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Sourcing 101: How to Source Great Candidates When Recruiting Online

June 17, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

It’s no secret that recruiting online has become a popular way to find top talent. However, sourcing great candidates can still be tricky. Many businesses are now sourcing candidates online, but many do not have a clear understanding of how to do it effectively. There are a few best practices you can follow to make the process easier and more successful. 

This comprehensive guide is crammed with techniques to help you find qualified candidates through online recruiting.

We’ll also provide some awesome tips on how to screen candidates and determine which ones are the best fit for your organization.

So, let’s explore further.

What is Candidate Sourcing?

recruiting online made easier

In the ever-changing landscape of recruiting and hiring, there is one term that seems to be on everyone’s lips: “candidate sourcing.” But what does it mean? Simply put, candidate sourcing is the process of identifying and recruiting potential candidates for a job opening. It involves using a variety of methods to identify qualified candidates, including searching job boards, networking, and using social media.

Candidate sourcing has become increasingly important in recent years as the job market has become more competitive. With so many people vying for jobs, it’s essential to cast a wide net and use all available resources to find the best candidates. Sourcing can be time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort when you find the perfect fit for your organization.

Steps to Source Great Candidates 

recruiting online makes sourcing great candidates easier

Now let’s talking the various steps involved in the sourcing process while recruiting online.

1. Make Use of Job Boards

When you’re recruiting online, one of the best ways to find potential candidates is to use job boards and social media. You can search for candidates on job boards like Indeed and Monster, or you can use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Another great way to find potential candidates is to use Google. Simply type in the job title you’re looking for and add the word “resume” or “CV.” For example, if you’re looking for a web developer, you would type “web developer resume” into Google. This will bring up a list of potential candidates who have posted their resumes online.

2. Screen Potential Candidates

Once you’ve found some potential candidates, it’s time to screen them. Start by reviewing their resumes and cover letters. Pay close attention to their work experience, education, and skills. If they seem like a good fit for the position, move on to the next step.

If you’re using LinkedIn, you can also take a look at their profile to get an idea of their professional background and skills.  

3. Conduct Phone Interviews

After you’ve reviewed resumes and cover letters, it’s time to conduct phone interviews. This is a great way to get a sense of a candidate’s qualifications and whether they would be a good fit for the position. 

4. Inquire About Experience & Skills

During the phone interview, be sure to ask about their work experience, education, and skills. You can also ask them why they’re interested in the position and what they can bring to the organization. 

If you’re impressed with the candidate so far, move on to the next step. 

5. Check References

The last step in the screening process is to check references. This is an important step, as it will help you confirm that the candidate is qualified for the position. 

To check references, simply contact the references listed on the candidate’s resume and ask them about the candidate’s work experience, skills, and qualifications. If they are able to provide positive feedback, then you can be confident that you’ve found a great candidate. 

6. Make a Decision

After you’ve reviewed resumes, conducted phone interviews, and checked references, it’s time to make a decision. If the candidate seems like a good fit for the position, extend an offer. 

Helpful Tips to Screen Candidates While Recruiting Online

recruiting online made easier with AI technology

When you are looking to fill an open position in your company, the process of recruiting can seem daunting. You want to find the best possible candidates, but you also don’t want to spend too much time screening unsuitable applicants. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can help make the process a bit easier.

The first thing you should do is create a job description that is as specific as possible. This will help weed out any candidates who may not be a good fit for the position. You should also make sure that the qualifications for the job are clearly outlined in the ad.

Another important step is to set up screening criteria. This will help you quickly narrow down the pool of applicants. Some things you may want to consider include years of experience, education level, and skill sets.

What Are the Best Methods for Sourcing Candidates?

Recruiting online can be a great way to find talented candidates, but it’s important to use the right methods to source them. Here are some of the best ways to find candidates online:

1. Use job boards and search engines. Job boards are a great way to find candidates who are already looking for a job, and search engines can help you find candidates who may not be actively looking for a job but would be a good fit for your company.

2. Use social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media sites are a great way to connect with potential candidates who may not be looking for a job but would be interested in your company.

3. Use employee referral programs. Employee referral programs are a great way to find qualified

candidates who may already be familiar with your company and its culture.

4. Use your company website and social media sites. This is a great way to find potential candidates who have already expressed interest in your company.

Final Reflection

In conclusion, by following the tips provided in this article, you can successfully source great candidates when recruiting online. By taking the time to create a well-defined job description, using effective search engines, and targeting your advertising, you are sure to find the best candidates for your open position. So get started today and find the perfect addition to your team!

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