How to Use Recruiting Solutions to Send a Great Email From an Employer to a Recruitment Agency

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Have you ever considered using a recruitment agency to find the perfect candidate? You may be wondering why you should hire a recruitment agency when you have recruiting solutions and an HR team.

Well, the reason why you should hire a recruitment agency is that it will help you find most talented candidates faster!

But first, what exactly are recruitment agencies?

Simply put, recruitment agencies are outside organizations that help employers identify qualified candidates. Employers assign them the responsibility of finding candidates for open positions inside their companies to save time, money, and access to a larger candidate pool than a direct advertisement.

Recruitment agencies save the organization time and effort by finding and shortlisting candidates for open positions. But, they can’t, handle the whole recruitment process because they are unfamiliar with your company’s culture.

Therefore, maintaining a balance is critical for an efficient hiring process. So, combine recruitment agencies with a competent internal HR team and recruiting solutions, as the benefits of one offset the downsides of the other.

If you need help from a recruitment agency but don’t know how to reach out, we’ve included an email template you can use through your recruiting solutions for a faster and more efficient process.

What to include in the email sent through recruiting solutions?

Sending email through recruiting solutions

Before we go into the email template, here’s a quick rundown of what to include in an email sent from a company to a recruitment agency using recruiting solutions.

Make sure to mention the following:

  • The job position
  • The employment type (full-time, part-time, or freelance)
  • The needed knowledge, experience, and skills
  • The salary range and the bonuses included (if applicable)
  • The seniority level (if not clear from the job title)
  • The period to find the hire and the preferred start date
  • The following steps of the hiring process.

You can add a detailed job description to help agency recruiters understand the candidates the company’s looking to recruit.

Employer email template to send to recruitment agencies through recruiting solutions

using recruiting solutions to write en email to recruitment agencies

This email template can be used when working with recruitment agencies or external recruiters. When reaching out by email using recruiting solutions always make sure to explain and mention your requirements clearly.

Email subject: Sourcing candidates

Dear / Hi (name of employee or recruitment agency),

As discussed, we’d like to hire a new [Job title] for our (department). We’re looking for a professional (profession: marketer, accountant, architect…) with at least (#) years of work experience with expertise in (X technology or software) and responsible for (mention the main task).

The job is a (full-time, part-time, or freelance) position, and the salary range is (range of #). Kindly find attached a detailed job description you can use to advertise the job and find candidates.

Ideally, we’d like to have our new hire by (date). So, we should have a shortlist of (# of candidates) candidates by (date). Please let me know if this is suitable for you.

Please reach out if you need me to clarify the qualification criteria or the main duties and responsibilities. I would also be glad to answer any other questions about the position.


Bottom line

Recruitment agencies are effective and may help you sail through the hiring process faster and more efficiently. So leverage the services of a recruiting agency to supplement and add more value to your internal HR team and recruiting solutions.

All in all, It’s also a great way to track how many solid hires each agency makes. As a result, you may discover a hiring partner who understands your recruiting needs and requirements and the personnel you seek.

Hiring a recruiting agency will help you find top talent for your company. But be sure to use advanced recruiting solutions like EVA-REC to help you achieve greater hiring success!

EVA-REC is an on-demand hiring platform that automates and improves the remote hiring process with AI technology. It offers businesses of all sizes and shapes fully customizable world-class features that help them create a rich and immersive hiring experience for everyone.

Did you find this email template helpful? For more email templates and HR resources, visit our HR resources blog where you will find a vast range of useful advice, tips, and resources for you and your HR team! And if you’d like to try our award-winning hiring platform, book a free one-on-one demo here!

Recruit top talent without the hassle

Want to learn how an applicant tracking system can help you, source candidates faster, recruit top talent, and slash your hiring costs in half? Find out with EVA-REC, the award-winning and leading recruiting solution.
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