Onboarding New Employees with Hiring Tools? Here Are 5 Perfect Insights to Follow

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The onboarding process is certainly an overwhelming step of the hiring process, but it is also the employee’s first impression of the company! So it is the most crucial stage.

Using hiring tools to provide a complete and successful onboarding experience begins with the recruitment and interview process. However, it continues long after the hire is completed — and for many months after.

By focusing on a planned onboarding process through hiring tools and carrying it out properly, you raise the chance of employees remaining in your company by 69 percent!

Here is a checklist with all the essential steps you can rely on for an effective onboarding process using hiring tools.

Feel free to customize the following checklist according to your company’s needs and requirements!

What to include in the checklist for a smooth onboarding?

recruiters using hiring tools to onboard new employees

The following checklist will help recruiters organize all the tasks and requirements to onboarding new hires successfully from day one.

Sending out essential information

Most of the time, new hires are not familiar with essential organizational information such as weekly duties, meeting their team, and the supervisor. So, recruiters should provide them with the information by sending a simple email using hiring tools to kickstart the onboarding process.

By adding this information into the onboarding process,  you’ll be organizing all of the information that new employees need to know in one place.

Introducing the team

Introducing new hires to existing employees is an excellent way to break the ice between them. It facilitates bonding, makes new staff feel valued and helps them overcome their first-day anxiety!

It helps new hires feel more at ease knowing that they can ask existing employees any questions that they have. Also, when introduced to the team, they’ll get along well with them which promotes a healthy working environment and helps in building a positive brand image.

Providing new hires with the training needed

Any new employee needs some time and training to get used to the company’s workflows. It is the recruiters’ duty to provide them with the right training tools and learning materials. This way, employees get hands-on experience with their jobs prior to getting started.

So be sure to work on personalized and effective training programs that will help you onboard the employee successfully And remember, training programs can be provided when needed depending on the employee’s skills.

Prepare a weekly plan

A prepared week plan will help new employees  understand what they will be doing before their first day. To effectively deliver tasks on time, send the new employee a one-week plan on their first day by email through hiring tools so they can plan their time according. This way, they will be able to complete their job objectives quickly and efficiently.  

In the weekly plan, mention the new hire’s responsibilities and what is expected from them. This way, employees will put their best efforts into the task and preparation without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Assign a supervisor or mentor they can refer to

Informing new hires about their supervisor is a must! The supervisor will lead employees through any challenges and problems they might face. So, assign a supervisor who is knowledgeable and will be of great assistance to the new hire.

This mentor should be friendly and have the time to guide the new employee so that they do not hesitate to share their experiences and seek advice and support from them.

3 advantages of having a new hire onboarding checklist

benefits of hiring tools to automate hiring process

Onboarding through hiring tools itself has many benefits but here we will discuss the benefits of creating an onboarding checklist.

  • Organize and prioritize essentials

A checklist is required to know what needs to be added to your onboarding program in addition to what is currently there. This prevents you from bypassing any critical step of the program.

If you don’t send an employee announcement email through hiring tools, it will make existing employees feel like they’re not in the loop, because they wouldn’t know about the new hires. Also, this email introduces the new hires to their new teammates, which is why it’s a crucially important step.

With a checklist, you can recall all of the key steps that will assist the new employee. Onboarding checklists also provide a framework for your program, allowing you to achieve effective onboarding results.

  •  Promote consistency

Consistency is always guaranteed with a checklist. All new hires go through the same onboarding process through hiring tools, with plans customized to their role and respective responsibilities.

Once the checklist is ready all of the stages for an effective and fair onboarding are clear and easy to follow. When you need to update your onboarding program, this checklist can assist you in identifying what went well and what needs to change.

  • Makes the process less overwhelming

As a recruiter overloaded with tasks, time is valuable. This is why following a previously prepared onboarding checklist will guarantee an effective and successful onboarding using hiring tools. This relieves the stress of having to create new onboarding plans for each new hire.

A new hire onboarding checklist prepared ahead of time and fits all candidates, is the ideal approach to avoid the unneeded stress of excellent onboarding on your end.

To sum it up

Keep your onboarding process through hiring tools organized and smooth with a previously prepared week plan. Make sure that new hires and their onboarding process are memorable and engaging. See how you can do that with our world-class hiring tools!

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Make the right hires every time

Learn how our award-winning applicant tracking system can help you use AI and automation to save time, eliminate manual tasks, and make the right hires every time.
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