5 Important Things Recruiters Need to Know on Building a Career Page with a Hiring Platform

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You’ve a lot of hard work and effort into building your website and employer brand. But is it converting prospective candidates into awesome employees?

If finding star candidates for your company is on top of your to-do list, then you need to build a compelling career page that beautifully tells your brand story and entices top talent to apply. At the end of the day, a branded career page is one of the most important recruitment tools in your arsenal.
Building one from scratch is not as hard as you may think. In fact, you don’t need to break the bank, hire a bunch of developers, or learn coding.

All you need is one advanced hiring platform.

A hiring platform can help you build and create a modern career page that turns your company into a talent magnet. So instead of falling into the trap of creating a cluttered and outdated career page, a hiring platform can help you create a career page that is appealing, modern, branded, and easily grabs attention.

So if your company doesn’t have a career page, or if you want to revamp your existing one with a hiring platform, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Show off your compelling perks and benefits

Laptop showing a branded career page on a hiring platform

First things first, when trying to lure in top talent, use your competitive perks and benefits as your secret weapon. But how can you showcase them seamlessly to prospective candidates?

Two words: hiring platform.

When building a career page with a hiring platform, you can beautifully showcase your perks and benefits. The most successful career pages have grids that showcase their perks and benefits, what the companny has to offer, and more. These grids are some of the first things that candidates look for and can play a huge role in whether or not they decide to apply.

So when showing off your perks and benefits, you can easily customize the titles and descriptions, and upload the images of your choice. But here’s our pro tip to keep in mind when highlighting your perks and benefits: Definitely focus on healthcare, paid time-off, and insurance! But don’t feel limited to only these three. Feel free to add more information about transportation, training, and other factors that candidates may find important.

Keep your current job vacancies updated

recruiter using a hiring platform

If you’re trying to attract top-notch candidates to your job vacancies, you need to sell the job. Which means, you need to craft well-written and engaging descriptions that grab attention and excite candidates to apply. At the end of the day, candidates don’t just want to read about the requirements and jobs, they want to learn more about the work environment, culture, and what distinguishes you from others. And most importantly – your job vacancies should be updated based on the latest requirements and skillsets emerging in the evolving marketplace. Meaning, the skillsets required from a Marketing Manager are certainly different today than 10 years ago.

So how can you keep pace with these changes?

It’s easy. An award-winning hiring platform like EVA-REC can help you craft accurate and relevant job descriptions. By only typing in the job title, EVA-REC will automatically autofill the skills section based on emerging jobs and up-to-date job requirements in the marketplace. Therefore, allowing you to post accurate job posts that will help you attract the right candidates for the job. Without even misguiding them with false information.

In addition, always do a sweep of your exiting career page and make sure that all your current vacancies are still active. At the end of the day, you don’t want to excite candidates to apply to a job, only to have them realize that it’s an old vacancy that is no longer open!

Include eye-catching visuals and graphics

a branded career page built through a hiring platform

Now, it’s crucially important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t only rely on your open job openings to lure in top talent. You should also grab attention by including eye-catching pictures and videos as well. And by that, we don’t mean stock images that you found online. We mean authentic pictures and videos of your team at your office.

Bear in mind that the best career pages are always dynamic. Why? Because many site visitors have a short attention span and don’t have the time to read a large amount of text. So to enchant them from the first glance, a hiring platform can help you add visual aids with thought-provoking headlines. Maybe it’s a day-in-the-life video, pictures of your team, animations, or engaging infographics! All of which can be done on your end with a few drags and drops – and designed with the vibrant colors and fonts that represent your company.

Our advice? Be sure to add one compelling video that showcases your company’s story, your employees’ accomplishments, or your company events! And most importantly, balance these videos with helpful text to help viewers capture the main points.

So essentially speaking, a hiring platform helps you create a career page that grips the candidates’ attention from the first glance, and gives these candidates a good reason to apply.

Emphasize what makes your company unique

A candidate using a hiring platform to apply to jobs

Why should candidates choose to apply to your company over others? What differentiates you from competitors? And for what reason should the candidate click on “Apply”?

You can provide all the answers to these questions with your branded career page. First of all, a branded career page designed through a hiring platform instantly showcases your company’s innovation, creativity, and tech-savviness. Simply because this career page is designed beautifully and is super user-friendly. But that’s just one slice of the pie.

Now, you need to tell candidates what also makes you unique. Starting with your selling points. Perhaps you can highlight your work environment strengths, your current clients, your explosive growth, or your most recent industry awards. Remember, always stay true to your employer brand. There’s no need to misguide candidates with false information just to show them how you’re different. Instead, be authentic and honest. Candidates love transparency!

It won’t be hard to whip up a couple of pillars that your company is built on, or factors that your entire workforce is passionate about. Not only will you get a 1.8x chance that top talent will apply, but you’ll also convey the authenticity of your company through what you prioritize and put first.

Gather a few employee testimonials

a candidate reading testimonials on a branded career page

You must have employees that love working at your company. And they most definitely have some great things to say! Why not boast that on your career page? Don’t be afraid to show the love.

Hear what your employees have to say about their experience, and put together some real and heartfelt testimonials. And once again, make sure you’re using real testimonials, photos, and names. Keep in mind that many candidates are great at doing research, so they most likely know the names of your employees before they even apply!

So when building a career page with a hiring platform, bear in mind that candidates look for real proof before they apply. They want to make sure that the company they’re applying for will help them grow, learn, have fun, and become the best version of themselves.

The purpose of adding employee testimonials on your career page is so that you don’t make candidates go to Google to look for reviews and ratings. This way, you’ll be cutting to the chase and telling candidates straight up what they want to know.

Keeping it short

Your career page is the hub of your employer brand. Building it with a hiring platform will save you valuable time, boost your brand, and compel the best candidates to apply.
Not only that, but by applying the tips that we shared with you today, you’ll make sure that your career page is not only modern and beautiful – but also accurate and relevant to candidates.
Now, remember, there’s no one formula or template for optimizing a career page with a hiring platform. Because every company is different. So don’t be afraid to be creative and take the extra mile!

Put your employer brand under the spotlight‏

Create a modern career page that showcases your brand identity and converts top talent fast all with our leading hiring platform.
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