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Why Automated Video Assessment Interviews Can Help You Secure Top Talent in 2023

January 17, 2023

Kiran Kazim

Kiran Kazim

Content Writer

If we look back, one thing was certain in the recruitment market of 2022 – finding top talent was harder than ever. With an increasingly competitive job market and stringent criteria, recruiters had their work cut out for them.

The traditional recruitment process had its limits, though. It wasn’t easy to accurately judge the capabilities of prospective candidates through a traditional round of interviews, let alone in a one-size-fits-all format. More specifically, it seemed impossible to identify those special traits that separate the “average” from the “extraordinary” in the field.

That’s where the beauty of automated video assessment interviews comes in. By using this futuristic technology, these assessments not only save recruiters precious time but also enable them to get accurate insights into the personalities and capabilities of candidates. So, without any further ado, in this blog post, we’ll show you how video assessment interviews can help secure top talent in 2023 and beyond.

A Faster Screening Process That Makes Hiring Effortless

As recruiters, the process of screening potential candidates can be both time-consuming and extremely labor-intensive. With hundreds of resumes to analyze and countless in-person interviews to conduct, the process can stretch out for weeks with no guarantee of finding a good fit.

Fortunately, technology is making the whole process faster and smarter. Automated video assessment interviews are the game-changing solution you’ve been looking for. Video assessment interviews can be used to conduct hundreds of interviews in a fraction of the time it would take to conduct a traditional phone screening.

So how do automated video assessment interviews work? Essentially, they are one-way video interviews where recruiters ask candidates questions. The candidates provide their answers via video recordings that can then be reviewed later by the recruiters.

The greatest benefit of these automated video assessment interviews is undoubtedly the time they can save recruiters in the screening process. What’s more? Recruiters can now move through dozens – or even hundreds – of applications much faster and more accurately, saving precious hours that can be better spent on more important tasks.

More Accurate Assessments That Help You Find Top Performers

A recruiter conducting video assessment interviews to find top performers

As recruiters look to grow their businesses and fill positions faster in 2023, many are looking for smarter ways to streamline the process of recruiting top performers. Luckily, video assessment interviews can help with that.

The video assessment interview is all done online and can help thoroughly assess top talent remotely. Rather than making assumptions or inflicting any sort of bias – you can use this modern tool to gain better insights into the qualifications and skills of candidates.

To top it off, the video assessment interviews allow recruiters to pose preselected questions that are relative to the desired position. Candidates then record themselves and submit the video assessment interview once done. Then, the recruiters can assess the responses, rank candidates, shortlist top talent through AI, and unravel valuable personality insights. Allowing recruiters to take the guesswork out of the hiring process once and for all.

Scientifically Validated Psychometric Reports For More In-depth Insights

A recruiter taking advantage of scientifically validated psychometric reports in video assessment interviews.

For recruiters, understanding their candidates better has become more important than ever. With the rise of competitive job markets, the ability to judge a candidate more accurately from an application is invaluable. That’s why video assessments are becoming an increasingly popular method for interviewing.

Video assessment interviews offer a unique chance to gain insight into a candidate’s character. However, there is always a chance for a decline in accuracy or bias when attempting to make an assessment, even with the best intentions. This is where video interviewing software can come into play and offers reliable solution instead.

By using video interviewing software recruiters can learn more about their candidates and make more informed decisions. Simply because the software generate a psychometric report for each candidate. This report unravels the candidate’s behavioral and personality traits, helping recruiters better understand the person behind their applications.

A Faster Process That Saves You Money, Time, and Headspace

A recruiter saving time and money through video assessment interviews.

Video assessment interviews also free up recruiters from the expense of organizing and conducting an in-person interview. Many companies are eliminating the need to fly candidates across the world just to assess them or spend valuable resources on accommodation. These one-way video interviews also enable recruiters to find the perfect candidate from a larger pool of candidates who may be distributed in different locations. Simply put, automated video interviews open up a vast pool of potential candidates for recruiters.

The best part about video assessment interviews is that they do not compromise the quality of the assessment made. The recruiters have the same type of control and access to the same type of interview sets as it would be if a candidate were present in the room.

Recruiters can get the most out of video assessment interviews as they save time, resources, and cost. This innovative interviewing process is the perfect solution for recruiters looking to save time and money while still keeping the assessment process up to par.

A Flexible Process That Helps Candidates Feel More Comfortable

A recruiter conducting video assessment interviews to make candidates feel more comfortable

As competition for highly-skilled candidates rises, recruiters may struggle to make the best decisions for their organizations. This is where automated video assessment interviews can come to the rescue.

Video assessment interviews allow recruiters to quickly and accurately assess a broad range of candidates without ever needing to meet them in person. This reduces the amount of time and cost of the recruitment process, helping recruiters to make more efficient and effective decisions.

But what makes these video assessment interviews so advantageous? One of the most important benefits revolves around pre-assessment anxiety – the fear and apprehension many candidates feel when going through a job interview. More importantly, automated video assessment interviews help alleviate pre-assessment anxiety by allowing candidates to express themselves more freely and create a more relaxed, non-confrontational atmosphere.

Video assessment interviews are ideal for job candidates who may not be entirely comfortable in a traditional interview setting. With the use of automated technology, recruiters can assess a person’s qualities, skills, and motivations – all from the comfort of their own home.

Another advantage of using automated video assessment interviews is that they provide recruiters with a better glimpse into a candidate’s personality. Body language, facial expressions, and gestures all provide invaluable information that helps recruiters make better hiring decisions. With automated video assessment interviews, recruiters can get an in-depth look at a candidate’s background, skills, and communication style, which can help them make more informed decisions about their candidates.

A Secure and Bias-Free Assessment Process That is Fair For All

A recruiter reducing bias in the hiring process through video assessment interviews.

If you’re a recruiter, you know that bias can be a major issue when trying to select the right candidate for a job. Oftentimes recruiters tend to be influenced by their own personal biases or preconceived notions about a particular job candidate, which can lead to wrong decisions.

Fortunately, automated video assessment interviews offer a way to reduce the possibility of bias influencing the recruitment process. Unlike a traditional face-to-face interview, these assessments use advanced technology to measure the candidate’s skill sets and assess them objectively.

By using a scientifically-backed psychometric report, recruiters can get a better idea of the skill sets and qualities the candidate possesses. These can be qualities such as problem-solving, interpersonal skills, communication, and creativity. From there, recruiters can easily make a more informed decision when it comes to hiring the right candidate.

Moreover, automated video assessment interviews offer a valuable, interactive way to evaluate a candidate’s skill sets. Rather than relying on a single, subjective interview, these interviews provide recruiters with a chance to actually observe the candidate in action, giving them a more realistic idea of their abilities.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, video assessment interviews are becoming more popular in recruitment and will only become more popular in the years ahead. By eliminating biases, providing a better glimpse into the candidate’s personality, and helping make better hiring decisions, automated video assessment interviews can be an invaluable tool in the recruitment process.

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