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Assistant Manager Job Description

February 8, 2023

Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Content Writer

If there’s one thing we know for certain – it’s that “not all heroes wear capes” certainly stands for Assistant Managers. Not only do they supervise employees on a daily basis and provide exemplary customer service, but they also oversee the workplace’s workflows and operations.

In short, you’ll need to recruit a rockstar if you want your workplace to thrive and run smoothly.

Luckily, you can use this Assistant Manager job description to find, engage and recruit the most qualified candidate for this role.

Simply put, Assistant Managers have many job duties and responsibilities. It’s not unusual for them to roll up their sleeves and help their teammates with their tasks. Assistant Managers are known for thinking on their feet – they know how to make the right decision for the right situation.

For Assistant Managers, no two days are alike for them. They must always be ready for whatever comes around the corner to swoop in and save the day. So, when you’re looking for an Assistant Manager, you need to craft the most compelling Assistant Manager job description to attract brilliant candidates for this position.

Feel free to modify this Assistant Manager job description and tailor it to meet your company’s specific needs!

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Job Brief

We are currently looking for a passionate Assistant Manager to join our company and keep our day-to-day operations running smoothly.

As an Assistant Manager, you will be responsible for leading the company’s teams and keeping the company’s workflows operating up to par. You will also be responsible for making sure customer needs are met and complaints are always resolved in a timely manner.

So if you’re a natural-born leader and a fast thinker – this role is for you!

Assistant Manager Job Description Responsibilities

  • Coordinate daily operations.
  • Ensure all employees follow the company policies.
  • Provide direction to all employees.
  • Smooth out problems within the workplace.
  • Maintain and develop good customer relationships.
  • Address employee and customer concerns.
  • Establish and arrange schedules.
  • Interview and hire new employees.
  • Provide necessary training for employees.
  • Assign employees tasks that need to be completed.
  • Supervise and lead employees.
  • Motivate employees to work and focus on their tasks.
  • Take disciplinary action when necessary.
  • Monitor and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Create reports, analyze, interpret, and present data.
  • Provide necessary support to the General Manager.

Assistant Manager Job Description Requirements

  • [X] years of proven experience as an Assistant Manager or similar managing role.
    Bachelor’s degree in business administration or relevant field.
  • Proficiency in using MS Office.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Extraordinary problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent multitasking skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well in a team environment.
  • Deep understanding of customer service principles and practices.
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

Assistant Manager Job Description Frequently Asked Questions

What skills should a good Assistant Manager have?

A good Assistant Manager must be a team player. The Assistant Manager’s willingness and ability to be a team player will impact how employees function and productivity. Furthermore, an Assistant Manager must be self-motivated and eager to learn new skills.

Like other positions, an Assistant Manager has their own fair share of challenges which can often be overcome by fast thinking and having an objective perspective. However, combining these skills with the skills mentioned in the Assistant Manager job description above, you will certainly find the best Assistant Manager for your company.

What level is an Assistant Manager in the company?

Assistant Managers are typically the point of contact between top management, employees, and customers. They are usually one level below the General Manager. In the absence of the Manager, they have the authority to carry out the majority of Manager’s functions. However, they can get promoted to a Manager or a Deputy Manager, depending on the company they’re working for.

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Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Turn top talent to employees fast

Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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