5 Useful Ways Recruitment Software Can Reduce 80% of Your Workload

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A picture of a recruiter that successfully reduce his workload with recruitment software.

A decade ago we would have imagined our future to involve flying robots and self-driving cars. Today, our world has AI recruitment software, which are just as cool!

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, recruitment became a whole different ball game. Recruiters are now under pressure to find top talent remotely and optimize the hiring process while they work from home. But without a physical environment, things could get a little tricky.

But did you know that our recruitment software can reduce 80% of your workload and help you find the superstars you’re looking for?


It does! Check out the wonderful ways it can help you automate, manage and streamline your remote hiring process easily.

Pre-screening candidates efficiently

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We know that screening candidates may require a massive amount of time. In the same way, we know that recruiters can’t spend their entire time weeding through piles of resumes in the hopes of finding top candidates somewhere in between. Luckily, a smart recruitment software like ours will do the simple trick of automating this time-wasting task. Where instead, you can simply filter through thousands of resumes in several ways. Either by specific keywords that you’re looking for, or by a selection of criteria such as the desired career level, job title, skills, or industry.

Organizing remote interviews

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As a recruiter, you must know that planning for interviews requires a lot of running around. From calling candidates, rescheduling, setting up the interview room, to panic-looking for the candidate’s CV – it can be quite hectic. Even planning for virtual interviews can be a hassle. But imagine if you had an assistant who can do all of that for you? And by that, we mean a hiring solution!

Our recruitment software can instantly notify candidates about their interviews, and update them on their application status. What’s more, it can also notify and follow-up with thousands of candidates to make sure everyone is kept in the loop and know what’s coming next!

Building a powerful candidate database

A picture of a recruiter working on EVA-REC, the hiring solution.

As you know, if you have to source candidates from scratch whenever you need to fill a position, it can put a heavy strain on your recruitment budget. Remember, towards the end of your hiring cycle, if you’re left with a handful of qualified candidates who didn’t make the cut, don’t bury them back in spreadsheets. Rather, you can use recruitment software to build a thriving talent pool out of them. This way, you will know that these candidates are qualified since you’ve already screened and interviewed them. This means, that recruitment software like EVA-REC can help you build a database that is a reliable source of top talent and is ready to be used for any new roles that open up.

Crafting a memorable candidate experience

A group picture of teammates who are working together

Now that the majority of us are still working from home, it can be a little challenging to ensure that all candidates are enjoying a smooth experience. One of the most fundamental aspects of talent acquisition is candidate experience. Therefore, simple things like instant communication and empathy can really help you ramp up candidate experience, even when you’re working remotely. Recruitment software can personalize communication with candidates, and make sure that they don’t feel lost or frustrated throughout the process. It will also send out automated emails when a candidate advances in the hiring process or gets disqualified. This way candidates will feel like they have your undivided time and attention, and feel encouraged to do their best throughout the hiring process.

Identifying areas for improvement

A recruiter looking at BI Analytics on EVA-REC

The beautiful thing about a hiring technnology is that it provides you with valuable insights that help you spot bottlenecks or areas that need improvement in your hiring process. Where you can track your recruitment metrics and identify which of them needs a little nudge or boost. Also, it shows you which areas in your hiring process are time-consuming and most likely draining out candidates. This way, you’ll know where you need to intervene to enhance the efficiency of any particular step or process.

Wrapping up

Our recruitment software is intuitive and offers powerful automation options that can help you reduce 80% of your workload and stress! It doesn’t take away the human-ness from the hiring process, rather, it frees up your time significantly so you can give more heart and time into your work and candidates. Our hiring solution will become the key to your hiring success! Where it will help you automate, manage and track every step of the hiring process from one place only. Ready to give it a try?

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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