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Losing Employees to Competitors? Here are 6 Great Ways a Hiring Platform Can Help

July 14, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Candidate experience is a popular buzzword in HR. It also plays a crucial role in attracting top talent and keeping competitors from nabbing them away.

In fact, this is why engaging your star candidates throughout the recruitment process is key to maintaining them as employees in the future. It can be quite frustrating when you’re losing employees to competitors. And above all, it can slow down your growth acceleration.
To avoid losing employees to competitors, you should get it right from the first time. And by that, we mean hiring the right candidates the right way. The best way to do that is through an advanced hiring platform. Think about it this way; when you use a hiring platform you guarantee a splendid candidate experience and hire the right people for your company.

A hiring platform shows candidates what to expect and everything they need to know about your company. So when you hire these candidates, they’ll feel more inclined to stay than stumble towards the competition.

If you’re losing employees to competitors – don’t worry. Here’s how a hiring platform can help!

It helps you put your best foot forward and keep your hiring on track

recruiters using a hiring platform

If you can’t seem to get the right candidates through the door, then they’ll always be on ‘’borrowed’’ time. When you pair the wrong candidates to the wrong jobs, they’ll eventually feel fed up and move on. And all too often it’s not their fault. You just didn’t have a great hiring platform at the time to help you put your best foot forward, and make the right hires every time.

Take a moment to think about your hiring process and interview tactics. Do they stack up? Are they aligned with your company’s goals, mission, and vision? If not, it might be time to give your hiring process a quick makeover with an advanced hiring platform.
For example, an award-winning hiring platform like EVA-REC takes your recruitment to the next level. It adds structure and consistency to your processes. This means that your talent acquisition team won’t have to invent hiring stages and strategies on the fly. Instead, they’ll have a rubric to go by from the minute they start posting their jobs.

So how does this prevent you from losing employees to competitors? It shows candidates that you’re a tech-savvy organization that values their time. It also shows them that you’re super agile and innovative. Think of it like a pilot who can’t control the plane on take-off and leaves passengers already terrified about the landing. In the same way, when candidates sail through the hiring process fast – with no roadblocks – it will show them that they’ll have a smooth experience working at your company in the future.

It assists you in selecting and hiring the right cultural fits

talent acquisition team who are culturally fit

What factors do candidates care about in a job (other than salary)?

Cultural fit.

Believe it or not, candidates want to belong to a company that mirrors their beliefs and values. The same way you care about cultural fit, candidates care too. But when recruiters make the call based on personal preferences and gut-feeling, the process gets fraught and perilous. That’s why you’re losing employees to competitors. Hiring for cultural fit isn’t just about hiring “someone like me” it’s about hiring a candidate who is aligned with your value proposition.
A hiring platform, on the other hand, enables you to foster a more data-driven approach. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a candidate with certain traits. Someone who can speak numerous languages and has extensive years of experience.

Recruiters can utilize our award-winning hiring platform, EVA-REC, to allocate weights to the criteria most important to them. The criteria can be related to location, skills, willingness to travel, experience or industry – and much more. After the recruiter gives each criterion a certain weight, EVA-REC will filter through the candidates and give each candidate a matching percentage. Through this matching percentage, recruiters can get a relative idea of how closely these candidates match the job requirements. Even better, recruiters can match these candidates to the most suitable jobs! This way, recruiters can reduce the cost per screening by a screaming 80% and hire for cultural fit effortlessly.

It allows you to support candidates (and recruiters) throughout the whole process

recruiter organizing pipelines

Let’s be honest, relying on spreadsheets and phone calls alone will no longer cut it in modern-day recruitment. It’s no longer efficient.
Candidates have questions, need support, and can’t be left stranded halfway through the recruitment process. It only shows them that the same thing will happen when they’re hired. And oftentimes, it does.

First things first, a hiring platform enables you to reach out to candidates in real-time. Where you can keep communication lines open with personalized emails that are warm and friendly. More importantly, a hiring platform enables you to automate your hiring pipelines and assign automated call-to-actions as well. Perhaps it’s a questionnaire, video assessment, or an email that thoroughly walks them and guides them through the next steps. When candidates aren’t left stranded and helpless, they’ll value your company more.

Now, we can’t forget that recruiters are employees too, and sometimes, they need support as well. A hiring platform like EVA-REC enables hiring teams to collaborate and communicate together in one central place. Where they can share comments, feedback, evaluations, and ratings with each other. This helps them drive more accurate hiring decisions, as they can seamlessly collaborate with their HR managers in real-time, and get their experienced opinions. This way, recruiters won’t feel like they’re lacking the support they need to power through the hiring process with confidence. Instead, they’ll feel more empowered once they see that they’ve got their entire team supporting them in one place.

It lets you stay connected and keep candidates in the loop

Candidate reading a follow up email

No candidate likes to be left in the dark. Hearing crickets.

The timing and frequency you correspond with candidates will make all the difference. So for example, when you stay connected with candidates and keep them in the loop on their applications you’ll build trust, engagement, and above all, respect. So in the preliminary stages, be sure to inform candidates of what to expect. Let them know how often you will communicate with them, and we suggest you don’t keep them waiting for weeks.

A hiring platform keeps candidates notified all throughout. Have you recently moved candidates from one stage to another? A hiring platform will instantly send them an automated follow-up email that updates them on their application status and keeps them informed on the next steps. This way, when you hire these candidates, they’ll know that you’re a company that connects with their employees and keeps them aware of any upcoming organizational changes. Instead of just taking them by surprise. This way, you won’t risk losing employees to competitors, because you’ll be keeping them notified every step of the way. Right from the minute they applied to the minute they’re hired.

It enables you to create an outstanding employer brand

recruiters boosting the employer brand

You might have realized that employer branding is a term that gets thrown out a lot in talent acquisition. You might have also read hundreds of articles and blog posts that emphasize the importance of building a powerful employer brand for your company. The truth is, a strong employer brand can help you improve the quality of hire, enhance candidate engagement, and reduce attrition rates.

A hiring platform can help you build a modern and branded career page that converts. When building a branded career page, candidates get to see team testimonials, perks and benefits, and your company culture through pictures and videos. This way, you can excite top talent to join your company and become part of your team. Consequently, building a killer employer brand can undeniably help you build a gripping brand story, articulate the benefits of your job offer, frame your core values, and bring life to your brand identity.

It helps you mitigate bias and make the right hires with ease

laptop showing weighted criteria

Bias can be rampant in the hiring process. Race, gender, religion, and age in hiring are regular issues in the workplace. Due to human nature, we’re sometimes inclined to make some biased decisions. This eventually snowballs into discrimination and carries on with the candidates even as they start their new jobs. Which is another reason why companies are losing employees to competitors.

De-biasing the hiring process is simple. You can easily do that with an AI-powered hiring platform like EVA-REC. For example, when recruiters are looking for candidates with specific career levels, majors, or job titles, they can simply provide the hiring platform with the keywords that they expect to see in the candidates’ resumes. Consequently, it will then filter through these resumes to find the most qualified candidates in seconds. Then, it will then rank candidates from highest to lowest match, and provide a matching percentage that signifies how closely the candidate’s profile matches the job description. This way, recruiters can objectively select and hire candidates, because the AI does not select candidates based on any discriminating factors. Instead, it relies on their experience, skills, and qualifications for the job.

Wrapping up

Keeping your candidates happy is key to your company’s success. It’s the ticket that will save you from losing employees to competitors. At the end of the day, if you’re not 100% committed to the hiring process, then your employees won’t be 100% committed to you. But a hiring platform changes the ballgame altogether. It helps you engage, connect to, and motivate employees.
Our comprehensive hiring platform helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful workforces and hire top talent at scale. Where they can build a winning hiring experience that retains employees by creating a rich and immersive hiring experience for HR teams and candidates alike. Enabling you to secure and maintain top talent, without the fear of losing them to the competition again.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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