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Recruiting Online: 5 Insider Tips to Communicate with Candidates Like a Pro

October 23, 2022

Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Content Writer

With great power comes great responsibility.

Recruiting online sure has made hiring easy for recruiters. However, to achieve hiring success, they should use the right hiring tools and be aware of the challenges.

On top of the list of recruiting online challenges is effective communication between recruiters and candidates.

As a recruiter, you must know that communication is extra critical when you’re recruiting online.
This includes having a solid understanding of the candidate's journey and how you can boost communication.

But the real question is: how do you effectively communicate with candidates when you are recruiting online?

We have the answer.

Use these tips to communicate with candidates like a pro!

Automate communication with candidates

a recruiter using a hiring platform for recruiting online

We know how hard and time-consuming it is to maintain contact with candidates when recruiting online. Simply because you can’t interact with them face-to-face.

On the other side, candidates are used to not hearing back from companies that are not interested. As a result, they will move on to pursuing other opportunities without even batting an eye – especially if they don’t hear back from you.

But how do you strike a balance between engaging with candidates and moving forward with other tasks?

Two words: hiring platform.

With a hiring platform, you can set up automated emails that keep candidates in the loop and update them on their application status in real-time.

Not only that, but you can also let them know whether or not they made the final cut. This way, you'll demonstrate to prospective candidates that you're always available to keep them up to date.

All in all, keeping your candidates in the know will ultimately ramp up the candidate experience, especially when recruiting online.

Create engaging job descriptions


A recruiting writing a job description for recruiting online

Oftentimes, you might lose candidates due to unclear and misleading job descriptions.

When recruiting online, recruiters need to pay special attention to the job descriptions they craft, since it is the first line of communication with the candidate. So when the right candidate clicks on your job posting to learn more about the opportunity, you're one step closer to converting them to prospective employees.

Therefore, how do you write a compelling job description when recruiting online?

Your job description has to be clear, comprehensive, and easy to understand. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be clear with the job title.
  • Be transparent about the responsibilities.
  • Disclose more information about the company.
  • The text and font should be well-formatted.
  • Include salary and benefits.
  • Include core values expected of all employees.
  • List the working conditions.
  • Highlight the experience, knowledge, and skills required.

This way, candidates will be able to easily understand the key responsibilities, tasks, and requirements of the job. If you communicate your expectations and the conditions clearly, candidates can make a more informed decision as to whether or not they are qualified enough to apply.

Build a stunning and informative career page

a recruiter builds a career page for recruiting online

If you're recruiting online, you need to bear in mind that many candidates might feel overwhelmed if they don’t find enough information about your company online.

Yes, your website might have an "About Us" page, but is it comprehensive enough for candidates?

Before candidates apply for the job, they need to know more about the company’s vision, culture, work environment, and teams. But because you're recruiting online, you can’t exactly communicate with candidates as you walk them to the door, or give them a short tour around the office.

On the bright side, a modern and branded career page can highlight what makes your company unique. It ultimately contains all the information that candidates are looking for; such as your perks and benefits, team testimonials, open vacancies, company values, and work environment.

Luckily, you can build that page in a few clicks with a hiring platform! And the best part? You can do it all without having to write a single line of code, or recruit a designer or developer to build it for you.

Moreover, when candidates relate to the company score pillars and values, it will help employers communicate more effectively with candidates.

So, how do you build a strong career page that speaks to the candidates? Here are some tips:

  • Tell the story of your company.
  • Be open and honest about your hiring process.
  • Showcase your team's expertise.
  • Include the benefits of working for your company.
  • Use pictures and content to reflect your company culture.
  • Present your company's values in an appealing manner.
  • Highlight your company’s accomplishments.

Streamline communication with a chatbot

a recruiter creating chatbots for recruiting online

In today’s battle for talent, companies are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart from their competition.

One way to do that is by implementing chatbots!

For those who are unfamiliar with chatbots, they’re computer programs that simulate and process human conversation—written or spoken. From a recruiting perspective, they automatically respond to candidates’ most frequently asked questions.

So why do chatbots ramp up the candidate experience so much?

Simply put, chatbots improve responsiveness and conversion rates. They also enhance the overall candidate experience and frees up the recruiter’s time which enhances their productivity.

Given that it’s hard to answer every question candidates ask – day or night– chatbots are crucially important when recruiting online.

Boost communication lines with SMS recruitment

a recruiter sends SMS for candidates while recruiting online

Online recruiting makes it difficult for recruiters to communicate with candidates at every stage.

Luckily, you can easily tackle that with SMS recruiting.

SMS recruiting may not be as innovative as it once was and it might remain an unconventional approach. However, it's an extremely effective tool for boosting your recruiting efforts.


Candidates are just as connected to their smartphones as the friends and family they text on a daily basis. Given that SMS open rates are exponentially high, you have every reason to incorporate them into your recruiting process.

Therefore, you must create an effective SMS strategy that makes the candidate feel heard and valued. Perhaps you can use SMS messages to reach out to passive candidates, catch up with existing candidates, or simply share current company events.

All in all, by getting SMS recruitment right – you can seamlessly entice, excite, and get more candidates to apply for your open vacancies.

Wrapping it up

When modern-day candidates apply for jobs, they do expect timely and consistent communication. And recruiting online is not an excuse they will give to a recruiter.

When you master the art of effectively communicating with candidates, you reap huge benefits from providing a better recruitment experience to accelerating your hiring process and maintaining a strong employer brand.

Looking for an easier and more efficient way to communicate with candidates? Look no further!

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Request a free demo today, and see how our award-winning hiring platform can help you communicate effectively with your candidates while recruiting online!

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Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Recruit better, faster, and fairer

Join hundreds of recruiting teams who increased their hiring success and recruited winning teams with Elevatus.

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