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Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description

September 21, 2023

Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Content Writer

In the financial tapestry of an organization, cash flow is paramount, and ensuring that funds are timely and accurately collected is vital. This is where the Accounts Receivable Clerk shines, acting as the linchpin between services rendered and revenue secured, safeguarding the company’s financial inflows.

Within this Accounts Receivable Clerk job description, we delve into the specifics of this crucial role. Their responsibilities span from invoicing customers and processing payments to reconciling accounts and resolving discrepancies. Their precision and attention to detail play a vital role in maintaining a company’s financial health. Explore further to grasp the skills and tasks that make an Accounts Receivable Clerk indispensable in the financial workflow.

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What is an Accounts Receivable Clerk?

This role is central to improving a company’s cash flow and is essential for maintaining positive relationships with customers. An Accounts Receivable Clerk plays a crucial part in the financial team, managing incoming payments and ensuring all transactions are recorded accurately and timely.

Firstly, issuing invoices is a primary task of an Accounts Receivable Clerk. They keep meticulous track of all transactions to ensure correct billing and monitor payment schedules diligently, ensuring the timely receipt of payments. This attention to detail is vital for the company’s overall financial health.

Additionally, they are responsible for managing any discrepancies or issues related to payments. When a customer has questions or concerns about an invoice, it is the Accounts Receivable Clerk’s duty to address them promptly. This role is integral in maintaining good customer relationships and swiftly resolving any arising problems.

Moreover, following up on overdue payments is another important aspect of their job. They actively communicate with customers, send out reminders, and if necessary, negotiate payment plans. This action helps ensure that the company can collect the revenue it is owed and maintain a steady and reliable cash flow.

Furthermore, maintaining accurate records and preparing insightful reports is part of their responsibilities. These reports are invaluable as they assist management in understanding the company’s financial standing, enabling informed decision-making.

In summary, an Accounts Receivable Clerk is foundational in managing and enhancing a company’s revenue. By handling invoicing, addressing payment discrepancies, pursuing overdue payments, and maintaining detailed financial records, they support the company’s financial stability and help sustain healthy customer relationships.

Job Brief

We are seeking a skilled and detail-oriented Accounts Receivable Clerk to join our team and provide financial, administrative, and clerical support.

As an Accounts Receivable Clerk, you will play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our financial operations. Your responsibilities will include processing and monitoring incoming payments, preparing invoices and bills receivable, and reconciling accounts receivable data.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Responsibilities

  • Process accounts and incoming payments in compliance with financial policies and procedures
  • Perform day-to-day financial transactions, including verifying, classifying, computing, posting, and recording accounts receivable data.
  • Prepare bills, invoices, and bank deposits.
  • Reconcile the accounts receivable ledger to ensure all payments are accounted for and properly posted.
  • Verify discrepancies and resolve billing issues with clients
  • Facilitate payment of invoices by sending bill reminders and contacting clients
  • Generate financial statements and reports detailing accounts receivable status

Accounts Receivable Clerk Requirements and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration
  • Proven working experience as an Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Manager, or Accountant
  • Solid understanding of basic accounting principles, fair credit practices, and collection regulations
  • Proven ability to calculate, post, and manage accounting figures and financial records
  • Excellent data entry skills, along with a knack for numbers
  • Hands-on experience in operating spreadsheets and accounting software (e.g., JDE or other full-scale ERP software)
  • Proficiency in English and MS Office
  • Customer service orientation and negotiation skills
  • A high degree of accuracy and attention to detail

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Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

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Hire, assess, onboard and manage top talent for every job. See how Elevatus streamlines everything; from acquire to new hire.

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