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6 Innovative Ways Video Assessment Interviews Help You Pinpoint Top Talent

July 17, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Resumes tell you whether candidates have what it takes to excel at a job, right? Maybe.

But do they truly showcase intangible skills? Soft skills? Most likely not.

The truth is, candidates might look flawless on paper – but are they really that great in person?

Lacking the right assessment tools is similar to being stuck with an old-school flip phone. When it comes to assessing candidates in this day and age, it’s time to move beyond intuition and outdated methods. How about we rely on science and artificial intelligence instead? A powerful duo that is surely helping enterprises hire their fair share of great candidates.

Video assessment interviews powered by AI have successfully helped companies overcome this issue and pinpoint top talent on spot. They can now assess and recruit a higher volume of candidates and a wider, more diverse talent pool.

Here’s how you can recruit a more capable and diverse workforce through fair and secure video assessment interviews.

Unravel personality traits at a glance

recruiter reading a personality test

Stop us if we’re wrong, but sometimes assessing for cultural fit and soft skills is like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is why video assessment interviews offer insights you can’t gauge from paper alone.

Personality assessments are scientifically proven to predict job performance and a candidate’s behavioral tendencies. Meaning, they can help you straightforwardly determine whether candidates will excel at the job or not. How? Through the scientifically proven Five-Factor Model.

Since the 1990s, the Five-Factor Model has been used to unravel personality traits, advocate recruitment, predict job satisfaction, foresee career success, and determine effective leadership.

Let’s take our video interviewing software as an example. EVA-SSESS offers a Five-Factor Model report for each candidate after his or her video assessment interview. This report will reveal more about the candidate’s personality, such as their learning and communication style, performance in sales, programming aptitude, and the way they deal with customers. As a result, this helps you improve the selection process, pinpoint top talent faster, and ultimately improve your talent decisions.

Evaluate candidates according to a model answer

recruiter writing a model answer for a video assessment interview

Sometimes when you’re assessing a bunch of candidates, it could be hard to track the relevancy of their answers. Are their answers up to standards? Did they answer the questions as expected?

This is where video assessment interviews make the assessment process so much easier. For example, our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS, enables you to swiftly compare the candidate’s answers to your model answer.

So what is a model answer?

Think of the model answer as a guideline for the assessor. It’s usually made during the formulation of assessment questions.
A model answer is an ideal answer that you expect to hear from the candidates during their video assessment interviews. All you’ve got to do is provide the keywords and model answer that you expect to hear from candidates. Our video interviewing software will then compare your answer to the candidates’ answers and include the maximum score for each question.

This percentage score will show you how close and relevant their answers are in comparison to yours. Also, it helps you rank candidates instantly from highest to lowest match!

This model answer feature can be utilized to filter out correct answers, identify ideal keywords, move candidates forward in a pipeline, and help you pinpoint top talent faster than ever before.

Sail through the screening process fast

talent acquisition specialists

Video assessment interviews allow you to identify your final shortlist faster. Which enables you to significantly reduce the time needed to fill a position. In fact, screening candidates has never been any easier.

With pre-recorded video assessment interviews, recruiters don’t have to be present when the candidates answer the questions. Simply, candidates can take the assessment at the time that suits them best, and recruiters can evaluate them at their own convenience. Unlike in-person assessments, which oblige assessors to be available the entire time to proctor or listen to candidates. Which in tow, eats away half their time and leaves them with no energy to assess the results on time.  But with video assessment interviews, they can eliminate the scheduling hassles and assess candidates faster and on their own time.

On the other hand, video assessment interviews offer more in-depth information than phone interviews. For example, through videos, assessors can seamlessly see at a glance if candidates nailed their answers by using the right keywords. In fact, they don’t even need to watch the entire video assessment interviews. And when in doubt, recruiters can always go back to these videos and watch them again, as they’re all stored on the cloud. This is a better way to screen and pinpoint top talent because assessors have a database they can refer back to, rather than forget about vital details that impair the decision-making process.
Thanks to video assessment interviews, assessors can now screen more candidates and identify top talent faster, which ultimately reduces the time-to-hire and optimizes hiring costs.

Collaborate closely with your team

recruiting team collaborating together

Great hiring is a team sport. When using video assessment interviews, talent acquisition teams tend to work better. And the truth is, the fewer teams collaborate the odds of hiring the wrong candidate increases. With our video interviewing software, multiple teammates can support you in the hiring and assessment process.
When conducting an in-person assessment, it can be hard to involve your teammates and get their feedback on candidates. However, through video interviewing software teammates can share their feedback, leave comments, and evaluate video assessment interviews in one place.

They can also engage in timely discussions and replay video assessment interviews at any time. By collaborating with teammates in one place, it will be much easier to reach a consensus and make better hiring decisions. This means that you and your team can rely on collaborative hiring to make important decisions, and shift to a culture of high performance.

Calms the pre-assessment jitters

a candidate conducting a video assessment interview

Many candidates tend to feel quite nervous before their video assessment interviews. Perhaps their palms start to sweat, their knees start to shake, and their heart starts to beat fast. Almost like you’re about to start an Olympics race.
And when this happens, it can be quite hard for candidates to show you their best side and unleash their full potential during the assessment process. Simply because the entire time they’re just thinking of getting it over with.

With video assessment interviews, candidates are spared from geographical barriers. So they no longer need to feel stressed about public transportation or arriving at the location on time. With that out of the way, they’ll feel calmer knowing that they take the assessment from their own couch instead. This works great for candidates who need to work around their family’s needs or have other important commitments.

Also, video assessment interviews give candidates the chance to rerecord their answers if they feel like they didn’t do so well the first time. This way, they’ll record their videos once they feel ready, which gives them an extra sense of comfort and relief during the assessment process.

Fair and secure process for all

recruiter assessing a candidate

Video assessment interviews are identical from the assessor’s side. This means that all candidates get the same exact questions and in the same order. This not only ensures a consistent assessment procedure but also guarantees a fair process for all candidates alike.
As we previously mentioned, video assessment interviews can be shared between multiple assessors, therefore reducing bias and increasing objectivity in the process. Each answer can be individually rated and compared to the answers of other candidates. As result, ranking candidates is no longer reliant on the handwritten notes of assessors or on how well they remember the other candidates.

Video assessment interviews put a name and face to candidates and allow them to present themselves the way they want to. In fact, it gives them space to truly reflect who they are, better than describing themselves with a few words on their resumes. Once HR departments get to see candidates talk, move, and communicate naturally via videos, it will be much harder for unconscious bias to seep into the hiring decision.

In short

Video assessment interviews help you gain a more complete picture of a candidate. They help you quickly and accurately assess candidates according to the skillsets that matter. When you pinpoint top talent fast, you get to move faster than the competition and secure the top talent your organization needs to grow and succeed.

But to do that, you’ll need next-generation video interviewing software. Like EVA-SSESS.

The same way you’ll go for the smartphone with flexible functionality and the ability to download your own “apps”, go for the video interviewing software that enables you to integrate with your favorite tools and identify top talent at top speed.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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Turn top talent to employees fast

Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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