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EVA-SSESS - AI Video Interview

Test & evaluate key
skills and abilities intelligently


Assess, manage, and filter thousands of applicants in no time with automated workflows and AI-powered ranking.


Collaborate with your team and assess a mass number of applicants at once, all from the comfort of your own home.


Use data-driven insights to identify top performers. So you can easily recruit a talented team that will help your company grow.

Evaluate thousands of applicants in a few clicks

Assess the skill sets and potential of applicants with automated video assessment interviews that are fair and secure.

Send real-time notifications to applicants and alert them of their status in the hiring or assessment process. Automatically send personalized emails, pre-set alerts, and thorough guidelines to keep them updated and in the loop, at all times.

Keep an eye on the activities of applicants to analyze efficiently during the assessment stages. Easily view activity logs, see scheduled meetings, read email exchanges, track their assessment status, and more – all through one single dashboard.

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Build fully
customizable and
branded workflows

Take your assessments to the next level with seamless customization that is entirely tailored to your preferences.

Build customized pipelines that meet your unique assessment needs. Use triggers that show you at a glance the status of each applicant, at any stage.

Customize the interview questions, time limit, and the number of retakes allowed all while highlighting your employer brand. So you can let applicants enjoy a fully branded experience from the initial point of introduction – to their final hiring stages.

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Centralized communication that saves your team valuable time

Unlock the full potential of your teams with video interviewing software that offers them one single hub to collaborate.

Communicate with your teammates and candidates from one tab only. Sync your email with our Gmail or Microsoft Outlook integration, to keep communication flowing in real-time.

Add teammates and other stakeholders to the assessment process to help you assess top talent and gauge cultural fit, fast. Consolidate feedback from managers, engage in discussions that flow in real-time, and get push notifications that keep you in the loop all day, every day.

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AI Video Interviewing Software Centralized Communication
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One single platform to qualify and assess top talent faster

Assessing current employees or recruiting top talent? Move up a gear! Gain a 360° overview of applicants through scientifically validated assessments that will help you assess basic competencies, predict true potential and discover skillsets beyond the resume.

Easily identify top performers with smart filtration tools

Discover job competencies and spot top talent at the speed of light. Quickly filter out correct answers, eliminate guesswork, unravel true potential, and effortlessly measure the must-have skills your applicants need to thrive and succeed.

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smart filtration tool

Scientifically validated AI-personality reports that measure real potential

Get to know your applicants better through reliable personality reports that are backed by modern science.

Easily assess the skill sets that matter the most to you and generate a baseline of what works best for your company. Assess applicants based on your model answer, and get a relevancy percentage that dictates their true eligibility and fit.

Our video interviewing software helps you find the perfect match between applicant and role through a Five-Factor Model report that is researched and scientifically proven. So you can easily predict an applicant’s job performance, communication style, and preferred learning method – and find out what drives them to succeed.

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Seamlessly integrate
with your favorite tools

Explore 2000+ world-class integrations
that easily help you build, run, and scale your workflows

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Seamlessly integrated with top-tier recruitment tools
Easily run, manage, and streamline your onboarding process – wherever you are

  • LinkedIn

    Promote jobs, connect with potential candidates and build a diverse talent pool fast.

  • Zoom

    Schedule remote meetings, webinars, and interviews – all under one unified umbrella.

  • Slack

    Bring team collaboration into one place, and help keep remote teams stay connected.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Allow users to conduct video meetings, chat and collaborate – all in one place.

  • Indeed

    Promote job vacancies, boost job visibility and build a centralized database of candidates.

  • SAP

    Interview, assess, and recruit top performers through AI and video interviews.

  • Oracle

    Manage, automate, and optimize core recruitment functions to hire top talent fast.

  • Udemy

    Suggest online courses to candidates to fine-tune their skill sets.


    Securely exchange electronic job offers, NDAs, certificates, and more.


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