6 Reasons Why You Should Choose EVA-REC Over Your Current ATS

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Every business desires to grow, and every company has growing needs.

Yet with growth, comes to the need to hire more people that will support the company’s success. We also know that hiring at scale is no walk in the park. The same way we know that you need a highly acclaimed Applicant Tracking System to meet your hiring needs.

An ATS won’t only help you hire the right people for your company, but it will also become the backbone of your recruitment process. Recruiters deserve a little peace of mind, especially when it comes to hiring in these hard times.

This is why our clients are leveraging our advanced ATS to help them automate their processes, evaluate candidates, and hire top talent in one place only. They’re also saving 90% of their time, shortlisting candidates with a click, and making hiring decisions with more confidence and accuracy!

So the question is: is your ATS helping you achieve the same results?

If your current ATS isn’t delivering on your needs (or suits your wallet), then it might be time to choose a new Applicant Tracking System for your business.

Here is why you should choose EVA-REC over your current ATS, to recruit top talent that will grow your business!

Helps you find the right talent effortlessly

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Recruiters who use EVA-REC’s ATS can hire the right candidates with ease. They can filter and find exactly who they are looking for by assigning weights to the criteria that is important to them. This criteria can be related to location, skills, gender, willingness to travel, experience or industry. The innovative ATS will then filter through the candidates and help recruiters spot the most qualified ones in seconds.

After assigning the weights, recruiters will notice that each candidate will get a certain matching percentage. This percentage signifies how relevant the candidate’s profile is to the job requirements. To make the process even easier for recruiters, EVA-REC’s ATS will consequently rank the candidates from highest to lowest match.

Therefore, EVA-REC’s ATS has helped recruiters reduce the cost per screening by 80% and improve the quality of hire by 75%!

Allows you to save 90% of your precious time

Transforming the hiring cycle drills down to saving the recruiter’s precious time by automating high-level tasks. EVA-REC’s ATS helps recruiters automate and customize their hiring pipelines, according to their own preferences and needs. It can help them save at least 13 hours of work a week, unlike any other Applicant Tracking System in the marketplace.

Recruiters can also easily move candidates between stages, and an automated email will be sent out to the candidates as a status update. In addition, recruiters can incredibly reduce the time required to filter through resumes, by simply automating every lengthy task in the recruitment process.

EVA-REC’s ATS gives recruiters the time they deserve to center their focus on finding the right talent, rather than draining their energy on the tasks that are needed to make it happen.

Supports you in making accurate hiring decisions

EVA-REC’s ATS provides recruiters with actionable and accurate insights on their candidates. To illustrate further, when recruiters are looking for candidates with specific career levels, majors, or job titles, they can simply provide the ATS with certain keywords that they expect to see in the candidates’ resumes. Consequently, the ATS will then filter through these resumes to find the designated candidates.

To make the process even more unique, the ATS will then rank the candidates from highest to lowest match. This can help recruiters instantly spot the best candidates and make the right hiring decision effortlessly, without the need to second guess themselves or invoke any biased decisions.

Helps you boost team collaboration like never before

EVA-REC wasn’t only designed to ease the recruiter’s heavy workload; it was also designed to boost collaboration between teams. EVA-REC’s ATS enables teams to attract, engage and nurture top talent together.

Recruiters can invite their teammates to help them out in assessing candidates. Where they can instantly share their feedback, comments, ratings and engage in timely communication.

This way, the ATS will put clarity at the center of every team, and keep everyone in the loop. Therefore, helping recruiters collaborate smoothly with their team, boost employee engagement, achieve better results and make greater hiring decisions as a team.

Allows you to integrate with the tools you already use and love

Do you have a list of tools that you can’t work without? Bring them with you! EVA-REC’s ATS is integrated with world-class technology providers and the most popular tools in HR: LinkedIn, Google Meet, DocuSign, Glassdoor and Zoom. This means that recruiters can have access to everything they need in ONE place only! Helping them find, attract, filter, shortlist, and screen candidates without even leaving EVA-REC.

Helps you match candidates to jobs with a single click

EVA-REC’s ATS is intuitive and can intelligently help recruiters match resumes to pre-existing job posts or to any other job description they have. The ATS will then take into consideration the candidate’s career level, experience, major, degree and skillsets and matches them to the right job. A matching percentage will then appear next to each candidate’s profile.

This matching percentage signifies how well the candidate’s profile matches job requirements or job description. The ATS will then rank the candidates from highest to lowest match, which unbelievably saves their time and helps them spot the most qualified candidates instantly!

What makes this feature even more advanced, is that it can recommend online courses by Coursera or Udemy to candidates. These recommendations are based on any missing or required skill sets that the candidates must learn or improve in order to meet the job requirements!

Ready to become great at hiring?

When designing EVA-REC, our main aim was to create a solution that is simple to use and easy to learn. We wanted to make sure that everyone who uses our ATS can achieve greater success and enjoy a distinctive user experience. With EVA-REC’s ATS, you can discover bottlenecks and enrich your hiring process and experience. Embedded with unique and supporting features, our solution adapts to your needs, and is fully customizable to your preferences.

Are you ready to make the jump? Switching is easier than you think! You get to keep all your data, but you’ll gain more functionality that will help you build a powerful and efficient recruitment process.

Request a demo and see our innovative ATS in action! 

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