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6 Future-Proof Ways A Talent Acquisition Specialist Can Onboard New Hires

December 15, 2022

I. Oyarinde

I. Oyarinde

Content Writer

As the world of work changes, the talent acquisition specialist's job is becoming increasingly important. These professionals are responsible for identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent for their organizations. Also, talent acquisition specialists need to be able to find the best candidates through a variety of methods and tools. When we say "tools," we refer to social media, career pages, employee referrals, and more. When we say "method," we refer to one-on-one interviews, video interviews, and other assessment methods. Obviously, it can be hard to find the right candidates, but it can be even harder to make sure they fit in well with your company.

In today's blog, we will look at 6 future-proof ways a talent acquisition specialist can help onboard new hires.

Follow these tips and create a successful onboarding process that will set your company up for success!

Get to Know Your New Hires

Talent acquisition specialist need to spend time getting to know their new hire. Why is this important, and how can it help in the onboarding process? First, getting to know your new hire means that you can tailor the onboarding process to their individual needs. You will be able to give them more specific guidance on what tasks they need to do and how best to complete them. Second, it gives your new hire a chance to feel more comfortable in their new environment. They will know that you are taking the time to get to know them and that they can come to you with any questions or concerns they may have. Here are a few questions to consider: What experience do they bring with them? What skills and interests do they have? Knowing your new hires will help ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly.

Set Clear Expectations

Talent acquisition specialists setting clear expectations

The onboarding process should include setting clear expectations for what the new hire will do daily. This method can be used by a talent acquisition specialist to help make sure the onboarding process goes well. When setting expectations, make sure you discuss the job responsibilities in detail and provide any support materials that might be necessary. This will help your new hire understand precisely what is expected of them and how to accomplish it. Also, make sure to set realistic goals for your new hire. Setting goals that are too high or unrealistic can be discouraging and may make them feel overwhelmed. Finally, provide regular feedback throughout the onboarding process. Let your new hire know where they stand and how their performance is progressing. This will help you ensure that the onboarding process is going smoothly and that the new hire's goals are met.

Provide a Comprehensive Orientation

2 talent acquisition specialists discussing the onboarding process

When you bring on new employees, give them a full rundown of your company's policies and procedures. This is another method that talent acquisition specialists can use to ensure that the onboarding process goes smoothly. A comprehensive orientation will help your new hire understand the culture and values of your organization, so they can make sure to follow them. It will also help them learn about the different departments within your organization and how each one works together. By providing a comprehensive orientation, you can give your new hire a better understanding of how their job fits into the overall company structure and what day-to-day tasks they may need to complete.

Identify and Assign a Mentor

A mentor providing support to talent acquisition specialists

Talent acquisition specialists can also make sure onboarding goes well by assigning a mentor. A mentor can be a valuable asset in this process, providing guidance and support as new hire navigates their first few months on the job. When choosing a mentor, selecting someone who is a good fit for both the new hire and the position is essential. The mentor should be willing to give the mentee time and effort to build a relationship. They should also know a lot about the company's culture and be able to explain what the organization wants from its employees. By taking the time to find and assign a mentor, talent acquisition specialists can set up new hires for success and help them make a smooth transition into their new roles.

Offer Compelling Opportunities for Training

A talent acquisition specialist offers compelling opportunity for a candidate

Talent acquisition specialists can also help make sure that the onboarding process is seamless by giving new hires a chance to learn and grow. Providing training will not only equip new hires with the technical skills they need to be successful in their roles, but it will also give them a chance to develop their professional skills. Training can come in many forms, such as online courses, in-person classes, workshops, or one-on-one coaching. Some training may happen during the onboarding process, but it's important to keep giving the employees chances to learn as long as they work for your company.

Stay Connected At All Times

a Talent acquisition specialist checking on the new hires.

Finally, staying connected is a great way to ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly. When talent acquisition specialists stay in touch with new hires during the onboarding process, it will help keep them on track and ensure that all of their questions are answered. Send regular emails or check-in calls to your new hire to provide feedback, ask how they are doing, and ensure they have the resources and support they need to succeed. Staying connected will also give you a better understanding of how well the onboarding process is progressing, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Final Thoughts

Onboarding new hires can be a complicated process, but it is a significant one. By using the methods discussed in this blog, talent acquisition specialists can help make sure that their company's onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible! EVA-REC is an award-winning ATS that helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful workforces and hire top talent at scale. It makes it far easier for hiring teams to find, attract, and recruit top talent, every time. With world-class integrations and AI features, EVA-REC helps companies drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias, without dehumanizing the hiring process. Request a free demo and see how our ATS can help you save time and make recruiting painless and hassle-free.

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I. Oyarinde

I. Oyarinde

Recruit better, faster, and fairer

Join hundreds of recruiting teams who increased their hiring success and recruited winning teams with Elevatus.

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