A recruiter using video interviewing software to onboard new hires

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5 Fantastic Ways to Onboard New Hires in a Remote Recruitment Process

May 17, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

A recruiter using video interviewing software to onboard new hires

Today’s onboarding process is quite different, especially in remote recruitment. There are no handshakes anymore, contracts are signed virtually, new hires are often trained online, and the online onboarding process is about to kick off.

Are you ready though?

The goal of onboarding your new hires in a remote recruitment process, is to acquaint them with your company culture, their new roles, and get them up to speed with videos. Through these videos, you’re technically orienting them remotely, and providing them with all the tools and resources they need to kick off their first week on a great note.

However, if your videos aren’t evoking a sense of enthusiasm or engagement, then new hires might get a tad bit disappointed and walk away, without glancing back. An engaging onboarding experience is always going to be a big part of your remote recruitment process. It’s the impression that will either entice new hires to stay or find a new opportunity somewhere else.

So how can you create videos that instill a memorable onboarding experience for candidates in a remote recruitment process?

Keep reading to figure out how.

Welcoming candidates to the company

A talent acquisition specialist onboarding new hires

The first video in your virtual onboarding process is probably the most important one in remote recruitment. In this video you will either grip new hires’ attention from the start, or lose their interest altogether. This video should warmly welcome them to your company, and this message should come from an authoritative figure, such as the CEO, the manager, or even both. Which in tow, will serve to calm their nerves and jitters on their very first day.

In addition, this video is a great way for you to show new hires what you believe in, and that their contribution to the company is important. Through this video, you’ll instill a sense in purpose in them. Because even though you’re working remotely, new hires will still feel like they’re about to fulfill a vital mission, and aren’t just hired for the role.

Stating the goals for new hires

A checklist for setting new goals for new hires

New hires shouldn’t start their jobs and just pray to wing it. Thats not what remote recruitment is about. Throughout every stage of the remote recruitment process, new hires need to understand what’s expected from them. Therefore, when sending them this video, make sure it encompasses a roadmap of objectives, goals, responsibilities and a sensible timeframe. You don’t want to overwhelm new hires with an unreasonable roadmap, which will initially scare them off. You want to fully express who will be working with the new hire remotely and how they will get all the help they need. This video should also be accompanied with a checklist that new hires can use to tick off their accomplishments along the way.

Transferring knowledge

An employee using video interviewing software

Perhaps your new hire is replacing a former employee, and a handover or training session needs to take place. In this case, you can send new hires a video that gets them up to speed on the skills, tips, hacks, and knowledge required for the job. The best way to do that is by sending them videos that include intricacies for the particular job role. Where the former employee, manager, or experienced teammate can capture behaviors and approaches that are needed for the job.

For example, if the former employee conducted an employee assessment before, with video interviewing software like ours, you can easily send new hires a previous video assessment taken by the former employee. This video encompasses the knowledge and useful know-hows for the job role. This way, new hires will have a video that they can refer back to at any time, and keep it as a point of reference when they aren’t sure how to get something done at work.

Skills training

An employee transferring knowledge to new hires in remote recruitment

Apart from knowledge transferring, new hires are going to need to be trained. It’s an essential part of the remote recruitment process. There are certain skills that your new hires probably need to learn for their new jobs. Such as day-to-day and task-specific skills. Either way, new hires must be thoroughly trained, and you shouldn’t dump a massive amount of training material on new hires from the start. Instead, guide them!

Also, don’t expect them to be fully trained overnight. This is where videos will help when there’s an overload of information that new hires need to absorb. Therefore, drip content to them at a reasonable rate throughout the remote recruitment process. Give them time to retain and implement the new skills they’re learning. Make sure your videos contain examples and step-by-step guides. Afterwards, you can always opt to test your new hires on what they learned during the training period. And the best way to do that is with our AI video interviewing software. EVA-SSESS allows you to track progress within seconds and see where your new hire stands, so you can know which skills still need to be developed or enhanced.

Clarifying company rules and regulations

A recruiter communicating with new hires via videos

Briefing your new hires on your company’s new policies can be quite a challenge with remote recruitment. Luckily, videos can still explicitly do the job. When sending these videos to new hires, make sure they include the basic rules and regulations, in addition to other policies such as nondiscrimination, cybersecurity, and code of ethics and conduct. Don’t forget that you can always squeeze in a part of about your company’s culture, values, and work environment. Try to make them light and endearing, because you don’t want to scare off new hires by being a company that is too rigid and dry. Instead, thoroughly and expressively go through all the dos and don’ts and their designated consequences.

Bottom line

To wrap up, your onboarding videos will not only benefit your new hires, they will also benefit your team and the entire company. Simply because building an awesome onboarding experience can engage new hires, keep the momentum going, and retain them in the long run. This way, your remote recruitment strategy will continue to make employees and new hires happy to have joined your company.

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Tima Rassool

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