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Supercharge Your Recruitment Efficiency with Hiring Automation

June 10, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Hiring is fierce nowadays. We’d love to tell you that hiring is as simple as posting a job and recruiting the best candidate the next day. It’s not.

But it could be with automated hiring software!

There’s a lot going on in a recruiter’s day. From continuously having to attract great candidates, emailing candidates back, and recruiting top talent to crush their KPIs – the list goes on and on. Which makes it easy to drown in endless tasks and feel completely demotivated to work. To combat this, more and more recruiters are rushing to adopt hiring automation for some relief. Advancements in technology have done wonders for the HR industry, and automated hiring software is just the beginning.

So how can automated hiring software automate your hiring process today? What a great question!

Let’s dig into the answers.

So what exactly is automated hiring? 

Recruiting just got a major upgrade with the power of hiring automation. No more battling endless admin tasks or sifting through stacks of resumes. It’s time to make recruiting a breeze!

Creating job postings, sourcing talent, evaluating skills, and even conducting interviews—can now be automated! It will be your own recruiting assistant, tirelessly working behind the scenes while you focus on strategic decisions.

Why jump on the hiring automation bandwagon? Well, not only does it give you a competitive edge in attracting top talent, but it also helps eliminate biases during the hiring process. With cutting-edge tech tools, you’ll get an unbiased perspective on candidates, ensuring a fair selection every time.

So why not join the ranks of forward-thinking HR teams and businesses who are revolutionizing their recruitment game? With hiring automation, you can supercharge your hiring process and secure exceptional talent effortlessly!

Overcome recruitment hurdles through hiring automation

The job market is a dynamic landscape that never stands still, posing fresh hurdles for employers to overcome. Influenced by a multitude of factors, such as technological advancements, shifting economic conditions, and evolving societal trends, these challenges keep employers on their toes. In the year 2023, these hurdles have become more pronounced than ever, demanding that employers adapt their recruitment strategies and embrace innovative approaches. It’s a thrilling era where employers must think outside the box to attract and retain top talent. Recruiters face several challenges in the recruitment process. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

recruiters getting approvals on a requisition through a hiring platform

Discovering exceptional talent

In today’s competitive job market, one of the biggest challenges for employers is finding high-quality candidates with the right skills and experience. To tackle this, employers are getting creative. They’re leveraging hiring automation and building relationships with potential candidates early on, even before a job opening. By nurturing talent pipelines and communities, they ensure a steady flow of qualified individuals when the time is right.

Drawing in the ideal talent

Attracting the right talent goes beyond offering a paycheck. Job seekers want more! They’re looking for companies that share their values and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. To stand out from the crowd, employers need to showcase their unique perks, development programs, and a supportive work environment. Be the company that candidates can’t resist! Incorporating hiring automation tools can also help streamline the application and selection process, making it easier for candidates to engage with the company.

Promoting diversity and inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion matter! Employers recognize the power of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in driving innovation and creating a positive workplace. However, achieving diversity and inclusion goals can be a challenge. To overcome it, employers are taking proactive steps. They’re using blind resume screening, structured interviews, and implementing diversity-focused recruitment initiatives. Embracing technology and AI, such as hiring automation, can also help eliminate unconscious bias, ensuring fairness in the selection process.

The power of automated hiring software to revolutionize the hiring process

Discover automated hiring software and witness a revolutionary transformation in your recruitment process! In a world where finding the perfect candidate feels like searching for a unicorn, it’s time to embrace the wonders of automation. So, let’s explore how to automate the hiring process like never before!

Expediting approval for all requisitions

A job requisition kick-starts the hiring automation process. But let’s rewind a little bit. What exactly is a job requisition?

When the head of a department wants to recruit a new employee, they need to submit a job requisition. Through the job requisition, the department head or manager asks for approval to recruit the new employee. Essentially, this job requisition standardizes the process of filling a position. It helps recruiting teams get a clearer idea about what type of role they need to fill, the job’s starting date, the proposed salary, and the contract type.

personalizing communication through a hiring platform

But sadly, behind all of this, you’ll find a less-than-average requisition process lurking in the shadows. Especially when it’s managed manually through Excel sheets or back-and-forth emails – there’s no doubt that the approval process turns into a painfully slow process that is prone to bottlenecks.

The solution? Automate, automate, and automate! Automated hiring software like EVA-REC allows you to create all your job requisitions in one place impeccably, assign the right approvers, and get the process moving faster than ever before.

To start with, you need first to add the title of the requisition and any particular notes that you have for the approver. Then you can add specific conditions based on the approver’s hierarchy, position, job target, or category!

Then, you can manage and set approval workflows by adding the users authorized to make approvals on the designated workflows. Where you can select the approval type and specify the start and end date of the approval.

You even have the option to nudge approvers and send them automated notifications in case you haven’t received a response from them. Also, you can repeat the notification several times and specify the time period.

However, if you still get radio silence from the approver, you have the option to auto-approve or auto-delegate this requisition to someone else!

Automate and personalize communication

Want to make a job seeker’s day? Help them a job. Want to make candidates happy? Pick up the phone and call them back!

Yes, ghosting is pretty frequent in the world of talent acquisition, but it’s not exactly the best way to build rapport with candidates. So, avoid the dark side and shed some light whenever you can. Although keeping candidates in the loop is not easy (especially when you have hundreds of them), automated hiring software makes it much easier. EVA-REC allows you to automate communication with candidates at every step. Where you can update them on their application status, where they are at in the hiring automation process, whether the position is filled, and whether they got the job or not.

Automated hiring software helps you customize personalized email templates that you can send to candidates at each stage of the automated hiring process. You can choose from pre-designed email templates or draft your own. Whether it be an apology letter, an invitation to an assessment, an invitation to a language test, a rejection email, or a job offer – the sky’s the limit. You can even upload any necessary documents to the emails.

As soon as you move candidates from one stage to the other, they will instantly receive an automated email that updates them on their application status.

All in all, with EVA-REC, you no longer need to switch between tabs to send emails. You can save valuable time by centralizing and personalizing communication with candidates in one single place!

Streamline interviewing scheduling

recruiter implementing hiring automation

If scheduling interviews with candidates gives you a headache, then you’re not alone. Just thinking about the number of interviews recruiters have scheduled via phone or email is enough to entice them to pull their hair out.

On the bright side, automated hiring software enables candidates to self-schedule their own interviews. This helps recruiters save a lot of time in scheduling interviews, especially during the initial stages of the hiring automation process. So in each email sent to the candidates (as we mentioned above), you can add an editable self-scheduling link. Now, this is extremely useful for candidates that need to go through three or four interviews. It’s far more convenient for the candidates to schedule all the interviews in advance to avoid any future delays or scheduling mishaps.

Do you need to invite a teammate to support you in the interview process, but you’re not sure if they’re available?

Easy. With EVA-REC you can quickly see everyone’s real-time calendars side-by-side without having to leave the tab to go to Gmail. It simplifies the coordination process with its seamless integration with your calendar application. Effortlessly identify the optimal time slot that accommodates both you and your teammate, ensuring efficient and smooth scheduling.

Get offers signed faster through built-in e-signatures

It’s very normal for recruiters to process over 60 documents when onboarding an employee. Just think about the hassle when it’s 4 or 5 employees being onboarded at the same time! The sheer level of paperwork, compliance, and documentation involved in each process can be a real nightmare.

But have no fear. Our automated hiring software is here.

With cutting-edge automated hiring software like EVA-FORM, the process of signing offers and paperwork becomes a breeze. Candidates no longer require a printer or scanner; instead, they can easily sign their offers from their smartphones and swiftly send them back to the recruiter. This expedites the signature process, enabling a prompt kick-start to the onboarding journey. Moreover, EVA-FORM allows you to track all signature requests, ensuring transparency and eliminating uncertainties about document status. You receive instant notifications as soon as your new hire opens and signs the job offer.

EVA-FORM goes beyond offer letters and encompasses various documentation needs, including onboarding materials. You have the flexibility to build custom offers, templates, and onboarding documents. The software enables you to choose the document language, customize the layout, and add logos and headers. For offers, you can include the candidate’s name, date, department, and offer details such as salary and benefits. Onboarding documents can feature images, videos, emergency contact information, and file attachments. EVA-FORM’s versatile form builder can even support NDAs, medical check-up forms, and more, making it a comprehensive solution for all your document management needs.

Wrapping it up

From job requisition to onboarding, automated hiring software like EVA-REC makes recruiting fun and personal again. It takes the pain out of traditional recruiting and helps you optimize each and every step of the hiring automation process. With EVA-REC, empower your recruiting team to focus their time and energy on finding the best candidates rather than the manual work that is needed to get there.

Find and hire the right person for every job today with our award-winning automated hiring software!

EVA-REC is a futuristic automated hiring software that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. It arms leading enterprises with world-class features that help them create a rich and immersive hiring experience for recruiters and candidates alike. With EVA-REC, companies can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias without dehumanizing the hiring process.

Want to see EVA-REC in action? Get a free walk-through demo here!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

A wordsmith, storyteller, and content strategist – Tima is an MBA graduate with 6+ years of experience in the world of HR. With over 2,000 blogs under her belt, Tima's expertise and insights have helped businesses across the globe take their recruitment to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

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