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Video Interview Fears? Use These 6 Great Tips to Overcome Them During the Assessment Process

June 16, 2021

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

A group of candidates who are dressed in suits and seem to be afraid of their video interviews. So you got the call or email that invited you to a video interview, and you all of a sudden break into a sweat. Your mind starts to race with thoughts, your heart starts to pound, and you're totally fearing the entire assessment process. You may fear being in the hot seat and pitching yourself in a unique way to an interviewer. Especially if you're eager to get that job, and the stakes seem to be a bit high. Video interviews can be pretty stressful, especially during the assessment process. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, it's normal to feel caught up with fear, but that shouldn’t become an iceberg, impeding your chances of success. But the real question is...should we fear or cheer video interviews? The answer is cheer!

Therefore, we have a few awesome tips that we’re going to share with you today that will immensely help you abolish your video interview fears for good, especially during the assessment process!  

Let's dive right in.

“The assessment process has to go perfectly”

A candidate sitting on a chair and staring at the clock, waiting for his interview to start. When you’re obsessing over a video interview, it’s normal to feel like you want everything to go perfectly during the assessment process. If you’re taking a video assessment interview, then you might find yourself retaking your video responses over and over again because you’re just not satisfied with your pauses, your smile, or your sign-off message. You might even fear being judged. The great thing about video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS is that it gives applicants the freedom to retake their responses and prepare themselves for the assessment process. It's also designed to improve human-to-human connections remotely. And what’s so human about aspiring to be perfect? Nothing! Once you start obsessing over every detail you’ll lose your authenticity, and ruin your chances of landing your dream job. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with retaking your video responses, but try to stay true to yourself. At the end of the day, recruiters and decision-makers are paying more attention to your responses than the minuscule details that you're fretting about in the assessment process!

“Will the recruiter like my approach?”

A male candidate with sticky notes all over him, looking unprepared for an interview. We’re well aware of how video interviewing software is changing the way HR professionals are hiring top talent. But not everyone is on the same level of video adoption. The recruiter watching your video interview might have read hundreds of best practices on how to conduct a smooth interview. They most likely know what they’re looking for. But they also know that there are many applicants out there who haven’t had the right amount of practice, and that’s totally understandable. You will not be reprimanded or judged for following a certain approach when answering your questions! Whether you decide to follow the STAR method or use specific behavioral examples, don't worry too much about your approach. In fact, give it a go and ask for feedback after you're done. This way, you’ll be able to get some best practices and tips from the interviewer to help you ace your next video interview and assessment process.

“Did I answer all the questions accurately?”

An employee working on the assessment questions. There’s no one right way to answer a video interview question. But you might wish you knew all the answers word for word, just so you can amaze and impress the recruiter on the other side of the screen. But you must bear in mind that you don’t need to memorize your answers to the dot. You just need to add an authentic touch to your answers and keep them flowing smoothly. You can always opt to read articles, blog posts, and best practices that can further prepare you and boost your confidence during the assessment process. So that when the interviewer starts shooting the questions, or when you find them in your video assessment interview, your anxiety will diminish and you’ll feel more comfortable sharing your answers during the assessment process.

“My background doesn’t look too professional”

A female candidate working from home, trying to find the best background. Given that the majority of us are still working remotely, our home offices have taken quite a turn. Whether you’ve turned your kitchen, iron board, or the guest room into your office station, then it's only natural to feel like your current work environment isn’t as professional as it once was. And that might worry you when you’re sitting for a video assessment interview in the middle of your living room. The truth is, everyone’s home office is different. But if your surroundings and background are neat and tidy, and not causing a distraction, then you have nothing to worry about. Remember how we said that video assessment interviews were designed to keep the human element alive? So adding a few personal touches in the background might actually spark up a conversation with the interviewer, and help you seamlessly establish a smoother personal connection throughout the assessment process.

“I don’t feel prepared enough”

A male candidate who looks tired and exhausted. Similar to any exam, video interviews require a certain amount of preparation. And if you’re desperately eager to impress the interviewer, you’ll start to feel like no amount of preparation is ever enough. You might even feel like you’re all over the place, and not sure how to fully prepare for the interview. To overcome this fear, you must prepare for everything, step by step. Start by nailing your mechanics first. Make sure you check that your microphone and speakers are functioning properly. Then, choose the right setting and dress right for the part. Also, try not to rely solely on notes. Make sure you do your research on the company and practice answering the most probable interview questions a few days in advance.

“What if I don’t know how to use the technology?”

recruiter use recruitment and video interviewing software elevatus If you’re unfamiliar with the technology you’re about to use, then it's normal to feel a bit anxious and worried that you’ll miserably fail during the interview or assessment. The great news is that in this day and age, you have an ample amount of resources out there that can help you prepare for your next big video assessment interview. You can always ask the recruiter to provide you with best practices and How-To Videos that can seamlessly help you navigate your way through the technology. Here’s a little reality check: technology might fail you no matter how many times you check your internet connection. So always have a backup plan for when things get a little haywire. Make sure your interviewer can reach you via phone when any technical issues arise.

Bottom line

Video assessment interviews are only scary if you allow them to be! In fact, once you master these tips, you’ll be able to brush off your fears and insecurities and master the art of conducting awesome video assessment interviews! So make sure you stay authentic, ask for feedback, arm yourself with best practices, give the technology a spin in advance, and prepare for things one step at a time. We’re sure that with these tips, you will be ready to put your best foot forward and shine in your assessment process.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

A wordsmith, storyteller, and content strategist – Tima is an MBA graduate with 6+ years of experience in the world of HR. With over 2,000 blogs under her belt, Tima's expertise and insights have helped businesses across the globe take their recruitment to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

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