recruiter using video interviewing software

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10 Great Ways Video Interviewing Software Can Help You Hire Top Talent

June 5, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

recruiter using video interviewing software

How great would it be if you can hire the best talent in less time, and with fewer resources?

In today’s tight labor market, adopting the right hiring technology is a must. There’s no other way to go about it. What worked a few years ago, might not work today. And that’s why talent acquisition teams are racing to leverage video interviewing software as soon as they can.


Because video interviewing software is a faster and better way to attract, assess, engage, and hire the best talent. In fact, video interviewing candidates is now considered to be a modern and agile approach in recruitment. Not only is it fast, convenient, and affordable – but it’s also replacing time-consuming and manual HR processes that take too much time from talent acquisition teams.

So in what ways can video interviewing software help you hire top talent for your company?

We laid it all out for you in this blog!

Reduces hiring bias at all costs

If unconscious bias is holding you back from making the right hires, then it’s time to foster a bias-free hiring process. And for that to happen, you’re going to need video interviewing software like ours. EVA-SSESS paves the way for a structured and consistent assessment process, which boosts validity and eliminates bias. It simply uses AI to offer recruiters with in-depth personality insights, rank candidates from highest to lowest match, review the candidate’s answers more than once, and use their model answer as a benchmark when assessing candidates. This means, that all candidates will be assessed equally and fairly, which leaves no room for hiring bias to creep in.

Provides in-depth personality insights

Face-to-face interviews can be challenging for recruiters and candidates alike. On the one hand, recruiters find it hard to gather in-depth insights on candidates, and on the other, candidates might feel too nervous to unleash their full potential.

And what does this result in? Insufficient insights which lead to poor decision-making.
One of the greatest thing about video interviewing software, is that it offers game-changing insights for all recruiters. For example, our video interviewing software provides a personality report for each candidate after their video assessment. This report is backed by the Five Factor Model, which helps recruiters learn more about the candidate’s personality traits, communication style, programming aptitude, performance in sales, preferred learning methods, and more. With a more holistic overview, recruiters will be able to seamlessly and accurately assess candidates with scientifically validated reports.

Accelerates time-to-hire

It’s 2021, and nobody has time to spend hundreds of hours assessing candidates. Luckily, video interviewing software makes your hiring decisions easier and faster. First of all, with this software you can assess a mass number of candidates in no time. For example, our renowned clients, Omantel, managed to assess over 2,300 Gen Z candidates in one week only! How incredible is that?!
Second of all, video interviewing software helps you create a curated shortlist of your best matching candidates. This means, that all you’ve got to do is work your way down the list till you find your next employee of the month.

Eliminates stressors for candidates

It’s no secret – the entire world population has been somewhat stressed since Covid19 entered our lives. And the last thing candidates need is an extra dose of stress, induced from assessments or interviews. This is why video interviewing puts an end to candidate stress. In fact, video interviews have the strong tendency to put candidates at ease. Why’s that?

Because when recruiters use video interviewing software to assess candidates, they give them the flexibility to choose the time and place that suits them best. Whether they choose to take the assessments from their homes, favorite coffee shops, or backyards, candidates will feel less stressed once they are in a safe and familiar environment. This way, recruiters get to see candidates in their natural element, which helps them make better hiring decisions.

Improves the quality-of-hire

One of the greatest benefits of using video interviewing software, is that you have one centralized place to assess the candidates. Meaning, video assessment interviews are stored for your own references, and you can revisit them at any time you wish. As we mentioned earlier, if you’ve got a model answer or specific keywords that you wish to hear from the candidates, our video interviewing software can instantly spot them for you, and create a relevancy percentage for each answer. This means that you can compare the candidate’s answers to yours, and quickly make a decision as to whether this candidate meets your company’s expectations or not. As a result, video interviewing software allows you to hire qualified candidates, rather than spend more time contemplating their qualifications and eligibility.

Positively shapes the candidate experience

When candidates get to conduct their assessments or interviews at their own convenience, their experience instantly increases in two-folds. With video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS, recruiters can also add branded employer videos prior to the video assessments which add a more human touch, and significantly ramp up the candidate’s engagement. In these videos, employers can welcome candidates to the assessments, and share valuable tips and advice that can support them in acing the assessments. This way, candidates will become more eager to join your company, once they see they’re part of an interactive and engaging assessment experience.

Minimizes the phone screening process

With pre-recorded assessments and video interviews, recruiters no longer need to spend a massive amount of time phone screening candidates. Instead, they can dispatch hundreds of assessments in a single click, and spot top performers in a few minutes only. In fact, our video interviewing software can help you quickly see whether a candidate answered the questions the way you expected them to, based on a relevancy percentage that is generated for each answer. This means that recruiters don’t even need to watch the entire video assessment to the end, and they can stop after a few minutes. Unlike, phone screening candidates which entails a large amount of time from the recruiter to manually assess candidates one by one.

Eliminates all geographical barriers

Video interviews are an awesome way for hiring managers to review and assess candidates without delaying the hiring pipeline. This stands true, because with video interviewing software, candidates don’t need to travel across the city, country, or globe. In fact, recruiters can interview candidates who live miles away and in different time zones without any delays. As a result, candidates can take the assessments at the time that suits them best (ex. After working hours) and recruiters can assess them at their own leisure. Once geographical barriers aren’t impeding the hiring process, it means that recruiters have all the time they need to focus more on the most eligible candidates for the position.

Makes time for the right candidates

To spend more time with eligible candidates, recruiters need to be freed up first. With manual tasks and pesky manual processes, recruiters are usually swamped with work and end up making hasty decisions that are usually very costly for the company. With video interviewing software though, recruiters can save up a whopping 80% of their time, which makes more room for them to spend with the right candidates. This way, they can give these candidates their undivided attention, get to know them better, interact more with them, and make the right hiring decision with full confidence.

Improves decision-making with team collaboration

Collaborating with your teammates isn’t only fun. It actually saves you a lot of time, effort and headspace. Especially when it comes to assessing and evaluating candidates. With video interviewing software like ours, you can seamlessly invite your teammates to support you in the interview or assessment process. Where all you’ve got to do is invite them with a single click, share video assessments, and engage in discussions that flow in real time. This way, you and your entire team can share feedback, opinions, and ratings all in one place. Which means that your hiring decisions will be unanimous, faster, and more accurate.

In closing

There’s no one way to say this, but video interviewing software is monumentally revolutionizing the hiring scene. Recruiters are empowered to make the right hires with a powerful technology in their grip. And candidates too are enjoying this phenomenal technology, because it’s significantly improving their chances to shine throughout the assessment process, and unleash their full potential in ways they would have never thought was possible.
So here it is, our 10 great ways that video interviewing software can help you hire top performers for your company. We hope you get the chance to implement these tips and enjoy the lucrative benefits of video interviewing in no time!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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