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How to Use Recruiting Software to Keep Candidates Perfectly Engaged in the Hiring Process

July 29, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Have you ever seen top talent drop out of your hiring process, without even batting an eye? We may know the reason: your hiring process isn’t engaging enough. As the job market becomes more competitive, a solid first impression may help your company stand out and help it lure in only the best talent in the market.

How can recruiters use recruiting software to keep candidates engaged and motivated throughout the entire hiring process?

What a great question! Let’s dig into the good stuff now, shall we?

Sail through the hiring process quickly with recruiting software

using recruiting software for a quick hiring process

When it comes to hiring top-notch employees, the process must be as quick as possible with the help of recruiting software. Your best candidates could possibly be snatched by the competitors, so you need to act fast if you want them to join your team. Responding immediately to applications, giving interview comments, and, most crucially, making the final hiring choice are all touchpoints in the recruiting path where you should interact with prospects right away! A few days after applying, candidates will begin to lose interest. But with recruiting software such as EVA-REC, candidates stay in the loop through automated emails that flow in real-time! It never leaves them in the dark and helps candidates experience a mobile-friendly application process. This keeps candidates involved in the process and interested in joining your company.

Keep communication lines open at all times

employee communicating through recruiting software despite distance

When it comes to creating a compelling candidate experience, communicating with them in real-time is crucial. For example, when a candidate’s application is being reviewed, it would be great if you could update candidates on their application status in real-time. Even if it means that you have to be the bearer of bad news, letting candidates know where they stand in the hiring process will help you incredibly boost their experience. Plus, this helps in building trust and improving your employer brand by always following up and never leaving candidates in the dark. With EVA-REC, recruiting software, you can send several emails to candidates in just a few clicks! Also, you can automatically update candidates on their application status through their own personal dashboards that they can access at any time!

Be transparent and honest with candidates

hiring manager interviewing a candidate with the help of recruiting software

It’s not the most pleasant thing to tell a candidate that you won’t be moving further with their application, right? However, you may have a significant impact on their professional progress. These candidates may not have sufficient knowledge in one area or may lack some essential skills. So, always give candidates constructive and honest feedback through recruiting software that can help them fine-tune their skills and advance in their careers. For example, some may not have experience or knowledge of using essential software, which explains why they weren’t selected. By knowing the exact reason, candidates can learn about the software to increase their chances of getting a job in the future. Use the following template to update the candidates on their application status using recruiting software. Feel free to customize it to meet your company’s needs and requirements. Subject line: Update on your application at (Company’s name) for the (Job title) position (Candidate’s name), Thank you for applying to our company! I wanted to check in and update you about the status of your application for the (Job title) position. Our hiring manager is currently reviewing your resume, and we’re expecting to schedule an interview by the end of the next week. We will contact you again as soon as I have any news. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me via email if you have any questions.Sincerely,(Name)(Signature)

Highlight your company’s culture and values

employee using recruiting software

You can help your candidates feel connected to your organization by providing them with all the relevant information. It includes everything from the office environment to what retains your employees. Your company’s culture and principles may be introduced to candidates between rounds of interviews or even before they begin with the help of recruiting software. Also, to increase candidates’ awareness of your business’ culture and values, you can provide them with a helpful handbook or presentation that provides more details and helps them feel more involved in the company.

Treat candidates like they’re your clients

Engaging candidates through recruiting software

How would you treat the candidates if they were your clients? As previously mentioned, your best candidates will most likely be the competitor’s main target. Thus, their impression of your organization might make or break your job offer. Take the time and effort to create unique experiences for candidates, just like you would for clients. This will go a long way toward keeping candidates engaged and committed. Giving examples of how the team collaborates and works together or celebrating achievements often builds a strong and positive brand image since it promotes a supportive workplace. Also, highlight how being part of the team will be in the candidate’s best interest and make them feel welcomed.

Last few words

Long story short? Engage candidates at all stages of the hiring process! Creating a candidate-first hiring process through advanced recruiting software, will inevitably help you engage, secure, and hire top talent effortlessly. EVA-REC is an end-to-end hiring platform that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. From small businesses to industry giants – EVA-REC helps companies drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias, without dehumanizing the hiring process. Request a free demo and see how our recruiting software can help you save time and make recruiting painless and hassle-free.

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Tima Rassool

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Turn top talent to employees fast

Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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