Powerful Recruitment Trends in 2022: What to Expect and How a Hiring Platform Will Help

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Once again, we reached that point of the year where we’re all looking forward for what’s next. Will hiring still be the same? Will recruiters need to learn new skills? Will hiring platforms continue to revolutionize recruitment? Will recruitment change…again?

Covid19 created history by monumentally changing recruitment patterns – forever.

In the shadow of the pandemic, braving through the past two years has been difficult for both recruiters and candidates alike. The repercussions undeniably wreaked havoc for HR teams, and brought about new HR trends. But luckily, AI, technology, and hiring platforms transformed and improved the recruitment scene all together.

To fight on the recruitment battlefield and keep on pumping new energy into your hiring process, here are a few trends to look out for in 2022 and how a hiring platform will help you keep up with the pace.

The rise of proactive hiring

Using a hiring platform

In the past year, we saw many companies competing for top talent. Everyone was on the lookout for the same candidates and skillsets. This brutal talent crunch made it quite difficult and limiting for scaling businesses to connect with top talent. As a result, we saw more and more companies reaching out to passive candidates instead. A trend that will definitely rise in popularity in 2022.

Proactive recruiters will dominate the HR industry because they are now armed with powerful recruitment tools, technology and most importantly, hiring platforms. Which allow for a more aggressive talent sourcing approach.
Eventually, this trend will have forward-thinking recruiters effortlessly rise above the competition. Simply because  passive candidates can make great hires too. They’re also not too desperate to leave their current jobs nor are they living through unemployment despair. Instead, they’re open to embrace new opportunities once they come knocking on the door.

So, the most important question here is…how can a hiring platform help recruiters keep up with this trend?
To start off with, if you’ve got a list of candidates that you’ve rejected in the past, you can effortlessly see how closely they match the job requirements by simply uploading their resumes into the hiring platform.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC can then intelligently help recruiters match these resumes to pre-existing job posts or job descriptions that they have. A matching percentage will then appear next to each candidate’s profile, which signifies how closely the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements. It will then rank the candidates from highest to lowest match. Therefore, incredibly saving your time by helping you spot the most qualified passive candidates with a single click!

Moving from DE&I to true belonging

talent acquisition team

Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I) will continue to be a focal area in HR. We see it rise again in importance year after year. It’s not exactly a new concept, but we’re seeing more employers leverage hiring platforms to keep their diversity efforts on par. Especially since hiring platforms eliminate bias by assessing a candidate’s skillsets and qualifications rather than ethnicity and race.

However, some companies that nurture diversity are still failing in the long-run. For the simple reason that diverse candidates who are being hired don’t feel like they belong. Some even feel like they were misled throughout the hiring process with the company’s messaging and branding.

One cannot deny that a sense of belonging is crucially important for all humans. Especially candidates who are looking for jobs. On the bright side, a hiring platform can help recruiters design branded career pages that show candidates at a glance what working for your company would really be like.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC helps you create an awesome career page that acts as your shop window. The great news is; you don’t even need to hire a bunch of developers to do it for you. You can do it all on your own!

With this branded career page, you can easily attract the right candidates by providing a real sense of your work environment. And we’re not just talking about posting pictures of your pinball machine or play area. Candidates want to see your perks and benefits, value proposition, and what you have to offer. Through this branded career page, you can instantly instill a sense of belonging in the candidate, long before he or she is hired!

A shift to a candidate-driven market

recruiter using a hiring platform

For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what a candidate-driven market is, it simply refers to a job market where candidates have the upper hand, not companies.

Slowly but surely, recruiters are starting to see that.

One of the biggest and most significant changes that we anticipate to see in 2022 is a candidate-driven market dissipating through the world of HR. For the very first time in years, we’re seeing more available jobs than candidates. Which only means candidates now have more opportunities to choose from.

Holding more power than ever before, candidates are now harder to lure in and attract. Recruiters will now need to win the race for in-demand talent through the power of technology. And by that, we mean a hiring platform.

To stand out to candidates, companies must position themselves as innovative, agile, forward-thinking and tech-savvy. And the best way to reflect that is through the recruitment process; starting with the application process.

We’re well-aware that candidate tend to drop out of any application process that takes more than 15 minutes to fill in. Which doesn’t exactly put companies at an advantage.

For example, a hiring platform like EVA-REC kicks off the recruitment process with a short application form, which can be completed in no less than 5 minutes. Which means that candidates don’t even need to refill their entire resumes from scratch. Also, most importantly, the entire experience is mobile-friendly. So candidates can literally apply to jobs from their phones while they’re commuting to work, driving back home, or even grocery shopping!

A hiring platform will also help you automate follow-up emails that are personalized and warm. Through these emails, you can keep candidates up to speed and in the loop.

And most importantly, a hiring platform makes you zip through the hiring process in a fraction of time, and get the candidate hired much sooner than you anticipated. Which undeniably improves the candidate experience. As a result, this will make candidates see your company in a great light. Not only will you build up your reputation, but you’ll also win over top talent faster than the competition.

Much more selective applications

A recruiter viewing pipelines on a hiring platform

Now that we’ve established that we’re entering a candidate-driven market, it’s only natural to expect to see a much smaller amount of applications, especially in 2022. Now, candidates can afford to be much more selective about jobs, because they hold the power. In the past, candidates would apply to any job their eyes land on. Engineers would apply for Marketing positions, secretaries would apply for senior role positions, entry-level candidates would apply for C-suite positions. Even though they know they’re not qualified for them.

And in 2022, candidates will start to be pickier with their job search. They’re even willing to wait for the job they really want as long as it suits their work ethic and qualifications.

So what does this mean? It’s time for companies to put their best foot forward and focus heavily on job posting, employer branding, and candidate experience.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC allows you to integrate with 2,000+ job boards, and get your jobs posted on the right channels, and in front of the right people. And if you’re finding it hard to choose the most suitable channels for your job role, our hiring platform can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It instantly gives you channel recommendations based on the job requirements. All you’ve got to do is simply select the region, channel type, job category, industry, and job title. Afterwards, you’ll instantly get a list of channels that meet your sourcing needs. This way, you’ll double your exposure, reach out to more candidates, and seamlessly fill your positions without the hassle.

A rise in data-driven recruitment

As we enter a new year, it’s crucially necessary for recruiters to get a birds-eye view of their recruitment metrics through advanced analytics. Say goodbye to the days of intuition and second-guessing, and say hello to a data-driven approach. Recruiters tend to fear this approach, because they don’t have the right tools, technology or resources to extract or collect data.

But in 2022 the mindset surrounding HR is being altered to focus on the need of data and BI analytics. Once recruiters master a data-driven approach, it will become much more exciting to whip up talent strategies.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC is the secret ingredient that recruiters are missing.

Our advanced hiring platform provides a comprehensive overview of business metrics, to support recruiters in making better recruiting decisions and improving their insights. Recruiters can also specify the time-period from which they want to gather these insights from. This feature is also flexible, visual, and fully customizable. Where in one place, recruiters get to track and get an overview of candidate sources, the total number of candidates disqualified and the candidates hired. They will also get deeper insights on the time saved, cost saved, time-to-disqualify, and time-to-hire.

In short

No matter what industry you’re in, change is inevitable.

More so now, recruitment trends are sweeping recruiters on a whole different wavelength. Simple because what worked last year, might not work anymore in the year to come. We applied, we saw, we learned.
Understanding the upcoming recruitment trends and leveraging a hiring platform puts you in a better position to take challenges head-on. In fact, you’ll be in the driver’s seat all ready and set to recruit the best talent, and stay one step ahead of the competition in 2022!

Hire the best talent in 2022‏

Elevatus helps you build a branded career page, source candidates seamlessly, automate manual tasks and streamline the hiring process fast.
Post jobs on 2,000+ job boards‏

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