How To Create a Burnout Free Hiring Process with an Applicant Tracking System in 2022

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You know it, we know it: hiring can be a high stakes game.

To hire top talent at scale, you’ll need the right people and the right technology. But with a hiring process that’s leaving you burnt out, you’re going to have a hard time getting there. The problem is, when you’re striving to do too much with less, you’ll end up with a hiring process that’s quite messy.

And frankly, if there’s one area you need to keep out of burnout’s reach; it’s hiring.

The fantastic news is that applicant tracking systems can help you with that.

With an advanced applicant tracking system, recruiters and hiring teams can smash the burnout and inefficiencies plaguing the hiring process.

So instead of stressing out and spending hours managing Excel sheets or wading into the deepest depths of your emails to scour for candidates, here’s how an applicant tracking system can help you create a burnout-free hiring process.

Promote your open roles

A recruiter using an applicant tracking system on the laptop

So you’ve got a job description that’s great, accurate, and good to go. In the past, you probably would have applied every tried-and-true job posting technique. But today, these techniques are no longer yielding results and you’re on the brink of a burnout.

But stress no more. Because an applicant tracking system enables you to ramp up your job posting experience like never before.

An ATS like ours gives you a highly efficient way to attract top talent across a vast portfolio of 2,000+ job boards. Which means, you can start getting strategic with your job sourcing and promoting open roles. For example, with an ATS like EVA-REC you can effortlessly select the channels you want, and post all your jobs – hundreds of them – in one single click to over 2,000 renowned job boards. Say good bye to jumping between tabs just to post a single job ad. Instead, you can use our ATS to centralize the entire process in one place. Where you can collect candidate information from job boards and see how many candidates came from each source. This way, you can organize and manage all your candidates from multiple sources effortlessly, and take the burnout out of hiring for good.

Proactively fill your talent pools

A talent acquisition team proactively filling talent pools

Finding awesome talent is undeniably a stressful task for many recruiters out there. It also puts an incredible amount of pressure on them. But with an applicant tracking system you don’t need to worry about filling a position fast and luring in top talent. Because an applicant tracking system takes care of that. For example, at ATS can help you proactively find great talent and say goodbye to stressful last-minute talent hunts.

Since many modern-day applicant tracking systems enable you to create branded career pages, filling in your talent pools will become a piece of cake. Especially since well-designed career pages are attractive and show candidates all the content they need to get to know your company.

An applicant tracking system can help you build a talent pool as your safety net. To save time on sourcing, you can simply compile a list of qualified candidates that sparked your interest over time, and store their details within your applicant tracking system.

Then, you can categorize them based on their skills, experience, and education to create a talent pool that you can draw out candidates from when the time is right. The best thing about building a talent pool in advance, is that you can reconnect with these candidates when a role opens up that suits their qualifications. This way, you can have a talent pool on the side, and your chances of winning quality talent increases!

Build automated pipelines with zero effort

Automated hiring pipelines in an applicant tracking system

If managing pipelines gives you a headache, then you’ll love using an applicant tracking system. An ATS helps you automate hiring pipelines and save your precious time – and headspace! With an ATS you can customize and add different stages for each position. You can also set up and assign different triggers.

Let’s say your first stage is all about pre-qualification. Such as where the candidates live, what’s their pay range and so forth. Their answers will automatically trigger emails or progressions. Through these automated emails, candidates will be notified on the next steps. You can also setup email triggers for the candidates who didn’t meet your qualifications and won’t make it to the next round.

So in short, an applicant tracking system allows you to create customized pipelines that suit your hiring needs, use automated questionnaires to tick off what’s essential for the role, use automated stage actions to move candidates between pipelines, and alas, send personalized automated emails.

Rank and sort your candidates

talent acquisition specialist ranking candidates

Next up, it’s time to find your star candidates. In the past, it might have taken you a couple of weeks to find the perfect fit. In fact, the time you spend on screening resumes regularly takes up the largest part of time-to-fill. And with the current competition in the talent market, top candidates only stay available for 10 days in the job market, before they’re snatched by the competition. This is where ranking candidates with an applicant tracking system comes to the rescue.

Essentially, the best way to screen candidates is by weeding out top-ranked scorers; the ones who meet the job requirements and qualifications.

An applicant tracking system is a hiring technology that instantly shows you which candidates are qualified for the job, and puts them in the top spot of the resume bank. An ATS like EVA-REC helps recruiters improve the quality of hire by finding the right candidates based on the skills, experience, know-how, and the requirements of the job. For instance, to find the right candidate, recruiters can allocate weights to the criteria most important to them. The criteria can be related to location, skills, willingness to travel, experience or industry – and much more. After the recruiter allocates the weights EVA-REC will automatically filter through the candidates and rank the candidates based on their qualifications.

Through this feature you can impeccably reduce hiring bias, focus on key skills, and quickly distinguish the most important and ideal candidates.

Get access to in-depth Analytics

Advanced analytics on a hiring platform

In recruitment, there’s a lot of data to keep a track of. And frankly, recruiters are commonly left with less time to analyze it. While spreadsheets are great at displaying your data, they don’t exactly offer you any analysis to help you make better decisions.

With that being said, wouldn’t it be remarkable and easier if someone analyzed it and gave you some awesome readymade insights all at once?

Well, an applicant tracking system is the hiring genie who can make your dreams come true. An ATS helps you track all your important recruitment metrics in one place. From time-to-hire, cost-of-hire to source of candidates – and many more.

This way, you’ll be able to easily spot bottlenecks in your hiring process at a glance. Perhaps your time-to-hire doesn’t look so great, and perhaps your cost-per-hire isn’t panning out the way you hoped it would. In one place, you can get advanced insights on all your candidates, team members, and jobs. For example, with our award-winning applicant tracking system, you can also specify the time period from which you want to gather these insights from. Last but not least, you can track and get an overview of candidate sources, the total number of candidates disqualified and all the candidates who were hired. You will also get deeper insights on the time saved, cost saved, time-to-disqualify, and time-to-hire.

Boost and strengthen team collaboration

talent acquisition team collaborating together

As John Donne once said “No man is an island”. Meaning, human beings tend to be less productive when working individually, and more efficient when working as part of a community. With recruiting teams, it’s no different.
For recruiters to thrive, they need to collaborate and communicate more frequently. With a great ATS like EVA-REC, all the recruiting information is available for all teams to access and in one place. So if a substitute recruiter came on board, checking past activities and keeping up to speed will be no hassle.

Also, the entire team – and HR manager – can be invited into the portal to help you screen candidates. Where they can share comments, feedback, and ratings in a timely manner. As far as integrations go, applicant tracking systems are also integrated with world-class technology providers such as Gmail and Slack to centralize and streamline communication between recruiters and candidates alike. Which means, you can send and receive emails directly from the system. Which not only eases stress, but it also gives recruiters a more organized and simpler way of communicating.

Bypass hiring bias once and for all

talent acquisition specialists high fiving each other

Despite the best intentions, many organizations are plagued with hiring bias. And oftentimes, it’s completely unintentional. We’re all prone to unconscious bias at some point. Period.

But when bias is left unbridled, it can drive us to make quick judgments and fall prey to stereotypes in decision-making.

To start with, many job descriptions are ingrained with stereotypical biases. Simply because some job descriptions are influenced by particular words or language that may be deemed as outdated or exaggerated. It’s not unheard of to see job descriptions using keywords that are specifically tailored towards men or women. Therefore, this can discourage candidates from applying altogether!

The great news is, an applicant tracking system can replace stereotypical words and replace them with neutral words.

For instance, ATS like EVA-REC has an autofill text predictor that can help recruiters write job descriptions by intelligently suggesting the appropriate skills, career level, industry and years of experience based on the job requirements alone! This completely helps mitigate bias in the remote hiring process and diminishes stress-levels for recruiters.

In short

Recruiters have a lot on their plate. Add to that their heavy workloads and not enough downtime, burnout is all too common. Because recruitment is a moving target, with the right mindset and applicant tracking system, you can definitely hit the mark and create a burnout free hiring process. Where you can leverage the right recruitment tools, save valuable time, ramp up productivity, and build a stellar hiring experience – with no fuss or hassle.

Make hiring top talent easy ‏

Turn the hiring process into a smooth ride for both recruiters and candidates with our multi-award-winning applicant tracking system.
Start building a branded career page‏

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