12 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started a Career in Recruitment

A recruiter working on his laptop thinking about his career in recruitment

Answering hundreds of emails a day. Scheduling interviews. Updating calendars. Fighting anxiety attacks.

Welcome to the world of recruitment.

There is never a dull moment in the life of a recruiter, because we’re always learning new things. Recruiting is a very challenging yet rewarding role for any professional. Just like any other career, getting started in recruitment isn’t easy. Sometimes, we wish we had a list of things that we had known prior to getting started in our careers as recruiters.

So if you’re a recruiter, then you will most likely relate to the 12 things you wish someone told you before you started a career in recruitment!

You need a lot resilience… and patience.

Rejecting candidates with always sting, no matter what.

If a candidate is not a good fit, then don’t try to force it.

If you thought you didn’t have anxiety, then you probably do now.

Spreadsheets and outdated processes won’t take you anywhere in recruitment.

An AI hiring solution will always come to the rescue.

You will have bad phone calls and you might hate picking up the phone, but don’t succumb to telephobia.

Start finding and sourcing candidates sooner!

There’s no harm in showing a great candidate that you believe in them.

You’ll pick up amazing and valuable knowledge about recruitment and interviewing (after 100 phone screens or so).

Don’t be afraid to get feedback from others.

Recruitment nightmares are real, but you will survive them.


Takeaway thoughts

Recruitment is hard, we know. Our sign off message to anyone who is a recruiter, or seeking a career in recruitment, always keep going and pushing forward. Failing and making mistakes is just part of the learning process, but helping candidates land their dream jobs is a feeling that is hard to match.
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