An employee wearing a professional suit, holding a red laptop, and using video assessment interviews to create a winning applicant experience.

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5 Wonderful Ways a Video Assessment Interview Can Help You Build a Winning Applicant Experience

March 28, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

An employee wearing a professional suit, holding a red laptop, and using video assessment interviews to create a winning applicant experience.

Have you recently conducted video assessment interviews? If you have, then you most likely know how awesome they really are! In fact, they’ve also probably helped you create an ultra-fast process, improve team collaboration, and enhance the quality of your decisions like never before. 

But do your applicants feel the same way?

We all know that the applicant experience is a huge deciding factor for applicants, especially when it comes to choosing a new company to join or deciding to remain in the same one.

So how can video assessment interviews help you create a pain-free, easy, and engaging applicant experience that helps you win applicants over with ease?

We break it down for you in this article! 

They give applicants the chance to assess on their own terms

A female employee assessing applicants from home, while sitting on her couch, and looking after her baby.

The majority of us are still working remotely, and in this day, flexibility is king. This notion also applies to the assessment process. Meaning, when applicants are given the chance to take their video assessment interview from home, without the physical need to commute or travel, their applicant experience improves in two-folds. Especially since they don’t have to dedicate an entire morning, afternoon, or day for the assessment itself.

An AI video software eliminates the nerve-wracking feeling that applicants may experience when visiting a new place or location, just to be assessed in person. Instead, they can simply choose to be assessed from the comfort of their own homes, and at a time that suits them best. So they’re no longer tethered to an anxiety-inducing time or location. Therefore, video assessment interviews give applicants greater flexibility, as they no longer need to worry about the hassle of commuting, geographical barriers, lockdown measures, or being confined to a certain time or place.

They open the floor to applicants to freely express who they are

A female employee holding her laptop, looking excessively happy, and lifting her palm up in the air.

Usually, traditional assessments or interviews are controlled by the employer or interviewer. As they’re usually the ones setting the tone, guiding the applicants, and asking the questions. This is where a video assessment interview changes the course of traditional assessments and gives applicants their voice back.  Therefore, a video assessment interview gives applicants the space to express themselves freely, as they can ask their own questions as well.

When crafting your questionnaire for the assessment, try to wrap it up by asking applicants an open-ended question. Perhaps you can ask them if they have any questions, or want to add anything to their questions. This way, you’ll give them the floor to directly talk to you, and ask their share of questions as well. Consequently, don’t forget to record your responses in a video, and answer them back as soon as you can!

They make applicants feel more comfortable and prepared

An applicant watching an employer video on the laptop, before his video assessment starts.

Before any type of assessment, applicants might feel a little uneasy. Especially if they’re not sure what to expect. They’re probably unfamiliar with your assessing methods, organization, or company culture. Video interviewing software can help applicants feel more comfortable by allowing you to add an introduction video before the assessment officially starts. This video could welcome applicants, outline the process, and clearly explain how to prepare for the assessment.

To drive greater results, and help applicants feel even more prepared, you can gather some awesome tips and share them with applicants in the introduction video as well, so they can keep them in mind while conducting the video assessment.

They keep applicants interested by moving fast

A male applicant, wearing a yellow t-shirt, working on his laptop.

In today’s busy world, everyone is short on time. Especially applicants. In fact, they might have other important tasks to do throughout the day, and employers are starting to see that assessing applicants by phone or in-person, isn’t the fastest way to go about it. This is why employers are leveraging video assessment interviews instead. By allowing each applicant to conduct a one way interview, you get the chance to utilize automation to incredibly speed up the process for applicants, yet not sacrifice the quality of the assessment or your decisions. When applicants feel like they’re moving fast in the assessment process, and aren’t losing valuable time, you can easily pique their interest, keep them engaged, and excited for what’s coming next. And what does this yield? A winning applicant experience!

They give applicants a second chance to shine

An applicant getting ready to record his video assessments on EVA-SSESS.

When applicants are assessed in person, they usually have to respond to the questions on spot. They don’t have the leisure to think, ponder, and prepare for their answers the way they please. This is where a video assessment interview breaks that barrier. They remove a lot of the stress-induced by traditional methods, and give applicants the chance to prepare their answers in advance, and retake their videos if they feel like they didn’t do so well the first time.

For instance, our video interviewing software can allow employers to keep questions as open. Open questions allow applicants to see the questions in advance, therefore giving them some time to properly prepare themselves for the assessment. And they can also control the number of retakes that are allowed! This way, applicants have the advantage of thinking about their responses before clicking on the Record button, which in tow, eliminates a lot of their stress and gives them a better chance of devising better answers. This will enable the applicants to unleash their full potential and allows you to create a high-quality assessment experience in that event.

Bottom line

Now that we’ve been introduced to innovative AI technologies, assessing applicants will never be the same. Video assessment interviews are proving to be the best way to enhance and craft an exquisite applicant experience, which has completely saved applicants from undergoing a boring and lengthy assessment process. By successfully incorporating video assessment interviews into your organization, you will be able to modernly boost assessing efficiency and velocity, and create a winning applicant experience, without a grain of doubt. 

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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