4 Important Reasons Why Employer Branding Matters More Than Ever Now in Remote Recruitment

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Despite the rise of Covid19 and remote recruitment, hiring top talent still remains a core necessity. And what plays a huge role in remote hiring success?

Employer branding! 

You might have realized that employer branding is a term that gets thrown out a lot in talent acquisition. You might have also read hundreds of articles and blog posts that emphasize the importance of building a powerful employer brand for your company.

So why is employer branding so important? If you’re fishing for top talent, then consider employer branding to be your bait. A great employer brand can help you effortlessly attract, engage, and retain top talent. Unfortunately, though, many HR professionals seem to neglect it throughout the talent acquisition process. 

So why does employer brand matter more than ever now in remote recruitment?

We break it down for you in this article!

It builds and strengthens your brand identity

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In this digital age, establishing a solid online presence is the need of the hour. Especially when it comes to remote recruitment. Potential candidates, employees, and your clients are constantly visiting your website and keeping an eye on your social media platforms. During the application period, candidates get a better understanding of your company culture and formulate a clearer picture of your brand identity. For instance, by building a branded career page, candidates get to see team testimonials, perks and benefits, and your company culture through pictures and videos. This way, you can excite top talent to join your company and become part of your team. Consequently, building a killer employer brand can undeniably help you build a gripping brand story, articulate the benefits of your job offer, frame your core values, and bring life to your brand identity.

It boosts your talent acquisition

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It goes without saying that your employer brand can excessively support you in wooing in top talent. It invariably fuels your talent acquisition and helps recruiters and HR professionals hire star candidates. Not only will employer branding boost your talent pool, but it will also allow you to entice top talent to accept your job offers faster. What’s more, your employer brand can significantly help you improve the quality of hire, enhance candidate engagement, and reduce attrition rates.

It helps you deliver a memorable candidate experience

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Today, the recruitment process is incredibly candidate-centric. Recruiters and HR professionals are gearing up with the best tools and recruitment software to create exceptional candidate experiences that lure in top-tier talent easily. Your employer brand and career page are technically your first touchpoint with candidates. They’re also your initial chance to delight your candidates. Candidates today, strongly care about the vision that your company holds and the kind of environment that it provides. Therefore, your employer brand will have a strong impact on their decisions
and experience, as it can positively impact their journey throughout the remote recruitment process.

It significantly reduces your costs

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When you have a great employer brand and reputation as an employer, it will take you much less time and cost to fill a vacancy. With a polished employer brand, you won’t need to spend much on recruiting costs. Nor do you have to spend a large sum promoting your job openings on numerous job boards and career sites. Top talent will find you and apply to your vacancies organically. So you don’t have to spend a ginormous amount of time hunting for candidates because they will find you!

Alternatively, you can spend the extra money on your branding or products to boost your success and stay ahead of the competition. With a strong employer brand, you can seamlessly post your vacancies on your site or social media platforms to instantly pull in top talent.

Bottom line

Establishing a solid employer brand is no longer a one-step process. It takes a lot of work and effort, to have an employer brand that speaks for your company. In addition, it also allows your company to get the recognition it deserves and heightens your brand awareness like never before. So to get on the right foot, HR professionals should bear in mind that building and creating a powerful employer brand is an ongoing process, and can ultimately create a lasting, positive impact on the remote recruitment process.

Put your employer brand under the spotlight!‏

With our hiring platform, attract top talent with modern careers pages that showcase your brand identity and make your company stand out.
Build a branded career page today ‏

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