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5 Important Ways Video Assessments Build a Diverse Workforce

June 22, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

To ensure a more diverse and inclusive workforce – you need to rethink the way you hire. After all, a diverse workforce begins with an excellent recruitment process.

Diverse talent isn’t just good for the company’s reputation – it’s good for the business. And it’s no secret that they give every company a competitive edge. As companies around the world continuously strive to foster a diverse workforce, recruiters are left trying to find ways to improve and widen their talent pools.

But…behold the power of video assessments.

Since video assessments entered the recruitment scene, companies have been using them to hone the hiring process and instill diversity in the workplace.

Here are 5 ways video assessments can help you nurture a diverse workforce.

Pave an easier way for candidates with disabilities

candidate with a disability conducting an assessment

Every candidate may have their own fair share of assessment challenges. Some may have stage fright. Some may not perform well in the spotlight. Others might have disabilities. This is why companies around the world are using video assessments to connect with all sorts and types of candidates.

First and foremost, video assessments promote more accessibility into the hiring process. In fact, it opens up job opportunities to candidates who are unable to make it for an in-person assessment.

Video assessments give individuals with disabilities, caregiving responsibilities or other challenging commitments – a fair chance to pursue opportunities despite any constraints or setbacks.

By default, all candidates who are conducting video assessments should be treated fairly. And keep in mind, that candidates with disabilities don’t want to be treated any differently. They want to be treated like everyone else.
With video assessments, recruiters can create a standardized process for all candidates. Where they focus more on their qualifications rather than their disabilities. They can ask them job-related questions just like everyone else, to deliver a more inclusive hiring process. This way, you can help your business build a diverse workforce, and enable all candidates to undergo a merit-based, unbiased, and fair assessment process.

Engage highly sought after talent

top talent taking a video assessment

The traditional hiring process is quite predictable.

Top talent apply to a job. Recruiters take weeks to review the resumes. Then, they select the most qualified ones. Afterwards, they call them in for an interview. They discuss results with their teammates for another week. Then, they get back to the candidates. Next, they call them in again – you get where we’re going at, right?

This outdated and lengthy process will not only disengage top talent, but it will take you several steps back from creating a diverse workforce.

Why? The reason is simple.

Top talent are not always available. This is particularly true for candidates who live in different time zones, countries, or regions. Or candidates who might be new parents and are trying to juggle between parenting and job interviews. This is why we strongly suggest you eliminate these barriers with video assessments.

Video assessments help you flip the script and engage candidates from day 1. For example, conducting video assessments with EVA-SSESS allows recruiters to set up a string of questions that can be taken by candidates at any time or place.

Living room? Sure.

Favorite coffee shop? Why not.

Recruiters can also specify how much time a candidate can spend on each question. They can even allow candidates to view the questions in advance to devise better answers. Also, candidates can re-take their video assessments if they weren’t too satisfied with the first attempt.
This way, with an engaging model, you’ll never risk losing the talent your company needs to grow and succeed. Instead, you’ll instantly engage a diverse talent pool and make them eager to join your company.

Tap into the global talent pool without constraints

recruiter assessing candidates online

Since we ushered into the new normal, digitally-driven video assessments are now becoming the preferred way to screen and assess a global talent pool.

Video assessments can seamlessly help you broaden your reach and attract the best talent in the job market. Simply, it removes geographical constraints for candidates, and allows them to conduct their video assessments from any location, and at any time. To tap into a global pool of talent, consider posting your jobs across a global portfolio of channels, niche sites, and leading job boards. You can always use a hiring platform like EVA-REC to get your jobs posted to 2,000+ job boards.

Then, once you shortlist the candidates, it’s time to assess them further with video assessments.
This is especially useful when countering geographical challenges. Such as when candidates are looking to relocate for work, but they may not be able to make it on time for a short-notice interview. The ability to assess more candidates in less time – and without any constraints – means that you can reach a broader talent pool for job roles. This way, you can give all candidates a fair opportunity before screening them out due to their location or lack of time.

Improve the quality of hire

Laptop showing a video assessment

One of the greatest benefits of using video assessments, is that recruiters will have one centralized place to assess the candidates. Since video assessments can be stored on a cloud-based server, it means that they can be revisited at any time or place. This can help recruiters accurately assess candidates without worrying about forgetting something that the candidate said.

Also, if you’ve got a model answer or specific keywords that you wish to hear from the candidates, our video interviewing software can instantly spot them for you and create a relevancy percentage for each answer. This means that you can compare the candidate’s answers to yours, and quickly make a decision as to whether this candidate meets your company’s expectations or not. As a result, video assessments allow you to hire qualified candidates, rather than spend more time contemplating their qualifications and eligibility.

This way, not only will you improve the quality of hire, but you’ll also be able to seamlessly nurture a diverse and talented workforce.

Mitigate bias in the hiring process

Recruiter optimizing pipelines

If unconscious bias is holding you back from making the right hires, then video assessments can help. They’re the best way to ensure consistency and transparency in the hiring process.

Video assessments pave the way for a structured and consistent assessment process, which boosts validity and mitigates hiring bias. It simply uses AI to offer recruiters with in-depth personality insights, rank candidates from highest to lowest match, review the candidate’s answers more than once, and use their model answer as a benchmark when assessing candidates. This means, that all candidates will be assessed equally and fairly, which leaves no room for hiring bias to creep in.

Final thoughts

In closing, video assessments can keep your diversity and inclusion efforts booming. Undeniably, the population and workforce are becoming more and more diverse, and businesses must keep up with them. Conducting video assessments with EVA-SSESS is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. EVA-SSESS is a next generation video interviewing software that enables enterprises to pinpoint top talent faster and build diverse workforces. Helping them sail through the screening process faster and gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing HR landscape.

Jump on the video assessment bandwagon, and waste no more time. Our video interviewing software has all you need.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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Turn top talent to employees fast

Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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