How to Achieve Work-Life Balance as a Recruiter During Covid19

A recruiter trying to achieve work-life balance during Covid19

Some people might raise an eyebrow to the thought that work-life balance in recruitment is possible.

Some people might also say that recruitment isn’t just a 9-5 job, since your schedule revolves around the availability of candidates. In fact, recruiters might point to the title and laugh “What work-life balance! That must be a myth.” Well, we’re here to tell you that it work-life balance as a recruiter is possible, especially during Covid19!

Work-life balance doesn’t mean working less. It means optimizing the hiring process with innovative tools and technology. So you can still have the energy to do the things you love after work.

Are you a recruiter who’s struggling to leave work on time?


Check out these awesome tips that can help you achieve that work-life balance you’ve been dreaming of.

Be driven by technology

New advancements in technology and AI are keeping work-life balance at hands reach. Recruiters now have more opportunities to leverage and utilize intelligent hiring solutions to automate and simplify their recruitment process. Meaning, it can save 90% of your precious time by helping you screen, filter, shortlist, and rank candidates with a few clicks only. This makes recruiting during Covid19 much smoother and easier!

Even better, with an advanced hiring solution like ours, you will be able to hire and recruit from anywhere in the world. Even if the most exotic place around you is your sofa. Basically, technology allows you to recruit at any time or place that suits your convenience. And from any device – including your smart phone!

Which means that it significantly frees up your time and helps you use it wisely. You can get all your tasks done before you clock out to meet up with your friends!

Don’t skip your lunch break

It may come as no surprise that a vast majority of recruiters consider lunch breaks a privilege. In the midst of the working day, with tasks and stacks of resumes piling up on your desk (or desktop) – taking a lunch break with your coworkers can be hard. In fact, you may even take your work back home with you.

No wonder why recruiters crash and burn all the time! Studies have actually shown that 90% of employees who take their  lunch breaks, are much more productive at work and enjoy a much better work-life balance.

This is why the best way to recharge – and not have a flaky afternoon – is to take your full lunch break. Once you rest your brain, fully recharge your batteries, and take some time for yourself, powering through the rest of the day will become a piece of cake.

Collaborate with your teammates

When your workdays are starting to look dark, it might mean that doing everything on your own is taking its toll on you. And perhaps it’s time to resort to your HR team for help.

Remember how we mentioned that our hiring solution automates the entire hiring process? It also helps teammates collaborate and share feedback in one place only. Allowing anyone to share comments, ratings, and suggestions. Therefore, helping you save time on evaluating candidates and make the right hiring decision (that won’t haunt you at night). This way, you can communicate with your team remotely, even when Covid19 is inducing geographical barriers between you all.

As a result, collaborating with your teammates will boost your recruiting efforts, productivity and confidence. So when you leave work, you’ll be proud of your achievements and ready to call it a day.

Work hard, play relaxed!

We know the drill “Work hard, play hard.” But in this case, we’re telling you to play relaxed. After a long workday, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Whether you want to unwind with a good pizza and Netflix, or spend some time with your loved ones, don’t neglect allocating some time for you to relax.

You may be tempted to scour through LinkedIn and continue working on weekends. But we advise you to make the conscious effort of leaving weekends for you. This way, you’ll be all ready and set to find your next big hire when you come back to work after the weekend. You’ll soon come to realize that work-life balance has never felt this good!

Here are a few takeaways

See how working smart, investing in the right technology, organizing your time wisely, and enjoying your lunch can actually boost your work-life balance? Don’t believe it? Give it a try!

There’s no easy fix or magic potion that will make your recruitment process easier. But believe us when we say that the right hiring solution will do more than just give you the work-life balance that you’ve been dreaming of – but it will put you in control of your time, and optimize every aspect of the recruitment process. Ready to give it a little whirl and try it out?

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