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Advertise jobs on 2,000+ job boards

Enrich your sourcing process by posting jobs on over 2,000 job boards, channels, and social media platforms. Get the gateway you need to post all your jobs online, expand your reach, and source the best education professionals with a couple of clicks.

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Keep collaboration running smoothly

Bring your recruiting teams together in one place. Discuss top candidates in real-time, keep accurate records of each encounter, share notes fast, and solicit feedback from managers in a fraction of the time – to recruit the best talent for your school.

better first days for your staff

Create better first days for your staff

Say goodbye to all those emails! Centralize communication and clarify tasks, before day one. Provide your new staff with a standout experience during their orientation period, all from one centralized location – so they will be ready to do great work sooner.

Recruit and shortlist top education professionals

No more sifting through hundreds of resumes just to find the perfect fit. Rely on AI-powered filtration tools to find and shortlist the best-fit educators for your school strictly based on your job requirements.

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Easily track hiring success with advanced analytics

Get insights into your recruitment process from one intelligent dashboard. No more second-guessing what’s working and what’s not. Identify bottlenecks, monitor the status of your job posting, track candidate sources, and keep a pulse on important recruitment metrics.

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advanced analytics to track hiring success

Safeguard important data at all times

Our recruiting software for education keeps all your information in a cloud-based database that you can safely access at any time or place. Provide new staff with a secure portal to upload all their personal documents and ensure your recruitment is compliant with your regulations.

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Seamlessly integrate
with your favorite tools

Explore 2000+ world-class integrations
that easily help you build, run, and scale your workflows

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Seamlessly integrated with top-tier recruitment tools
Easily run, manage, and streamline your onboarding process – wherever you are

  • LinkedIn

    Promote jobs, connect with potential candidates and build a diverse talent pool fast.

  • Zoom

    Schedule remote meetings, webinars, and interviews – all under one unified umbrella.

  • Slack

    Bring team collaboration into one place, and help keep remote teams stay connected.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Allow users to conduct video meetings, chat and collaborate – all in one place.

  • Indeed

    Promote job vacancies, boost job visibility and build a centralized database of candidates.

  • SAP

    Interview, assess, and recruit top performers through AI and video interviews.

  • Oracle

    Manage, automate, and optimize core recruitment functions to hire top talent fast.

  • Udemy

    Suggest online courses to candidates to fine-tune their skill sets.


    Securely exchange electronic job offers, NDAs, certificates, and more.


Keep your data safe and secure at all times

Achieve the best GDPR compliance with our safe and secure recruiting software. Take the effort out of compliance with enterprise-grade security that safeguards your data and protects your enterprise.

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Companies of all sizes are using EVA-REC to hire without the extra time, effort, and cost.


EVA-SSESS is the fastest way to discover and hire top talent, wherever they are.

EVA-SSESS - Video Interview Platform

Create better first days for new hires with EVA-BOARD, and build a paperless onboarding process.

EVA-BOARD Onboarding Software

Become a leader in the education industry with Elevatus

Streamline the entire recruitment process and hire the best academic staff that will help your institution grow.

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