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Bookkeeper Job Description

January 10, 2023

Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Content Writer

Keeping up with finances and accounts is the essence of success for any business. However, you might feel like you’re spending more time monitoring your books than running your business. Right? If you answered yes to that, then it might be time to start thinking about hiring a Bookkeeper.

You can use this Bookkeeper job description to find, engage and recruit the most qualified Bookkeeper for your company.

Bookkeepers are vital to have in any company. They help budget your business, prepare for tax returns and general ledger entries, record payments and adjustments, and so much more.

Simply put, the Bookkeeper is in charge of monitoring the revenue and expenses of the company. They keep organized business records and ensure the company meets all government regulations. This way, it’s easier for you to see and track your business targets.

Frankly speaking, no one can keep your company’s finances intact like a Bookkeeper. Therefore, you need to write the best Bookkeeper job description to find the best fit for your company.

Feel free to modify this Bookkeeper job description and tailor it to your company’s specific needs.

A recruiter writing a Bookkeeper job description brief.

Job Brief

We are looking for a Bookkeeper to manage our company’s day-to-day financial operations.

As a Bookkeeper you will be responsible for maintaining our financial data and records, including purchases, sales, receipts, and revenue. Also, you will be in charge of payment and receiving accounts of the company, in addition, to ensuring the legal compliance of the company.

If you have strong attention to detail, excellent problem-solving skills, and the ability to meet deadlines accurately – we want to get to know you!

Bookkeeper Job Description Responsibilities

  • Record daily financial transactions and finish the posting process.
  • Reconcile sales and payroll taxes and bank accounts at the end of each month.
  • Ensure that all transactions are recorded in the right day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger, and general ledger.
  • Carry out partial checks as part of the posting process.
  • Enter data and maintain financial records.
  • Create reports and financial statements.
  • Handle tax forms.
  • Handle the payroll for the company punctually.

Bookkeeper Job Description Requirements

  • [x] years of proven experience in bookkeeping.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration.
  • Ability to prepare, review and understand financial statements.
  • Deep understanding of bookkeeping and accounting payable/receivable principles.
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Hands-on experience with accounting software.
  • Excellent data entry skills.
  • Strong ability to conduct information analysis.

Bookkeeper Job Description Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Accounting and bookkeeping may seem similar to some people, but they are different in stages. However, both are equally important for the company’s financial status and rely on each other.

A Bookkeeper’s work is transactional and administrative. It includes keeping records of financial operations and transactions. Whereas an Accountant’s work is more subjective. It includes insights into the company’s financial status, all based on the information the Bookkeeper has already prepared.

Do you still need a Bookkeeper for your company if you have an accounting software?

The answer is simply yes! Accounting software stores your company’s financial operations and transaction reports. It can produce financial reports and statements required in real-time. However, you will need a Bookkeeper to manage the software, enter data and identify any errors that may occur.

What makes a good Bookkeeper?

A qualified Bookkeeper has deep knowledge of everyday financial and bookkeeping practices. Also, to have the ability to understand the processes related to your company’s industry. An essential part of being a Bookkeeper is having strong attention to detail and being able to track the company’s financial progress and compare it to competitors.

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Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

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Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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