7 Innovative Ways to Master Your Bulk Hiring in 2022

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On a typical morning in the HR world, recruiters might pour themselves a cup of coffee, boot up their PCs, and quickly go over their list of applications.

But what if your company just announced that it’s bulk hiring in 2022?

How challenging would it be to keep up with this daily routine in bulk hiring mode?

Well, very.

When bulk hiring occurs, it’s either because the company is explosively growing, entering new markets, or exploring new opportunities. Either way, it’s going to take a lot more than a cup of coffee to power through this phase. You’re going to need to calibrate a spotless and well-coordinated recruitment process; from acquire to hire.

In today’s blog posts you’ll learn how to innovatively master your bulk hiring journey in 2022!

Start by building an A-star HR team

talent acquisition team

Bulk hiring strategies always begin with a group of rock stars who have what it takes to bring in those great hires. But if your entire department consists of only two talent acquisition specialists, then it’s evidently time to grow it.

First things first, you’re going to need a group of talented people to divide tasks with accordingly. Such as managing the talent pipeline, sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews and so on.

But that’s not only it.

All in all, a strong HR department improves multitasking, minimizes risk, improves employee engagement, and helps your company grow.

To build an HR team, you need to determine your company’s goals, write the correct job descriptions, diversify your recruiting efforts, and post jobs on the best job boards. Perhaps even rely on referrals as well.

When hiring your team of specialists, be sure to look for certified professionals who have some sort of experience with bulk hiring. Also, look for the right set of traits and skillsets. Look for those who have an eye for analysis, exhibit great leadership, and have exceptional communication skills.

Whip up a great bulk hiring plan

recruiters collaborating together

Even if your company doesn’t plan to mass hire any time soon, it pays to have a bulk hiring plan in place. To create a bulk hiring plan you need to assess your hiring needs, understand the local job market, define your ideal candidates, develop a recruitment timeline, and crunch in the costs. When coming up with a bulk hiring plan it’s also essential to break it down into sub-parts related to your recruitment funnel.

And oftentimes it consists of these 7 parts:

• Awareness
• Attraction
• Interest
• Applying
• Evaluating
• Interviewing
• Hiring

To make sure the plan kicks off in the best way possible, take each part into consideration. Where do the bottlenecks occur? Which part of the funnel requires human intervention? What needs to be improved?
This way you’ll get a birds-eye view of what needs to be changed, improved, or eliminated prior to diving deep into bulk hiring.

Polish up your employer branding

the importance of employer branding in HR

Thanks to technology, employer branding is getting a huge boost in its advantage. Simply because technology can help you streamline job posting, candidate engagement, communication, and create branded career pages that quickly convert.

For example, modern hiring platforms enable recruiters to polish up their employer brand by creating career pages that put their brand and jobs under the spotlight.

In a few minutes, recruiters can design a career page without even writing a single line of code! Through this page, recruiters can thoroughly describe the company values, culture, and work environment through pictures, videos, and content.

This will speed up the process of candidates getting to know you better, especially when bulk hiring. They’ll also have a clear idea about the role before they even apply.

So we can’t emphasize this enough: dare to be creative. Show heart-warming team testimonials, pictures of your latest events, and compelling perks and benefits. This way, you’ll blend creativity and innovation into your bulk hiring plan. You’ll also increase the probability of attracting, converting and hiring a mass number of top talent in no time.

Create a smooth job application process

A candidate applying to a job through a hiring platform

Lengthy application processes are deemed as frustrating to many candidates. And if you’re bulk hiring in 2022, you need to make speed your friend, not enemy. At the end of the day, you need to aim for a “candidate-first’’ application process.

Meaning, think of all the places where candidates hang out. LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and so on. Recruiters can then drill down the best places top talent can be sourced from.

To help candidates bolster through the application process with ease, make it short, brief, and above all, mobile-friendly. Think like a candidate and put yourself in their shoes. What would they like and what wouldn’t they?

Still feeling stuck? Leveraging a hiring platform can be a great start.

Hiring platforms can help you create a mobile-friendly application process that permits candidates to upload their resumes, fill in forms, and submit their applications with a few taps and clicks. Candidates no longer need to hunt for a PC around the house just to apply for a job.

What’s more, with a hiring platform, candidates can enjoy a 1-click application experience. Where you can keep your qualification questions at a minimum and enable social profile apply.

Make recruitment automation your friend

recruiters automating workflows with a hiring platform

If you’re bulk hiring in 2022, there are great nuances and benefits of welcoming automation into your recruitment process. No matter how awesome your HR team is, it will become inevitably challenging to manually manage and track a mass number of candidates. It’s easy for things to become messy, complicated, and excruciatingly lengthy.
To avoid all that, start using a hiring platform; it’s a boon for every talent acquisition team out there. In fact, it’s the technology that they can no longer live without.

A hiring platform helps in processing, optimizing, and automating each and every step in the recruitment process. It reduces administrative tasks to a large degree and alleviates recruiters from burdensome processes.
With more time at hand, recruiters don’t need to aggressively source candidates, post jobs, or arrange interviews on their own. They don’t even need to skip their lunch breaks just to get their work done on time. They just need an innovative and agile hiring platform that automates the admin and supports their bulk hiring efforts.

Develop a fast screening and shortlisting process

HR team that are bulk hiring

When faced with bulk hiring, it’s no rocket science that you’ll need to zip through the screening process fast. Or else your company won’t be able to hire top talent till 2023!

Standard and outdated screening processes no longer guarantee success. In this day and age, you’ve got to keep up with the latest HR trends and technology that are revolutionizing recruitment.

And we at Elevatus are here to help! Our award-winning hiring platform can help you zip through the screening process at the speed of light. All you’ve got to do is drag and drop your pile of resumes and it will immediately parse the information for you and create a profile for each candidate in seconds. Afterwards, with the click of a button our hiring platform can help you match these candidates to any job vacancies or job descriptions that you have. Add to that, the ability to filter through candidates by keywords!

Not only will this help you screen, filter, and shortlist an ocean of candidates fast, but you will also have more time at hand to focus on high-level tasks that you previously never had time for.

Secure the candidate experience

A candidate enjoying the hiring process

One of the most challenging – and often overlooked – aspect in bulk hiring is maintaining a great candidate experience. When you’re rushing to screen candidates and make the right hire fast, it’s easy to lose track of candidates, forget to follow-up, and leave them in the dark.

This can ultimately hurt your brand reputation, especially since you’re dealing with a mass number of candidates, and not only a few. So when hundreds of candidates aren’t getting their emails and inquiries answered, they’ll be frustrated enough to leave a bad review through online sites like Glassdoor or offline to their peers.

Therefore, if you’re bulk hiring, don’t forget about the candidate experience. Don’t wait longer than 2 days to answer their emails. Let them know in advance the frequency by which you will contact them. And most importantly, keep them in the loop through automated and personalized emails that flow straight into their inbox.

It’s important to remember that even rejected candidates can be potential assets in your talent pool. Don’t get lost in the noise; follow your hiring process steps and candidate experience strategy diligently to fully reap the benefits in the long run.

Final words

Bulk hiring is not easy. Especially when your company hasn’t done it before or it doesn’t have the right tools and resources for it.

Under such pressure, recruiters will feel forced to fill vacancies fast even if it comprimises quality-of-hire. But don’t worry, with the proper technology such setbacks seize to exist. To avoid such hurdles in the future, prepare for your bulk hiring process with an advanced hiring platform.

EVA-REC is a multi-award-winning hiring platform that helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful
workforces and hire a mass number of candidates in no time. Which makes it much easier for recruiters to find, attract, and hire the right people, every time. With world-class integrations and AI features, EVA-REC creates a rich and immersive hiring experience for HR teams and candidates alike. Start your 14-day free trial to kick start your bulk hiring today!

Hire a mass number of candidates fast‏

Speed up your bulk hiring process by automating repetitive tasks and emails with Elevatus’ #1 leading hiring platform.
Kickstart your HR automations ‏

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