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Hiring at Scale? 5 Reasons You Need Skills Testing In Your Pre-employment Process

August 5, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

You may agree that as an HR professional or hiring manager, hiring at scale is an important exercise in every growing startup – but avoiding wrong hires is just as vital. The idea of conducting skill tests can be debilitating. Especially since it will make the recruitment process outrageously longer. Therefore, you might avoid them altogether and miss out on the benefits of conducting skill tests especially when you have to hire at scale. Conversely, using advanced video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS makes the process quick and efficient. Remember that the ultimate goal of recruiting candidates into vacant roles is to get the best hands on the job to handle the required tasks.

Getting the best candidates when you must hire at scale might not look easy to achieve, but it will determine the success of the hiring process and productivity in the workplace.

In this article, we will discuss why you should perform skills testing in your pre-employment process to pinpoint top talent with ease.

Prevent repeating the recruitment process

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Removing or skipping skill assessment in your recruitment process might cost you time, effort, and money. Especially when you make the wrong hire. On the other hand, when hiring at scale, soft skills assessment in your pre-employment process enables you to hire high-quality employees. Imagine fulfilling the necessary steps of a recruitment process without assessing the skill sets of your candidate. A few weeks after the candidate gets onboard, you discover that they lack the actual skills, knowledge, and experience for the job role. This can be a frustrating and heartbreaking discovery for any hiring manager or HR professional! To keep this as an imaginative thought and to avoid the reality of repeating a recruitment process, it is vital to have skill-testing as part of the requirement in the pre-employment process. And with an AI video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS, you can easily gauge skills by asking the right set of interview questions and using your model answer as a point of reference.

Avoid ‘good interviewees’ and hire the right candidates

recruit the best candidates when hiring at scale

With skills assessment in place, you have a higher chance of recruiting the right candidate needed for a job role. Throughout the assessment, you can single out candidates who are well suited for a job with tests that are tailored to individual job roles. One way to achieve this is by evaluating candidates according to a model answer on video interviewing software. For example, our video interviewing software enables you to compare the candidate’s answer to your model answer. A model answer works as a guideline for the assessor and is usually made during the formulation of the assessment questions. It contains keywords and answers that you expect to hear from candidates. Then, the video interviewing software will generate a relevancy percentage that dictates how closely the candidate’s answer matches your model answer. This will help you seamlessly rank candidates in order of qualification and find top talent at the speed of light.

Spend less time when hiring at scale

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On average, just one job opening receives can get you over 200 applications. This means that when hiring at scale, hiring managers have to deal with many more candidates than they would have anticipated. While this seems like a lot of tasks to handle, an efficient hiring platform like EVA-REC will make it much easier while keeping the goal of recruiting quality candidates. Our hiring platform makes it easier for you to filter a mass number of resumes in a fraction of the time.

Can be adapted to different roles and job type

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Being able to apply skills tests in all situations is one of its biggest advantages. From a startup of 5-50 employees to a multinational company, and from a web developer role to one in a warehouse, skills tests can be applied to any job type or role. Skills tests can be set to assess a general or specific skill level of candidates. It covers the standard skills of communication required to work in a team to the complicated skills of programming. This element has contributed to the rise in the popularity of applying skills assessments for recruitment purposes.

Track skill capacity of each employee

Recruiters tracking skills assessment of candidate

Knowing ahead of time the skill capacity of your candidates when hiring at scale will help you determine tasks that will be well suited for them when they are hired. Employees are also expected to grow while the company grows. And with a track record of each employee’s skills, you can easily put in place courses to help them acquire skills. As an employer, data saved in your employee’s talent pipeline will help you evaluate where and when your inputs are needed.


The reality of repeating a recruitment process for a job position is what many HR professionals and hiring managers have had to deal with due to the lack of a proper skill assessment test. You can leverage the features of our advanced skills and video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS, to prevent this and help you hire at scale without the hassle. Ready to get started? EVA-SSESS is an advanced video interviewing software that helps you identify and secure top talent fast with unbiased and secure AI video assessments. Request a free demo to see how our video interview software can help you sail through the screening process fast and help you identify top talent.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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