6 Awesome ATS Benefits and What It Means for US Business

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ATS (or applicant tracking system) has now become an inevitable part of streamlining the recruitment process for any size of business. It automates and centralizes various stages of the recruiting process, from job posting to onboarding new hires.

At the same time, knowing which ATS is proper for your business is no easy feat.

And with so many different options on the market, each with its own benefits, it’s tough to decide which one to choose for your US business.

Therefore, in this article, we share the 6 top benefits of using an ATS and how it can help streamline your recruitment process.

1. Saves Time

A recruiter using an ATS to save time

An ATS automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks. From posting jobs, screening resumes, filtering top talent, sending electronic offers, to onboarding new hires. This enables recruiting teams to focus on more important tasks, such as conducting interviews and developing better relationships with candidates.

An ATS is beneficial for both the company and the candidates. For the company, the ATS helps it save valuable time and make better use of its resources. As for the candidates, an applicant tracking system provides a simple, fast, and efficient application process. Where candidates can apply to jobs directly from their phones and only fill in a few fields.

What’s more, you can also customize the sign-in requirements for the candidates and select the most important fields you need them to fill. This gives you more control over the application process, where you can make it short, sweet, and simple.

This way, with an applicant tracking system like EVA-REC, you can reduce the time to apply from 45 minutes to a few minutes!

2. Improves the Candidate Experience

A recruiter using an ATS to improve candidate experience

An ATS provides a better experience for both recruiters and candidates. Where candidates can easily search and apply for jobs, and recruiting teams can quickly identify the most qualified candidates.

To build a better candidate experience, you need to be attentive and responsive to your candidates. You might consider it an inconvenience during busy work days, but that’s why we have advanced software like an ATS! An ATS automates communication with candidates, where you can respond to them fast and update them on their application process.

Not only will this improve candidate experience, but it’ll show prospective employees that you are always accessible and devoted to their needs!

3. Reduces Costs

A recruiter using an ATS to reduce hiring costs

An ATS can help reduce the cost of recruiting by automating mundane and pesky tasks that never seem to end. A top-notch ATS like EVA-REC can decrease your hiring costs by a whopping 96% – making it a total no-brainer for any business looking to save on staffing expenses. Additionally, an ATS can help you remotely recruit the brightest talent worldwide, all while saving valuable money on traveling expenses.

Plus, an ATS can also help you keep track of recruitment data and performance over time, so you can see where your company is spending the most money and where improvements could be made. In short, an ATS is a valuable tool for reducing the cost of recruiting.

4. Improves Quality of Hires

A recruiter using an ATS to improve quality of hire

A great ATS will save you time and resources by automating some of the more tedious tasks associated with recruiting, so you can focus on more strategic tasks.

The most successful businesses are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their hires. Here are some benefits of using an applicant tracking system to help improve the quality of your hires:

  • An ATS can help them build branded career pages that turn your company into a talent magnet. These career pages can lure the most qualified candidates and entice top talent to apply.
  • An ATS enables you to identify which candidates are the best fit for your company by pre-screening them and ranking them according to their qualifications. This saves you time and ensures that you only interview the most qualified ones.
  • An ATS enables you to keep track of candidates in one place so you can easily compare them side-by-side. This allows you to make more informed hiring decisions.
  • On top of everything, an ATS can help you stay organized during the hiring process so you can focus on finding the best candidate for the job instead of getting bogged down in paperwork.

5. Increases Efficiency

A recruiter using an ATS to improve efficiency

An ATS is designed to save time and improve the efficiency of the recruitment process. It does that by automating repetitive tasks, such as job postings and emailing candidates. Plus, it also helps companies track and organize candidate resumes in one single place.

It’s also worth noticing that an ATS can be used to identify qualified candidates, schedule interviews, rank candidates, and make more informed hiring decisions. Therefore, ATS is beneficial for both employers and job seekers. For example, it makes it easier for employers to streamline the entire recruitment process from one single tab, and it makes it easier for job seekers to apply for jobs and track their applications – all on the go.

6. Improves Employer Branding

A recruiter using an ATS to work on employer branding

A strong ATS offers world-class features that enhance and improve the company’s employer branding. The key to getting the best talent is not just making yourself look good but also making sure that your company’s employer brand stands out from other organizations. Fostering this type of reputation will easily attract top-tier professionals and quickly boost their own skill sets.

A branded career page will give you an edge over other companies in the market. It’s like having your own open book that offers prospective candidates a good peek into what it is like to work for and be part of this company. Your employees are more excited about applying when they get a sneak peek of your company culture, team spirit, and work environment. This is why we encourage you to create a branded career page, as it makes it easy for you to share your perks and benefits, values, and open vacancies with a very attractive style.

What It Means For Your U.S. Business

A recruiter using an ATS in the U.S.A

In today’s business world, time is money. However, there is one more thing that the global pandemic has taught us; it has forced employers to rapidly adapt modern technology in order to ensure the safety of both their employees and candidates.

An ATS can be such a valuable asset for companies in the United States. If you are using an ATS, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on potential talent. With 75% of recruiters using these systems across America, you’re bound for success.

In addition, 98% of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States use an ATS to streamline the hiring process, so there’s no reason why your business (big or small) shouldn’t take advantage of leveraging an ATS.

Key takeaways

We’ve outlined just a few of the awesome benefits that an ATS can bring to your business and how it can help streamline your recruitment process. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to hire top talent, an ATS is definitely the solution for you and certainly a powerful tool for businesses in the United States.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post on the best ATS features for recruiters – we promise you won’t want to miss it!

EVA-REC is a futuristic ATS that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. It arms leading enterprises with world-class features that help them create a rich and immersive hiring experience for recruiters and candidates alike. With EVA-REC, companies can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias without dehumanizing the hiring process.

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Make the right hires every time

Learn how our award-winning ATS can help you use AI and automation to save time, eliminate manual tasks, and make the right hires every time.
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