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From Set Up to Follow Up: How to Conduct Efficient Video Assessment Interviews with Candidates

January 22, 2023

Kiran Kazim

Kiran Kazim

Content Writer

Are you searching for an innovative way to assess top talent? If so, you’re in luck!

We may have the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Three words: video assessment interviews.

Over the last few years, video assessment interviews have transformed the way recruiters conduct interviews to hire potential candidates. Recruiters can now easily assess and interview hundreds of candidates remotely – and from the comfort of their own homes.

Better yet, video assessment interviews provide in-depth insights and smart filtration tools to help you make the best recruitment decisions every time.

Not sure where to begin? Worry not!

We’re here to share a few of our best practices for conducting efficient video assessment interviews with candidates. From setting up the interview to following up with candidates, we’ll walk you through every step of the process. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, you’ll surely pick up some valuable tips and tricks today.

Select the Right Software and Save Valuable Time

A recruiter using video assessment interviews to save time and travel costs

Video assessment interviews are gaining tremendous traction in the recruitment landscape, as they are becoming a frequent choice for assessing candidates. However, the dark truth is that choosing the right software is no walk in the park. After all, you need to make sure that it meets your needs and ticks all the boxes.

First, decide on the type of video assessment interviews you’ll be conducting. Will the interview be recorded or conducted live? Once you’ve decided on the type of interview, you need to decide on the video interviewing software you want to leverage. Keeping in mind that it must meet all your assessment needs. As a general rule of thumb, the best software is the one that is intuitive, easy to use, and can capture a wide range of data.

Moreover, great video interviewing software should include features such as automated recording and playback, psychometric reports, customizable questionnaires, seamless integration with other hiring tools, and advanced analytics and reports. Plus, the software should ultimately have secure data storage and reliable video streaming capabilities.

Screen Hundreds of Candidates In Less Time

A recruiter screens candidates faster through video assessment interviews.

Hiring the right people for important roles in your organization can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. With your existing resources and processes, it might seem like too much effort and too little time to effectively find, interview, and select the best candidate for the job. Traditional recruitment processes can be lengthy and often don’t allow for the most efficient use of resources, including time.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, there are solutions available to help streamline the first round of the recruitment process. Video interviewing software can help companies quickly and cost-effectively screen hundreds of candidates in less time. This can enable organizations to save resources and money while ensuring they are hiring the best person for the role.

Video interviewing software allows companies to evaluate a large number of candidates without the need for in-person interviews.

You can quickly identify job competencies with smart filtration tools in video interviewing software like EVA-SESS. Moreover, it allows you to easily measure the essential skills your candidate needs to thrive and succeed. EVA-SESS reduces the time you spend on the first round of screening by automatically filtering out the correct answers and measuring the essential skills of each candidate. This means you can review hundreds of candidates in no time, ensuring you make the best hiring decisions.

Craft Relevant Questions and Unravel the Unseen

A recruiter is crafting real questions on video assessment interviews.

Video assessment interviews are the perfect way to get to know the person behind the resume. The key to success is to ask the right questions to ensure that you don’t miss out on great talent.

Before sending out any video assessment interview, you can customize and create all the questions you want to ask the candidates. You can control the question’s time limit and the number of retakes allowed, giving you the power to ensure that the interview is conducted efficiently and effectively.

Simply put, crafting the right questions for video assessment interviews will ensure that you gauge the right insights and information. Many video assessment interviews also enable you to customize the questionnaires to add a more personalized feel.

What’s more, video assessment interviews powered by AI enable recruiters to create a fair and equitable assessment process for all candidates – helping them mitigate and reduce bias. Plus, video assessment interviews can quickly evaluate a candidate’s soft skills, body language, and job competencies to determine if they are the right fit for the job.

Following Up With Candidates After The Interview

A recruiter using video assessment interviews to follow up candidates,

When it comes to recruitment, following up with candidates after an interview is essential. It’s important to check in and make sure that everything is going smoothly, from the job description to the recruiting process itself.

Video assessment interviews enable employers to connect with candidates across multiple online platforms, providing real-time communication. Companies can streamline the interview process, keep records of the interactions between them and the candidate and allow the candidate to show off their skills in a unique way.

Above all, another incredibly useful feature of video interviewing software like EVA-SESS is that it keeps the candidates in the loop throughout the entire hiring process.

Ultimately, by automating communication, employers can ensure that candidates are automatically informed when the next steps are sent out. Whether they receive an invitation to the next round of interviews, a rejection email, or eventually an offer, the automated emails that flow in real-time will inform them at every step.

To Sum it Up

We hope this quick guide to conducting efficient video assessment interviews has been helpful. Video interviewing is a powerful way to bring people together, regardless of the distance. With the right software, preparation, and follow-up procedures, you can use this modern interviewing method to effectively assess potential candidates and make significant hiring decisions quickly and efficiently.

Looking to assess and pinpoint top talent in a fraction of the time? We have the perfect software for you.

EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables you to pinpoint and hire top talent fast by testing and evaluating key skills and abilities through secure and unbiased video assessment interviews.

Want to see EVA-SESS in action? Get a free walk-through demo here!

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Kiran Kazim

Kiran Kazim

Turn top talent to employees fast

Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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