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Streamline your entire hiring cycle from creating job requisitions to onboarding new hires, all through the power of AI.

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Hire the people who will grow
your business

Attract the right talent effortlessly and make the right hires every time

Assess and develop top performers through the power of AI and videos

Onboard, nurture, and set up new hires for success – before day one

Meet our advanced AI solutions

Recruit fast and
make every hire count

  • Customize unlimited hiring pipelines that meet your needs
  • Build a branded career page that converts
  • Source top talent faster with advanced AI matching
  • Get offers signed faster through built-in e-signatures
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Fast Recruitment with Eva-Rec Hiring Solution

Assess thousands of applicants with secure
video assessments

  • Easily identify top performers with smart filtration tools
  • Get scientifically validated AI-personality reports
  • Centralize team collaboration in one single hub
  • Assess top talent in 5 different languages
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AI Video Interviewing Software

Onboard new hires
before day one

  • Streamline different onboarding workflows
  • Delegate onboarding roles to the right employees
  • Get more clarity with real-time onboarding metrics
  • One single platform to recruit and onboard new hires
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Eva-Board - HR Onboarding Solutions

Optimize and improve

your talent acquisition with incredible AI technology

Diverse Workforce Recruitment
Recruit a more diverse workforce

Recruit diverse candidates through a multilingual career page, diverse job boards, fair hiring practices, and unbiased AI technology.

A First-Class Candidate Experience
A first-class candidate experience

Give candidates a rundown of the estimated time to get hired, the hiring stages, and the courses they need to fine-tune their skill sets.

Permissions And Roles Customization
Customize permissions and roles

Set up specific permissions for users within branches, and control who can create, edit or delete processes within the platform.

GDPR compliance
Get dynamic analytical reports

Customize any analytical reports your enterprise needs – and turn your hiring data into powerful, rich, and valuable insights.

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Seamless integration process

Boost your experience and connect with any integration your enterprise needs – without worrying about building it.

Elevatus World-class Support Team
200+ talent assessments

Assess top talent with a suite of assessments that unravel skill sets, IQ, EQ, and job performance – at a single glance.

Global support

available for you around the clock

We’re just a click or call away. Our world-class support team is dedicated to ensure your success and that you’re making the most out of Elevatus from day one of your journey.

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Multilingual support for a more localized user experience

Elevatus supports 8 different languages including English, Arabic, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German. Can’t find your language? Our recruiting software can add it for you within two weeks.

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Elevatus Multilingual Support

Seamlessly integrate
with your favorite tools

Explore 2000+ world-class integrations
that easily help you build, run, and scale your workflows

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Seamlessly integrated with top-tier recruitment tools
Easily run, manage, and streamline your onboarding process – wherever you are

  • LinkedIn

    Promote jobs, connect with potential candidates and build a diverse talent pool fast.

  • Zoom

    Schedule remote meetings, webinars, and interviews – all under one unified umbrella.

  • Slack

    Bring team collaboration into one place, and help keep remote teams stay connected.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Allow users to conduct video meetings, chat and collaborate – all in one place.

  • Indeed

    Promote job vacancies, boost job visibility and build a centralized database of candidates.

  • SAP

    Interview, assess, and recruit top performers through AI and video interviews.

  • Oracle

    Manage, automate, and optimize core recruitment functions to hire top talent fast.

  • Udemy

    Suggest online courses to candidates to fine-tune their skill sets.


    Securely exchange electronic job offers, NDAs, certificates, and more.


The #1 award-winning recruiting software

#1 AI recruiting software

Elevatus has won The Best AI-Powered Recruiting Software, numerous badges of appreciation, and prestigious awards for its incredible advancements in technology and outstanding level of excellence in HR.

AI-Powered Hiring Solution in the UK


Best AI for HR Services


Recruitment Category Leader


FrontRunner in Recruiting


Highest Rated CRM Software


Best AI-Powered Hiring Solution in the UK


Don’t just take our word for it.
Our clients say it best.

  • Christopher Heimel - Head of Digital Innovation at RE/MAX

    “Elevatus’ unique recruiting solutions have added exceptional value to our recruiting workflows. They have helped us incredibly boost the quality and efficiency of our outcomes through their agility, scalability, and innovation.”

    Christoph Heimel

    Head of Digital Innovation at RE/MAX Europe Regional Services

  • Dana Telecan Recruitment Manager at RE/MAX Romania

    “We had the opportunity to explore Elevatus for two of our offices. Elevatus is the most advanced recruitment software that we have ever utilized. It has so many advanced features that allow us to customize the hiring process for each office. The support team is also extraordinary, flexible, very prompt and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Elevatus for recruiting in RE/MAX.”

    Dana Telecan

    Recruitment Manager at RE/MAX Romania

  • Mohammed-Al-Rasheed Head of Human Resources at AIRaedah Finance

    “Elevatus is a great solution to simplify and automate the recruiting process. You can find all that you need to recruit top talent in one single place. It’s easy, smart and user-friendly. If your company is growing then Elevatus will make your job easier!”

    Mohammed AlRasheed

    Head Of Human Resources at AlRaedah Finance

  • Omantel Logo

    “Elevatus’ solution is exceptionally intelligent, innovative, and comprehensive. We used the EVA-SSESS solution to easily and successfully send out thousands of assessments to applicants. We are beyond happy and satisfied with its ease of use, convenience, and the wonderful user experience that it offered!”

    Ibtihal Al-Riyami

    General Manager Organization Planning at Omantel

  • Isam Samara - Head of Marketing at Capital Bank of Jordan

    “We are proud of our cooperation with Elevatus, which aims at benefiting both parties. It also aims at strengthening our leadership position as we move towards a digital transformation in the banking sector, and all other fields of our business.”

    Isam Samara

    Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Capital Bank of Jordan

  • Seagulls Logo

    “It has been a great experience working with Elevatus. The solution improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process and reduced both the time and cost usually consumed.”

    Amal Odeh

    Human Resources Manager at Seagulls

  • Ali-Alzahrani Director of Human Resources at MEPC

    “Our partnership with Elevatus has played a monumental role in strengthening our innovative capabilities in preparation for Vision 2030. Elevatus’ AI technology has been a major driver in evolving our work processes and helping us operate at a much faster rate. We now feel well prepared for the future that lies ahead, especially in realizing and achieving our Kingdom’s vision with ease.”

    Ali Alzahrani

    Director of Human Resources at MEPC

  • Bank ABC Logo

    “Elevatus’ team offers an exceptional level of support and consistent follow-ups. They instantly respond to our inquiries and meet our organization’s requirements. I would like to thank the Elevatus team for their innovative and user-friendly solution that offered us a multi-dimensional analysis from several perspectives, regarding internal employee assessments.”

    Ala’a Al-Haramsheh

    Human Resources Supervisor at Bank ABC

  • Eyad Halabi Chief Revenue Officer at Seagulls

    “The Seagulls-Elevatus partnership is a powerful combination. Elevatus’ approach for using advanced AI technology is a game-changer not only for our industry – but for businesses in general.”

    Eyad Halabi

    Chief Revenue Officer at Seagulls

  • Mosab Horani Recruitment Manager at Jordan Kuwait Bank

    “The Elevatus team has succeeded in developing this advanced technology with the best global methods of personality analysis using AI technology. In addition, they developed a comprehensive solution that specializes in facilitating the recruitment process. Thank you Elevatus team and good luck!”

    Mosab Hourani

    Workforce Planning & Recruitment Manager at Jordan Kuwait Bank

  • Middle East Propulsion Company Ltd.

    “Elevatus’ AI solution is extremely impressive with its ability to make the recruitment process clear, digitized, and automated. Elevatus will also be our Elevator to achieve our MEPC career goals!”

    Ahmed Abdo

    Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist at MEPC

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    “Elevatus have simplified our recruitment process, their end-to-end talent management solution has helped us to successfully hire some of the region’s qualified talents, saving us plenty of time spent filtering and assessing CVs manually. Our next best-fit candidate is only an A.I. powered assessment away. Thanks to the brilliant team behind Elevatus.“

    Muhannad Ebwini

    CEO & Founder of Hyperpay

  • Samsung Logo

    “When it comes to specialty and innovation, Elevatus is coming up with their unique and advanced recruiting solutions. They are very efficient and provide exceptional customer service.
    We have worked with Elevatus from the beginning and it was clear to us that we are working with an outstanding organization.”

    Mohammad Darwish

    Senior Human Resources Manager at Samsung

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  • “We reached a point where we can’t imagine recruiting without Elevatus.”

    Mohammad AlRasheed

    Alraedah Finance

  • “Elevatus is the most innovative recruitment solution you will find.”

    Mosab Hourani

    Jordan Kuwait Bank

  • “Elevatus currently leads the market by several steps.”

    Mohammed AlBasri


  • “Elevatus is simply the best choice to fulfill our needs.”

    Christoph Heimel


  • “Elevatus offers a unique approach to hiring.”

    Harald Schaumüller

    RE/MAX Austria

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