Running a Remote Recruitment Process – 7 Important Things You Need to Know

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If remote recruitment wasn’t on the rise, Covid19 certainly did a great job at popularizing it in the world of HR. Fortunately, remote recruitment is now possible thanks to advanced technology and hiring platforms. At a certain point, whether we liked it or not, we had to adapt our HR practices to accommodate remote recruitment. Because putting the brakes on recruitment is not the best choice. It’s not easy to recover from, either.

After all, the hiring show must go on.

Despite the increasing popularity of remote recruitment, recruiters are still struggling to find the secret to its success. What are the core areas to focus on? What do candidates prefer? What tools are required?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers!

To help you better navigate the remote recruitment process, check out these 7 useful tips!

Broaden your talent search and freshen up your tactics

recruiter focusing on remote recruitment

Nothing’s worse than not finding the screwdriver in your toolbox. Especially when you need it the most.

Having a wide talent pool in place is no different. After all, your company needs top talent to succeed and thirve.

When you build and broaden your talent pool, it becomes easier to achieve remote recruitment success because you have a safety net that you can dip into when the time is right. But to be frank, determining the best source of candidates is not as easy as you may think.

Because if you’re looking for graduate candidates you might opt for social media recruiting strategies. And if you’re looking for experienced candidates, you might look for them on popular job boards. Either way, how about you skip the headache and let a hiring platform do the heavy lifting for you?

A hiring platform like EVA-REC is integrated with 2,000+ job boards, channels, and social media platforms. This way, recruiters can seamlessly get their positions filled faster to make volume hiring as efficient as possible. All while posting their jobs at the right place, and for the right people. What’s more, recruiters can even get channel recommendations that make it much easier for them to select the right channels to post their jobs on.

So instead of logging in and out of each platform, recruiters can alternatively attract the biggest audience from all around the world – with a single click. Which ultimately makes it easier to connect with candidates sooner, focus on the right channels (instead of them all) and improve the quality of hire in remote recruitment.

Build an employer brand online that candidates can relate to

recruiter using a hiring platform

Now that you’re tapping into a wider talent pool, keep in mind that candidates also have more options to choose from. And if they’re not coming to the office for an in-person interview, they might not be able to grasp a well-rounded image of what your company culture or work environment is like.

When it comes to remote recruitment, companies should be bold and authentic with their messaging. Renowned companies like Twitter, Amazon and Dell have built a spectacular employer brand for their remote recruitment process.

For most of the part, it’s crucial to have your employer brand communicated online. Starting with your career page. Think of your career page like a shop window. If candidates like what they see, they’ll choose to apply and join your company. So, when designing your career page, make sure you add compelling perks and benefits, team testimonials, and that you are a remote-friendly workplace.

And if you’re heavily hiring remote candidates, be sure you make it clear that all remote employees have an equal chance at career progression. To back up your statement, you can even publish a success story about a remote employee who got promoted to an executive position all while working remotely.

Encourage originality through video assessment interviews

recruiter watching a video assessment interview

All candidates, especially remote candidates want to set themselves apart, particulary in a remote recruitment process. But showcasing their skillsets is not easy when they’re far. The great news is; candidates can always show recruiters their true potential, personality, and skillsets through video assessment interviews.

In fact, video assessment interviews are great for assessing candidates for creative positions or those that are customer-facing. They’re also great for candidate screening since they replace traditional screening methods like cover letters and CVs.

Also, they impeccably speed up the remote recruitment process. Simply because recruiters can assess more and more candidates in a fraction of the time.

Assessing for remote skills is also easier with video assessment interviews, especially with video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS. Simply because recruiters can quickly assess for remote skills by using their model answer as a point of reference. Simply put, the model answer is the answer that the recruiter expects to hear from a candidate during his or her video assessment interview.

The recruiter can then use this answer as a benchmark when assessing candidates. Then, the video interviewing software will generate a relevancy percentage for each candidate which dictates how close and relevant their answers are to the recruiter’s model answer. As a result, this can save more than 80% of the recruiter’s time and help them make better talent decisions by 95%!

Fine-tune job descriptions with remote work in mind

Since 2020, recruiters experience what could best described as the largest remote recruitment experiment in modern history. With the rapid shift to remote recruitment, one cannot afford to neglect fine-tuning job descriptions without keeping remote work in mind.

First things first, make sure prospective candidates clearly understand and know what to expect of the company. Do you plan to be remote for only the time being? For the next 5 months? For the upcoming years? Or indefinitely?
Maybe you’re hiring remote candidates for positions that were previously on premise. Or perhaps for a position that includes flexible work-from-home options. So rewrite job descriptions for remote work positions and add important skills like time management, taking initiatives, strong work ethic, and trustworthiness.

Prep candidates with thorough instructions and guidelines

Remote recruitment process

When it comes to remote recruitment, video interviews became the alternative to traditional in-person interviews. With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that they might be an entirely new experience for many candidates. So to help candidates shine and succeed, provide them with a set of useful instructions and guidelines.

You can either prepare a document that includes an introduction, an outline of the hiring stages, what to expect, and the dos and don’ts for video interviews. Some of these tips can include:

• Test your internet connection and technology prior to your interview.
• Dress the same way you would for an in-person interview.
• Choose a quiet area and a distraction free zone.
• Make sure your background is neat and tidy.
• Have a pen and paper ready if needed.

Make candidate communication a priority

recruiter using a hiring platform

A fully remote recruitment process is probably something that not all candidates are familiar with. Which is why it’s extremely important to make communication a top priority. Therefore, try to update candidates on the process as frequently as possible. So, if there are any other necessary steps or delays, be sure to communicate with them in a timely manner. Perhaps it’s through email follow-ups that can be seamlessly automated with a hiring platform.

Make it a habit to follow up with candidates after an interview so you can be more transparent, and provide more clarity to candidates. Last but not least, be prompt with your answers. Don’t leave candidates waiting for days or weeks for a simple reply. Remote recruitment should be all about communication. Make sure you do that by showing candidates that you respect their invested time and effort and answering their questions as soon as you can.

Bear in mind, that when you leave prospective candidates hanging, it will negatively impact your employer brand. So try to check in on candidates frequently or send them a reminder email. Because if top talent don’t hear back from you in a while, or have no idea what to expect, they definitely won’t sit waiting around waiting for the job offer.

Evaluate the process and make changes when necessary

talent acquisition team

It’s inevitable that the hiring process will need to be tweaked at one point or another. Not only because it might be inefficient, but because of new emerging HR trends, advancements in technology, and the varied nature of jobs in the marketplace. Which means, the cookie-cutter approach to hiring no longer works.

So, after each step of the hiring process, check in and see how things are going. Are there parts of the hiring process that need some amendments? Are there things you would do differently next time? With new advancements in technology, it’s only normal to find a new tech tool that is more user-friendly, agile and efficient. And you might spice things up by using a leading hiring platform that will revolutionize your hiring process.

Once you begin to properly evaluate the remote recruitment process, don’t get discouraged if things are starting to look messy. Use each mishap as an opportunity to improve. You can even go the further mile and ask your candidates how the remote recruitment process is going. At the end, you want to make sure that everything is working for them too.

Bringing it all together

No one has the perfect formula for how a remote recruitment process should look like. What works for you, might not work for others. After all, every company is different. But remote recruitment is not impossible! By broadening your talent search, improving your employer brand, leveraging video assessment interviews, rewriting job descriptions, improving candidate communication, giving candidates guidelines, and evaluating the hiring process – you can help your company build the best remote recruitment process that works best for you.

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With Elevatus’ award-winning AI technology, build a fast, friendly, and exceptional remote recruitment process. Hire top talent at scale and see how getting started couldn’t be any easier.
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