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Hiring New Candidates? Here are 4 Perfect Job Offer Letters to Send in Talent Acquisition

July 16, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

One of the best feelings is finally selecting your dream candidate after a long talent acquisition process!

Sending out a job offer is a critical step of the talent acquisition and a fast way to communicate important employment information, such as salary, benefits, work schedule, and others. 

A prompt job offer shows a candidate that you’re enthusiastic and confident in their abilities, which could help in their decision to join your team.

Are you looking to send a job offer? Use the following email templates to send out the perfect one in the talent acquisition process!

What to include in a job offer letter?

recruiter sending an email during the talent acquisition process

Whether you’re using a pre-written job offer email template or creating your own, there are some details you must include. The following should be mentioned in a job offer letter sent from an employer to an employee during talent acquisition.

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Starting date
  • Working hours and days
  • Reporting structure
  • Salary
  • Paid time off
  • Employee benefits
  • Privacy policies
  • Termination conditions

There are different job offer letters a company or a recruiter can use in talent acquisition. To help you send a perfect job offer letter that will suit your needs, we collected four sample job offer letter templates.

Feel free to customize it with all the details your candidate will want to know before making up their mind.

Formal job offer email template to send during talent acquisition

Recruiter sending emails part of talent acquisition

If you want to send out a general and formal job offer letter to your candidate in the talent acquisition, then this template is for you.

Subject line: (Job title) Job Offer

Hi / Dear (Candidate’s name),

Welcome to the team!

We were all very excited to meet and get to know you over the past few days. We have been impressed with your background and would like to send you the job offer. This is a (full/part) time position (X working days and hours). You will be reporting to the head of the (Department’s name) department and in particular to (Manager’s name).

We will be offering you an annual gross salary of ($X). You will benefit from (mention benefits as per company policy) and (X) days of paid vacation per year.

Your expected starting date is (X date). You will be asked to sign a contract of (contract duration, if applicable)and (mention confidentiality, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements) at the beginning of your employment.

We would like to have your response by (X date). In the meantime, please feel free to contact me or (Manager’s name – CC manager in the email) should you have any questions.

We are all looking forward to having you on our team.


An informal job offer email template


If you would like to send out a shorter and less formal version of the job offer use the below email sample during talent acquisition process.

Subject line: Job offer from (Company’s name)

Hi / Dear (Candidate’s name),


We’re delighted to extend this offer of employment for the position of (Job title) with (Company’s name). Please review the terms and conditions for your anticipated employment with us.
If you accept this offer, your start date will be (X date) or another mutually agreed upon date, and you will be reporting to (Manager’s name).

Please find attached the terms and conditions of your employment, should you accept this offer letter. We would like to have your response by (X date). In the meantime, please feel free to contact me or (Manager’s name – CC manager in the email) if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Internal promotion offer email template

internal promotion talent acquisition

If you would like to announce an hire internally by promoting an employee, use the below email sample to announce their promotion.

Subject line: Congratulations on your new role!

Dear / Hi (Employee’s name),


We are happy to officially promote you to (new position) as of (X date).

Attached you’ll find your updated contract that contains your new employment terms along with your compensation package and benefits. Please review and send it back signed via email by (X date). Feel free to reach out to me, should you have any questions.

We appreciate your hard work and commitment to the (Company’s name) team for the past (X period of time). We’re all looking forward to seeing you achieve great things in your new role.


Wrapping it up

Sending out a job offer is a concrete implementation in talent acquisition so cover the essential information in the body of the email. Focus on the positive news, keep the email welcoming, and exciting to interest the candidate in joining the team!

Use our email templates, customize them to your company’s tone of voice and streamline your talent acquisition process with our recruiting solutions!

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