Meet The Four Fragments of EVA’s Mind

Technology today, is moving at the speed of light! Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and emerging technologies have flip-turned the decision-making scene for businesses worldwide. Our technologies on the other hand, have proven to be game changers when it comes to making accurate, easier, and simpler decisions. Check out how we’re bringing A.I to the forefront with the four fragments of EVA’s mind!

Picture Deep Archetype the personality engine

Deep Archetype is a personality analysis engine that formulates a deeper understanding of applicants, based on how they score on each of the Five Factor Model traits. Deep Archetype tackles the issue of false first impressions, by simply generating an accurate personality report for each applicant.

Therefore, giving you clearer insights about your applicants through the following five traits: Openness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability.

Picture of Zureccer, an engine that recommends Coursera and Udemy courses.

ZuReccer is a recommendation engine that matches applicants to the right vacancy, job, or training, by ranking them according to your own preferences and qualifications. ZuReccer eliminates the aspect of not fairly and accurately matching applicants to their ideal jobs, vacancies, and trainings.

Therefore, it can recommend online courses to your applicants to fine-tune, enhance, or teach them new skills!

Picture of YoshiGraph the recommendation engine.

YoshiGraph is an advanced autofill text predictor that assists companies in writing job posts by suggesting relevant skill sets, career levels, and the expected degree or major associated with the job role.  In addition, YoshiGraph recommends online courses to applicants, based on any missing or required skills. With YoshiGraph, you no longer need to be well versed in any field to know how fill out a job post. You don’t even need to get help from anyone else!

Therefore, it intelligently suggests: the appropriate skills, career level, industry and years of experience based on the job requirements alone!

Picture of Semantica, an engine that ranks applicants from high to low.

Semantica is a model ranking comparison algorithm that analyzes videos by detecting relevant keywords and comparing the applicant’s answer to the company’s model answer. Semantica eliminates the issue of leafing through various irrelevant answers in the assessment process.

Therefore, it automatically ranks applicants based on how relevant their answers are in comparison to your model answer.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It has helped businesses worldwide make better decisions with its fact-based and unbiased approach. Businesses who have migrated to utilizing A.I solutions can now understand their current data more coherently. In addition, they can also unravel biases in their decisions, that they were previously unaware of. EVA’s A.I technologies have played a fundamental role in helping businesses worldwide overcome biases embedded in their decision-making process. By taking this necessary and critical step, EVA’s technologies can help you drive your business towards greater outcomes and infinite success!

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