5 Super Great Ways an AI Recruitment Process Boosts Diversity

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Thriving in the modern workplace means companies need to welcome diversity with open arms. Simply because it helps them evolve, innovate, and become more efficient. In essence, a diverse workplace offers employees a better sense of community and engagement. But to achieve that, employers must first embrace an AI recruitment process.

AI-powered technology adds a layer of talent intelligence to the recruitment process. It’s also designed to boost diversity, increase efficiency and strip away repetitive tasks. Which means, it can incredibly help recruiters in automatically screening, sourcing, and filtering thousands of resumes in a fraction of time.

With an AI recruitment process, you can effortlessly and make more diverse hires than ever before.

And in this blog post, we show you how!

Screen all candidates securely and fairly

AI recruitment boosting diversity

A growing concern for various talent acquisition leaders is screening candidates securely and fairly. On average, a company can get roughly 250 resumes per job vacancy and only 4-6 candidates usually get called in for an interview. This figure is also even lower for senior-level vacancies. An AI recruitment process on the other hand, has powerful technology and special algorithms that help you screen resumes based on keywords.

For example, a hiring platform like EVA-REC allows you to search and filter resumes by using specific keywords. Where you can choose keywords related to the job title, career level, country, industry, major or skills – instead of factoring out candidates based on race or ethnicity. You can even choose to either include or exclude these keywords from the filtration process. Then, the hiring platform will directly filter the resumes and show you at a glance the candidates that meet your requirements!

As a result, the AI’s ability to screen candidates fast, provides recruiters with more time to communicate, interview, and manage candidates. Which ultimately creates a quicker time-to-hire window, reduces bias, and improves diversity.

Reduce bias throughout the talent cycle

recruiter using a hiring platform

In one way or another, unconscious bias can exist in every corner of an organization. Oftentimes, recruiters can be unaware that they’re tottering around with unconscious biases and preferences. Sadly, unconscious hiring bias can  negatively impact the talent lifecyle.

The great news is, an AI recruitment process is wired to ignore racial information and focus on the candidate’s qualifications and merit instead. Some AI-powered hiring platforms are even programed to ignore details about schools, zip codes, and other demographic-related information.

Also, it’s not uncommon to see job descriptions that are biased and gendered. Such as being tailored specifically for women or men. We all know that job descriptions is your ideal chance at connecting with prospective candidates, and when they’re ingrained with bias, they tend to deter candidates away. Which can be a huge barrier in attracting diverse candidates.

Luckily, an AI-powered hiring platform can help you write unbiased job descriptions that entirely eliminate bias in the AI recruitment process. It innovatively helps recruiters write job descriptions with full accuracy by simply generating the skill sets and keywords required for the job. This way, recruiters won’t elicit any hiring bias and can seamlessly recruit a talented and skillful workforce with ease.

Expand the talent pool through AI

recruiter leveraging AI recruitment

Simply put, the process of hiring top talent can be exhausting, expensive, and ever time-consuming. This process can be excruciating long and take up to 8 months! Which will ultimately cost your company a massive amount of time, resources, and money. But in today’s challenging talent market, recruiters can move faster and hire top talent in a fraction of time by fostering an AI recruitment process.

To fill your job vacancies fast and attract a diverse talent pool, you can’t stick to your conventional sourcing efforts. You must expand your talent pool to encompass more diverse candidates. And the best way to do that is by posting jobs on a variety of job boards to target the most suitable candidates for your vacancies.

Traditionally, recruiters would look everywhere for candidates. They don’t care where they find them, as long as they’re a good fit for the role. But researching the best job boards and finding diverse candidates can take weeks, maybe even months. Now imagine that instead of doing all that boring research, a comprehensive AI-technology will do the heavy lifting for you.

So instead of spending endless hours researching job boards, you can get channel recommendations in a matter of seconds. A hiring platform like EVA-REC can provide you with best channel recommendations based on the region, channel type, job category, industry, and job title. This way, you’ll make sure that you’re targeting the most effective job boards for your job role. And with a more focused approach, you’ll also reduce the administrative burden of manually searching for the most appropriate job boards and recruit a diverse pool of candidates fast!

Improve the candidate experience

a candidate completing the application process

The way recruiters communicate with candidates will either improve or tarnish the candidate experience. This is why an AI recruitment process can not only improve the candidate experience but also improve your employer brand. If you’re looking to hire diverse candidates, you’re going to have to showcase your diverse culture through branded career pages and all your social media platforms. For example, through AI-powered hiring platforms you can
add authentic team testimonials, company pictures, and engaging videos that incredibly elicit a sense of belonging to diverse candidates.

In addition, an AI recruitment process helps you make the application process a breeze, super easy, and accessible. With an AI hiring platform like EVA-REC, recruiters can improve the candidate experience by making the application short and mobile-friendly. This way, candidates won’t get frustrated with a never-ending process. because in under 5 minutes, and in a few clicks only candidates can complete and submit their applications.
In addition, recruiters can also automate communication with candidates and send follow-up emails that are personalized and unbiased. This will boost the candidate’s experience and help you hire diverse candidates with ease.

Interview candidates through video assessment interviews

recruiter watching video assessment interviews

Video assessment interviews can help you broaden your reach and attract the best talent in the job market. Simply, it removes geographical constraints for candidates, and allows them to conduct their interviews from any location, and at any time.

Video assessments pave the way for a structured and consistent AI recruitment process, which boosts authenticity and mitigates hiring bias. It simply uses AI to offer recruiters with in-depth personality insights, rank candidates from highest to lowest match, review the candidate’s answers more than once, and use their model answer as a benchmark when assessing candidates. This means that all candidates will be assessed equally and fairly, and leaves no room for hiring bias to creep in.

Bottom line

AI is changing the game in a number of industries, in particular HR.
Through AI recruitment, recruiters can hire top talent by automating hiring workflows, focusing on the candidate experience, and improving the quality of hires.

EVA-REC is a multi-award-winning hiring platform that helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful workforces and hire diverse talent at scale. It makes it far easier for recruiters to find, attract, and hire the right people, every time. With world-class integrations and AI features, EVA-REC creates a rich and immersive hiring experience for HR teams and candidates alike. Start your 14-day free trial today!

Attract and hire diverse talent fast‏

Source and filter candidates, automate manual tasks, build a diverse workforce, and streamline the hiring process with our AI-powered hiring platform.
Start automating workflows‏

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