]

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    A talent acquisition specialist working during Covid19
    7 Powerful Things Every Talent Acquisition Team Should Do to Succeed Amid Covid19

    Many things can flip the entire world upside down: Covid19, global warming, not having a hiring platform… The field of talent acquisition is full of challenges. It’s like passing one […]

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    A recruiter tackling his remote recruitment challenges
    6 Smart Ways to Tackle Your Remote Recruitment Challenges Today

    As many of us are now working remotely, managing the remote recruitment process can be hard. Despite how spotless the recruitment process can be, some HR challenges can seep into […]

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    A group of candidates who are admiring a company's employer branding in the remote recruitment process
    5 Great Ways Employer Branding Impacts Remote Recruitment

    For as long as we know, a company’s brand and reputation play a pivotal role in attracting top talent. When tying employer branding to remote recruitment, you will be able […]

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    A hiring manager looking excited for a remote recruitment market bounce-back
    5 Amazing Ways to Get Ready for a Remote Recruitment Market Bounce Back

    There’s no doubt that the impact of Covid19 created a lull in businesses worldwide. But thanks to the vaccine that is rolling out, we can anticipate things to slowly get […]

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    A recruiter on a boat looking for ways cut back on recruitment costs with a hiring platform
    5 Interesting Ways a Hiring Platform Can Help You Save Costs and Avoid Bad Hires

    Have you recently made a bad hire? Did you fly through the recruitment process knowing very well the candidate met all the requirements, but for some reason they’re not delivering […]

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    A recruiter and talent acquisition manager who appear to be struggling with their work
    10 Things I Really Wish My Talent Acquisition Manager Knew

    A day in the life of a talent acquisition specialst is not easy. Sometimes, when you have a hiring process that is not optimized or streamlined, finding top talent can […]

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    avoiding bad hires in talent acquisition
    5 Common Bad Hires Talent Acquisition Teams Make and How to Prevent Them

    If you’re a talent acquisition manager or CEO, then you most definitely dread the idea of bad hires. You make a hiring decision, and a month later you realize that […]

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    A recruiter enjoying a remote recruitment process
    9 Spectacular Reasons to Modernize Your Remote Recruitment Process

    Did you know that around 60% of employers don’t have a talent pipeline? No wonder businesses are struggling to hire top talent in today’s challenging remote recruitment process. To unfold […]

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    Newly added features to help you improve your experience with Elevatus!

    Elevatus is committed to helping clients build unique, scalable, and efficient work processes. We also want to make sure that you and your team have all the insights and features […]

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    candidates trying to overcome bias in remote hiring
    4 Practical Tips to Overcome Bias in Remote Hiring

    Every recruiter strives to make the best hiring decisions. Right? But check this out: research has shown that unconscious bias can creep into the remote hiring process to make it […]

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    A recruiter using a hiring platform
    How Can a Hiring Platform Save Your Time in 2021?

    In this fast-paced world, it could be quite of a challenge to adjust to the new reality of virtual hiring. This is why automation and hiring platforms are fueling the […]

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    A group of recruiters who want to win at talent acquisition
    5 Great Ways Startups Can Hire at Scale and Win at Talent Acquisition

    So, you want to hire top talent for your growing startup. You also want to take your talent acquisition process to a whole other level. Ask any CEO, manager, leader […]

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    A picture of recruiter who are remote hiring
    4 Powerful Lessons We Learned From Covid19 on Remote Hiring During a Pandemic

    If Covid19 taught us anything, it’s that normalcy shouldn’t be taken for granted. It also unleashed a few valuable lessons in life – especially when it comes to remote hiring […]

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    A male recruiter using hiring technology
    5 Proven Ways Hiring Technology Can Boost Your Recruitment ROI

    Do you remember the last time you took a good look at the hiring technology you’re using, or your recruitment ROI? Did you spot any bottlenecks, or see any effectiveness? […]

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    A recruiter who is reducing time to hire in remote hiring
    6 Proven Ways to Reduce Time-to-Hire in Remote Hiring!

    In today’s modern HR landscape, data is everything. HR professionals are using data metrics to assess and evaluate every aspect of the remote hiring process.  One of the most important […]

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    A group of recruiters thinking of investing in a hiring platform
    Investing in a Hiring Platform…What’s in it for Me?

    In this ever-evolving job market, the recruitment process never ends. Talent acquisition teams will always be on the lookout to hire top talent, find more qualified candidates, and speed up […]

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    A talent acquisition leader sitting on his desk
    9 Emerging Challenges Talent Acquisition Leaders Will Face in 2021

    There’s no doubt that Covid19 left numerous companies scrambling for survival. Yet if you ask any CEO, they might tell you that their HR department took the hardest blow. Talent […]

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    A recruiter using an applicant tracking system
    5 Powerful Reasons You Need to Switch Your Applicant Tracking System

    Are you starting to doubt the real potential of your current applicant tracking system? Were you promised that your HR department will flourish, your recruiters will be happier, and the […]

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    A recruiter who is remote hiring top talent
    Remote Hiring: 4 Special Ways to Hire at Scale Without Destroying Your Company Culture

    When Covid19 first started, remote hiring went viral. More than the hype about toilet paper! But the real question is: were companies able to hire at scale? The reality is, […]

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    A talent acquisition specialist
    12 Important Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started a Career in Talent Acquisition

    Answering hundreds of emails a day. Scheduling interviews. Updating calendars. Fighting anxiety attacks. Welcome to the world of talent acquisition. There is never a dull moment in the life of […]

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    A recruiter looking for the best applicant tracking system
    Applicant Tracking System: 6 Authentic Reasons Why You Should Choose EVA-REC Over Your Current One

    Every business desires to grow, and every company has growing needs. Yet with growth, comes to the need to hire more people that will support the company’s success. We also […]

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    A picture of candidates holding up their CVs.
    How to Write a Job Winning CV That Stands Out in 2021

    Let’s face it, writing a great CV is one of the most challenging parts of job hunting. Spending hours Googling CV writing articles, watching endless YouTube videos, looking for templates, […]

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    A picture of a man who is working remotely
    Great Ways To Manage Video Interview Bloopers When Working Remotely in 2021

    Video interview bloopers are real. As much as we try to make the interview process as smooth as possible, embarrassing situations can happen when you’re working remotely. And that’s completely […]

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    A picture of a recruiter trying to decide between different Applicant Tracking Systems
    The Best Applicant Tracking Systems to Look Out for in 2021

    Do you find yourself hurled into repetitive hiring tasks that don’t seem to end? Tasks that drain your productivity? Are you looking for an applicant tracking system that can save […]

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    Here’s a little secret: we simplified your remote recruitment process with a hiring platform that can help you break free from manual tasks.
    How to Master Your Remote Recruitment Process in 5 Simple Steps

    We wish we could tell you that remote recruitment is as easy as posting a job on a great career site and just waiting for a pool of talent to […]

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    A recruiter enjoying his time with video interviewing software
    4 Fascinating Ways Video Interviewing Software Helps You Run Smoother Interviews

    The more remote the workforce becomes, the more integral video interviews become for hiring. Today, video interviewing software is every recruiter’s go-to method for shortlisting top talent. However, many recruiters […]

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    An employee using video interviewing software
    4 Great Ways to Boost Employee Assessments With Video Interviewing Software

    Conducting employee assessments with video interviewing software isn’t exactly a new concept. However, its quite natural for employees to get quite distressed when their performance reviews, appraisals, or employee assessments […]

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    An employee who is working remotely
    What Really Happens When Employees Are Working Remotely

    At first, we all assumed that working remotely would be like heading to the beach with our laptops or working from a cozy coffee shop in town. The reality was […]

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    Two recruiters, wearing masks, elbow bumping each other.
    5 Important Things Every HR Professional Needs to Consider After Working Remotely

    Are the employees at your workplace finally returning to the office? Working remotely became the new staple for various companies and remote work startups. However, many companies are now moving […]

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    Two employees trying to build a emote recruitment process
    How to Create a Powerful Remote Recruitment Process During Covid19

    Building a powerful remote recruitment process is not easy. So when Covid19 entered our lives, things got a bit more complicated for recruiters. Last year came as a shock to […]

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    A young kid answering tough video interviewing questions
    10 Great Ways to Answer the Toughest Video Interviewing Questions

    You tweaked your resume, you did your research, you spent hours writing your cover letter, and watched a few (maybe many) helpful YouTube videos. And you finally landed your first […]

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    A recruiter screening applicants with video interviewing software
    4 Big Reasons Why Video Interviewing Software is the Best Way to Screen Applicants

    Sometimes, it can be hard to learn more about applicants from their applications alone. In fact, relying solely on resumes and applications to assess applicants, is not enough. Luckily, video […]

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    A talent acquisition specialist conducting a video interview
    5 Important Things Talent Acquisition Specialists Should NOT Do in a Video Interview

    Video interviewing significantly came to rescue since the Covid19 outbreak. So why are video interviews such a hot topic today? Mainly, they have helped talent acquisition specialists save a substantial […]

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    talent acquisition team
    Talent Acquisition: Important Do’s and Don’ts For Video Interviewing in 2021

    In today’s visual and digital world, video interviews are becoming predominantly popular in the HR industry and for talent acquisition teams. There are many viable reasons as to why you […]

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    candidate conducting a video interviewing process
    5 Best Practices For a Smoother Video Interviewing Process

    Top talent is hard to find nowadays. The majority of interviews are now being conducted remotely, and the recruitment scene has fundamentally changed over the past year. So, what changed? […]

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    Candidate journey mapping stages
    Candidate Journey Mapping: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Sometimes, it takes us quite some time to make up our minds when we purchase something online. We read reviews, we ask our friends, we Google the product or service, […]

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    talent acquisition specialist
    What Should Talent Acquisition Teams Expect to See in the Second Year of Covid19?

    So, 2020 happened. And it was most definitely a year full of hardship. Especially for talent acquisition. We will never forget the toilet paper shortage, avid hand-sanitizing, and panic buying […]

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    video assessment interview
    5 Epic Tips That Can Help You Do Well in a Video Assessment Interview

    Many recruiters, employers, managers, and CEOs now find themselves in challenging situations. Remote work has made it relatively hard for them to assess, evaluate, train, hire, educate, and survey applicants. […]

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    A picture of a PC with Elevatus' homepage and dashboards
    Elevatus Unveils Version 3.0 Breakthrough in Technology to Redefine Intelligent AI Solutions

    Tech company Elevatus exclusively launched the much-anticipated Version 3.0 of its intelligent A.I. solutions. The new features consist of the finest and most distinctive technologies in the world, by combining […]

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    A male recruiter remotely hiring candidates while on the beach
    5 Easy Ways to Strengthen The Remote Recruitment Process During Covid19

    Hiring during a pandemic is not easy. Many of us had to adjust to the new reality of remote work, and build a new remote recruitment process from scratch. Today, […]

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    remote recruitment process
    7 Simple Steps to Follow for an Effective Remote Recruitment Process

    For many businesses, Covid19 introduced a new way of hiring and remote recruitment became the new norm. Almost 50% of people started working from home, if not for the majority […]

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    recruiter video interviewing a candidate
    5 Great Video Interviewing Tips for Every HR Professional

    It’s quite clear that Covid19 changed the entire hiring scene. From a hiring standpoint, it also changed the way employers conduct job interviews. Resumes can tell you if a candidate […]

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    talent acquisition professional
    10 Struggles Every Talent Acquisition Professional Can Relate To

    Being a talent acquisition professional is not easy. The struggle is real. Some find it hard to hire the best candidates. Several find it hard to leave work without a […]

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    top video interviewing questions
    Top Video Interviewing Questions to Hire Better Employees

    Are you at a race to hire the best employees? Do you find yourself thinking about some head-scratching questions to ask your candidates when you’re video interviewing them? Many recruiters […]

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    talent acquisition professional
    4 Reasons Why Talent Acquisition Professionals Should Have Analytical Skills

    It’s not always an easy job to hire talent acquisition specialists. Sometime, it’s like searching for a needle in the haystack. This is why one of the most important things […]

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    talent acquisition specialist
    Quality of Hire and Hiring Speed – How Can Talent Acquisition Teams Have Both?

    Good things take time. Especially when it comes to the quality of hire and hiring speed. On average, it takes 24 days to fill a job posting, and that can […]

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    A picture of Jordan Kuwait Bank's building
    Elevatus Facilitated Jordan Kuwait Bank’s Hiring Process to Hire Applicants 3X Faster

    The year 2020 was an exceptional year. We all had to overcome restrictions, adapt to changes, and embrace the new reality of remote work.  However, amidst the worldwide chaos induced by […]

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    recruiter using video interviewing software
    4 Unique Cut-To-The-Chase Video Interviewing Questions

    Nowadays, we all want to hire a personality. Not a CV. The standard “Tell us more about your strengths and weaknesses” questions, aren’t enough anymore. It’s going to take a […]

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    remote recruitment process
    5 Common Problems in the Remote Recruitment Process (and How to Solve Them)

    Hiring from a distance isn’t always easy. Whether you intentionally chose to make your recruitment process remote or in response to a pandemic (thank you Coronavirus), it’s common for problems […]

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    recruiter video interviewing candidates
    Video Interviewing: Everything You Need To Know

    Video interviewing has gotten quite of a buzz over the past couple of years. Today, video interviews are becoming an integral and popular part of the recruitment process. Whether it’s […]

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    remote recruitment process
    5 Wonderful Tips for Building a Fully Remote Recruitment Process

    Remote recruitment is now the new black in HR. The world’s economies are slowly restarting, leaving us all with no choice but to embrace remote hiring with open arms. If […]

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    a male talent acquisition specialist
    Talent Acquisition: How to Hire Remote Employees That Are The Perfect Cultural Fit

    We live in a fast-paced world, and everyone in talent acquisition is seeking to become a hiring pro nowadays. We’re all looking for the best way to get our talent […]

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    recruiter working remotely
    Working Remotely? Here Are The Best Job Posting Sites That Are Free and Awesome

    The truth is, every recruitment strategy should involve looking for a list of free job posting sites. Getting a few great applicants for zero dollars is a pretty awesome deal, […]

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    employee who is working remotely
    5 Great Tools That Every Manager Needs to Evaluate Employees When Working Remotely

    Thanks to technology, employee evaluations are no longer tethered to a location, even when you’re working remotely. As we have seen, remote work became the new reality in 2020, and […]

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    recruiter using video interviewing software
    4 Important Reasons Why You Should Automate Employee Assessments with Video Interviewing Software

    The word is out: remote work is here to stay. Things have dramatically changed in the workplace, and so have employee assessments. In these times, you have to make the […]

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    employee working remotely
    The Ultimate Guide to Master Employee Evaluations When Working Remotely

    It goes without saying, that Covid19 has drastically changed the workplace dynamics. Employees are working remotely. Work processes have shifted online. Things have really changed, and so have employee evaluations. […]

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    A female employee who is meditating on her desk
    10 Useful Productivity Tips That Help Employees When Working Remotely

    Plenty of employees dream about working remotely. Forgoing their daily commute, getting extra time to sleep, wearing comfortable clothes, and working from their own couches. Workplace habits have significantly changed, […]

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    A recruiter who is having a great time video interviewing candidates
    The Top 4 Video Interviewing Tools That You Need to Try

    2020 has been a daunting year for everyone. The pandemic significantly changed the way we conduct our professional lives. Many job seekers had to confront the very foreign prospect of […]

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    recruiter who is working remotely
    5 Awesome Tips That Will Help You Hire the Best Employees When Working Remotely

    Since its entrance into our lives, Covid19 redefined the way industries operate and flip turned our lives upside down. As many employees are now working remotely, its no secret that […]

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    video interviewing software
    10 Great Ways Video Interviewing Software Can Grow Your Business

    Assessments aren’t easy. Or to put it in another way: good assessments aren’t easy to conduct because there’s a lot that goes into a good assessment process. Assessments are very […]

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    video assessment interview
    4 Big Myths About Video Assessment Interviews Busted

    Video assessments interviews sometimes get a bad rap. Most businesses struggle in leveraging them well. Others are hesitant to adopt them. Whereas some applicants aren’t sure of what they are. […]

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    recruiter using video interviewing software
    Do I Need Video Interviewing Software to Boost My Success?

    You’ve probably read hundreds of articles on how to improve your assessment process with video interviewing software. “Opt for a change.” You don’t say… “Boost your efficiency.” We’ve already heard […]

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    Video interviewing software is an intuitive and easy way to assess people remotely through videos, and can be taken from any device; a phone, tablet, or laptop.
    Meet EVA-SESS: The Best Video Interviewing Software That Will Change Your Life

    Assessments can be quite overwhelming to some people. At one point or another we all had to sit through an assessment, and we all know how stressful it can be. […]

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    هل أنت جاهز لدفع عملك إلى الأمام؟ إليك ما يمكن أن نقدمه لمساعدتك

    أحياناً ما يكون السعي لمواكبة عالم التقنيات الحديثة الذي لا يتوقف عن التقلب والتغير أمراً مرهقاً ويسبب الكثير من الضغوط، وتعديل استراتيجياتك لملاحقة الطفرات التكنولوجية التي تحدث الآن ليس بالأمر […]

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    Elevatus Reached a Record Number of Clients in Q2 After Seeing Revenue Triple During the Pandemic (ar translation)

    Elevatus paved the way for numerous companies to adopt a seamless digital transformation amidst this pandemic, by deploying A.I solutions that would help businesses worldwide accelerate their growth, and manage […]

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    How EVA Combats Bias in Decision Making (ar translation)

    The human brain is a powerful tool, there’s no doubt about that. But under certain circumstances, the information that we are exposed to can impair our judgment, and we may […]

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    How Elevatus A.I Technology is Meeting Saudi Vision 2030 (ar translation)

    2030 marks a transformative year of pinnacle change for Saudi Arabia. Tackling the pressing issue of youth unemployment, and aiming to boost less robust industries, Saudi Arabia intends to be […]

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    How Elevatus A.I Technology is Meeting Saudi Vision 2030

    In line with the Vision 2030, Elevatus aims to increase process efficiency through A.I and emerging technologies.

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    Hiring technology
    10 Reasons Why You Should Leverage Our Hiring Technology, EVA!

    Are you getting anxiety from all the difficult decisions that you’re hesitant to make? Then EVA is just what you need.

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    recruiters using hiring technology
    How Our Hiring Technology Combats Bias in The Recruitment Process

    Human bias can have a negative influence on our decisions. Yet with EVA’s A.I technologies, all bias ceases to exist.

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    hiring technology
    Hiring Technology: Meet The 4 Great Fragments of EVA’s Mind

    Our A.I. technologies have proven to be game changers when it comes to making accurate, easier, and simpler decisions.

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    Elevatus Reached a Record Number of Clients in Q2

    Elevatus’ sales surged exponentially over the course of the second quarter, and served as a ground-breaking record.

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    A picture that shows Elevatus' GDPR compliance
    Tech Company Elevatus is GDPR Compliant

    Elevatus announces its full compliance with GDPR, thereby securing the personal data of all its worldwide clients.

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