5 Strong Reasons Why Employer Brand Matters in HR

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These days, candidates research potential employers the same way they research brand new brunch destinations. This puts employers in a situation where they must foster a proactive approach that entices and engages these candidates.

The truth is, employer branding is a journey. And it can’t be built overnight. But employers need to really grasp why employer brand matters in HR first. Employer brand in recruitment is more than just slapping on a logo, picking colors, and deciding on a font. Your employer brand is your unique value proposition and how your company is viewed by candidates, stakeholders, and employees.

Think of an employer brand as a living entity. When you don’t maintain it, feed it, and take care of it – it will rot.

So without further ado, here are 5 valid reasons why employer brand matters in HR. Really.

Helps you net top talent with ease

talent acquisition team

When top candidates begin their search, we can double bet that they’ll search for things like “The best companies to work for in 2021” or “Best companies near me”.

And now we’ll just state the obvious: candidates strive to work for companies that treat them well and have a fantastic, polished reputation.

This is why employer brand matters in HR. It makes sure that you position yourself as the employer of choice. In simple words, it taps into emotion and sells the personal. And this is exactly why we encourage companies of all sizes and shapes to build branded career pages with a modern hiring platform.

Through visually appealing career pages, employers can reflect their employer brand through their perks and benefits, pictures and videos, and employee testimonials.

Save top talent the trip to Glassdoor and show them the reviews they want to see. Let your employees highlight the greatness of working at your company through authentic and genuine testimonials. And most importantly, skip the Shutterstock pictures. Use real pictures of your company and team that strike a real chord to top candidates. And remember, you don’t need a big fat budget to oversell your employer brand. You just need our hiring platform to help you design a modern and branded career page, without hiring tens of designers or writing a single line of code. This way, you can bet your bottom dollar that double the amount of qualified candidates will flow into your pipelines before you even know it.

Slashes recruitment costs in half

An employee making calculations

Now you may wonder…

How can something intangible like employer brand slash your recruitment costs?

Namely, it gives you direct sourcing, better targeting, and rationalizes your creative spend. This is why employer brand matters in HR. It reduces the number of candidates who don’t meet your requirements, which in tow, saves a whole chunk of your time and processing costs.

But wait, how does it do that?

In essence, an employer brand gives candidates a clear understanding of what to expect. Such as the benefits, work environment, and culture. So the candidates who resonate with these factors the most will be the first to apply. And the ones who don’t, simply won’t.

This gives recruiters the chance to solely focus on a smaller pool of talent. Saving their time, energy, and most importantly, headspace.
Now, let’s look at it from another angle. Studies have shown that a stellar employer brand reduces cost-per-hire by 50% and reduces turnover by 28%. Why? Because new hires and current employees are happy with their experience. This will undeniably help you retain your current talent and avoid getting into the hassle of rehiring a mass number of unhappy employees. Which is exactly why employer brand matters in HR.

Turns your internal arsenal into brand advocates

a team of recruiters working together

As we mentioned earlier, your employer brand also revolves around your current employees and how you treat them. And of course, a wonderful employee experience will reduce attrition and boost morale. This way, employees will leave great reviews, and they’ll encourage their friends to do so too.

Keep in mind that more than 50% of candidates like to read reviews before applying to any job. And when they read a tear-jerking, heartwarming testimonial by one of your employees they’ll feel even more enticed to join. So give your star performers the space to share their awesome work experience on your career page or other social networking sites. Perhaps they can share a LinkedIn post that goes viral and turns many eyes to your company and job vacancies.

You can also highlight your brand power with videos of employees sharing memories of their first day at work, their overall experience, their accomplishments, and above all – the work environment. Again, it doesn’t need to be an over-the-top film production. It just needs to elicit the message you’re trying to portray clearly and effectively. This is exactly why employer brand matters in HR; it’s your best shot at attracting top talent.

Shows the human side of your company

why employer brand matters in HR

A company is much more than just its career page. A powerful employer brand begins with happy employees and ripples through every single touchpoint in the recruitment process. From the application to the interview to the job offer. When you don’t let your hiring efforts succumb to boring and tedious processes, you get to showcase the human side of your company. And this is exactly why employer brand matters in HR, now more than ever.

For example, with our hiring platform, EVA-REC, talent acquisition teams can constantly communicate and reach out to candidates throughout the process. With automated emails and messaging, candidates will always be kept in the loop. This is because they’re instantly notified of their application status and are well aware of the next steps. So by keeping candidates informed at every step, you won’t only enhance their experience, but you will also humanize the hiring process effortlessly.

Decreases time and cost per hire

recruiter working remotely

With a strong employer brand, talent pipelines will immediately be packed with top talent. Which is great for your company and bottom line.

The influx of talent you’ll get is one of the core reasons why employer brand matters to recruiters. This means that as soon as a role opens up, they’ll have a surplus of great candidates to interview rather than go back to square one and source candidates from scratch. Which could take weeks if not months.

So when your employer brand is shining out to candidates, you instantly get a leg up on the competition because candidates will choose your company in a heartbeat. Also, you already have a great talent pool that you can dip into as soon as you need to start recruiting. As a result, recruiters can zip through the shortlisting process, hire top talent fast, and make the right talent decision in a snap. In fact, our hiring platform can help with that.

Our hiring platform allows recruiters to allocate weights to the criteria most important to them. The criteria can be related to the candidate’s location, skills, gender, willingness to travel, experience or industry – and much more. After the recruiter adjusts the weights, EVA-REC will filter through the candidates and create a shortlist of the candidates who match the criteria the most. This way, recruiters can seamlessly make the right hire with full confidence, reduce the cost per screening by 80% and reduce recruiting costs by up to 96%!

In short

Do you now see why employer brand matters in HR?

While building a wonderful employer brand takes time and energy – the benefits cannot be numbered. It helps your company achieve the recognition it deserves and it increases your brand awareness significantly. Once employers start to fully comprehend why employer brand matters in HR, everything in their recruitment process will slowly fall back into place.  And if you’re having a hard time achieving that, we hope you can pair these great tips with our hiring platform. Our hiring platform can enable you to attract top talent, boost applications, show the human side of recruitment, decrease hiring costs, and build branded careers pages that put your brand and jobs under the spotlight.

Boost your employer brand today! ‏

With our hiring platform, attract top talent with modern careers pages that showcase your brand identity and make your company stand out.
Start building a branded career page‏

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