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If you’re new to Elevatus, or a question is lingering in your mind, then this page will help you learn more about our recruiting solutions.

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Get all the details you need to start using Elevatus like a pro.

About Elevatus

Elevatus offers award-winning recruitment and video interviewing software powered by artificial intelligence, modern science, and videos. Today, 250+ companies from all across the globe are relying on Elevatus to centralize their core recruitment processes under one unified umbrella – to create a faster and more cost-efficient hiring experience.

Since 2019, Elevatus has been rigorously implementing the latest in AI technology and modern science to design all-in-one recruiting solutions that are revolutionizing the future of recruitment. Through these solutions, hundreds of companies from all over the world have been able to hire and assess millions candidates to date.

Our Customer Success team designed the implementation process to help you get up and running as fast as possible and set up Elevatus in a matter of minutes. 

Elevatus currently operates in various countries across the globe including – but not limited to – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and the British Virgin Islands.

Over 200 enterprises, industry leaders, and brands across the globe depend on Elevatus to hire the people they can depend on.

Customization & Integration

Elevatus is fully customizable to meet your hiring needs. Where you can customize diverse workflows, build dynamic hiring pipelines, set up automated actions, personalize communication with candidates, and specify permissions and roles for your team(s).

Elevatus partners with the biggest names and most popular tools in HR, to help you get access to everything you need to make your next great hire. Elevatus is integrated with world-class technology providers such as SAP, Oracle, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Gmail, DocuSign, Monster, Glassdoor, Google Meet LinkedIn, 2,000+ job boards, and more. 

Elevatus’ hiring platform supports over 15 languages and Elevatus’ video interviewing software supports 5 languages which include Arabic, English, German, Swedish, and French, 

Psychometric Reports & Analysis

No, the Elevatus team of masterminds decided to build their own AI on top of an empirically-validated theory of personality traits, called the Five-Factor Model. 

The science behind the psychometric analysis is the Five-Factor Model, which already exists in the psychology field for over 25 years now. Since the 1990s, the Five-Factor Model has been used to unravel personality traits, advocate recruitment, predict job satisfaction, foresee career success, and determine effective leadership. This model consists of the following 5 traits: openness, agreeableness, consciousness, extraversion, and emotional stability.

To gain a deeper understanding of each applicant, our video interviewing software infers the applicant’s tone of voice, facial recognition, and words spoken to generate a comprehensive and scientifically-validated personality report.

We do not. While many jobs are indeed correlated with certain personality traits, this cannot be applied to every case. Therefore, we do not recommend candidates based on personality traits, as it would be biased against them. Instead, we provide personality insights to help companies better determine the applicant’s cultural fit, communication and learning style, behavioral tendencies, and capability to lead to make more informed talent decisions. 

We took rigorous measures and great strides to mitigate bias and increase accuracy in our scientifically-validated personality reports. Among these measures is that the use of facial features to generate personality reports is completely invariant to gender, ethnicity, or race. Therefore, aiming to make it as variant, equitable, and inclusive as possible.

EVA-SSESS – Video Interviewing Software

Video assessments are a very popular method for screening applicants. It’s the process by which applicants need to take record videos of themselves responding to interview questions – at their own time and convenience. This process makes it more fitting for applicants, and also easier for recruiters to gauge their true potential and fit. 

Yes, you can. We integrated with Zoom to help employers, recruiters, and teammates conduct more streamlined and organized live meetings and interviews. This integration will further allow them to automatically use Zoom to host remote meetings, interviews, and webinars scheduled directly through the Elevatus platform. 

Yes, Elevatus’ video interviewing software is backed by modern science and AI. This means that companies can seamlessly assess, test, and evaluate the key skills and abilities of applicants with fair and secure video assessment interviews that eliminate bias. 

Applicants can conduct their video assessments from any phone, tablet, laptop, or PC that has an internet connection. 

To make the assessment process even more unique, our innovative video interviewing software allows you to further assess the applicants through keyword comparisons and your model answer. Where you can specify both the model answer and the keywords that you expect to hear from applicants during their one-way video assessments. This allows you to accurately pinpoint and see how many of them were mentioned by the applicants. Consequently, giving you an accurate relevancy percentage for each question. 

Applicants that submit their video assessments cannot retake them unless the recruiter reissues the invite to conduct the assessment again. However, you can customize the assessment process to enable applicants to retake their video assessment questions prior to submitting the assessment altogether. 

Applicants can take their video assessments in 5 different languages which include English, Arabic, German, Swedish, and French. 

Yes, EVA-SSESS can be easily integrated with your own ATS or existing HRIS. It can also be integrated with our hiring platform, EVA-REC. Through this integration, our powerful recruiting solutions bring first-of-its-kind AI intelligence to help you source, screen, assess, and hire thousands of applicants innovatively – all in one place.

Unfortunately, not. While this would be an extraordinary capability, it’s not easy to implement as it’s outside of our scope. However, the algorithm can tell that an applicant who is experiencing a twitch will appear less confident in their speech, which is usually factored into their personality report. 

EVA-REC – Hiring Platform

Yes, our all-in-one hiring platform allows you to invite any specific users or teammates from different departments to support you in the hiring process. This allows you to bring teams together in one place and make hiring a team effort.  Where you can seamlessly sync work emails with Gmail or Outlook, centralize communication between different departments and engage in discussions that flow in real-time.  

Yes, EVA-REC allows you to customize and set up automated actions and triggers. Where you can automatically send follow-up emails to candidates as soon as they are moved from one stage to the other in the hiring pipeline to keep them in the loop and informed on the next steps. 

You can post jobs on a global portfolio of 2,000+ renowned job boards, channels, niche sites, and social media platforms. 

Yes, EVA-REC enables you to turn your offline resume database into an online and searchable one. Where you can drag and drop thousands of resumes into the system and it will automatically parse the resumes, create a profile for every candidate, and filter through your database with a variety of AI filtration tools. 

Yes, EVA-REC provides a suite of comprehensive BI analytics that take your hiring to the next level. Allowing you to get a birds-eye view of your recruitment through advanced reports, analytics, and insights that are powered by AI. So you can easily track the performance of your talent acquisition, analyze and share 20+ core recruitment reports, and instantly monitor the success of your recruitment KPIs. 

Our recommender system understands the meanings, relevancies, and relationships between words. This means that it’s capable of pinpointing spelling mistakes and abbreviations, unlike other unintuitive filtration systems in the market.

The AI recommender is able of doing that because:

  • When being used in an Arabic country, we extensively and fully trained the AI to understand language on Wikipedia. We researched and developed a unique way to find relationships between words and their hierarchies.
  • When being used in a foreign country, we researched and developed a special and remarkable way to detect relationships between words and their designated hierarchies.

The AI technology in our recruiting solutions only equips you with the resources, suggestions, and insights you need to better assess a candidate’s qualifications and suitability for a role. It does not, however, make the decisions on your behalf. After watching and evaluating the candidate’s video assessments, you can make the decision to bring them into the office for a face-to-face interview, or disqualify them from the hiring process altogether. This means that it does not make decisions on your behalf. You and only you have the power to decide who to hire in the end. 

Compliance and Privacy

Protecting your data is of our utmost importance. Therefore we implement the following risk protocols diligently:

  • We monitor traffic on the website and any attempted access to non-authorized routes is flagged, as well as any unidentified or ambiguous user agents.
  • To combat and counter any data breaches, we hired an experienced ethical hacker to break into our system and report any vulnerabilities.
  • Our password system uses the bcrypt algorithm for encryption.
  • In case of successful unauthorized access, we can respond immediately by shutting down the server and starting again within 20 minutes with no data loss.

Yes, in fact, we are GDPR-compliant by design. Our GDPR compliance serves to protect and secure the personal data of our clients and candidates worldwide. We also incorporate the following:

  • Our website only utilizes cookies for session handling. Therefore, it does not track the client in any way and requests authorization first.
  • Our clients own their data and reserve the right to delete it from our servers at any time or place.
  • Our AI systems use only Non-PII Data (Non-Personally Identifiable Information). Therefore, any piece of information that identifies the client is discarded before entry into the learning algorithms.

Yes, we do! To check them out, please head to our developer zone at to view the available offerings.

No, not at the moment. If the need arises and open-sourcing proves to be beneficial for the business, it could be open to discussion. 

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