6 Big Recruitment Challenges and Solutions You Need to Be Aware of Today

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Ramping up talent acquisition after Covid19, comes with its own fresh set of challenges. The job market changed, candidates have the upper hand, technology is advancing and new HR trends are taking place. Today, recruitment is more than posting a job vacancy and hoping your dream candidate will apply. It’s about streamlining and optimizing the entire process, to make sure your talent acquisition stays intact. Whether you’re an HR professional, recruitment consultant, or HR manager, you must find yourself gravitating towards a few recruitment challenges. Which is completely normal.

For that reason, here are 6 common recruitment challenges and solutions that you need to be aware of today!

Attracting and engaging top talent

recruiter overcoming recruitment challenges and solutions

More than 76% of HR managers squander their valuable time trying to find and attract the best candidates for every role. They might spend endless hours with their team sifting through CVs, only to find that none of them are a good match. They’re facing these tough recruitment challenges and solutions are what they desperately need.

When this happens, HR teams tend to juggle with escalating workloads and the added pressure of finding the perfect candidate – the needle – from the haystack. To avoid this, they must go back to the start and devise job descriptions that are engaging and convert top talent easily. Meaning, they need to avoid gender-bias, overused jargon, and outdated job requirements. This is why we strongly suggest HR teams to leverage a hiring platform like EVA-REC to write accurate and concise job descriptions. All they’ve got to do is provide the job title for the position, and the hiring platform will quickly suggest the skillsets required for the job.

It may sound obvious, but this way candidates will relate more to your job descriptions and top talent will be more enticed to apply!

Increase and expand your candidate reach

video assessment interviews

One of the most common recruitment challenges and solutions revolve around candidate reach. Or in other words, the ability to broaden the talent pool and boost job visibility. Unfortunately, with scarce resources, candidates, and tools, this becomes a tough pickle for recruiting teams. With outdated job boards and weak sourcing strategies, it can be incredibly challenging to reach talented candidates.

Luckily, a hiring platform like ours integrates with a broad range of free and paid job boards – over 2000 of them. This makes cross posting on different channels easy and hassle free. Instead of logging in and out of each platform, you can alternatively attract top talent from all around the world – with a single-click job posting. You can also choose to post on renowned channels, niche websites and social media. Such as Careerjet, Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and thousands more. With a more focused approach, you’ll also reduce the administrative burden of manually searching for the most appropriate job boards.

Managing an influx of candidates

talent acquisition specialist

This recruitment challenge and solution is for every recruiter out there who can’t seem to find the right balance between managing hundreds of resumes and reducing time to hire. We feel your frustration.

Once companies start to recover from the rough impact of Covid19, they’ll start to receive a flood of inbound candidates. This can be overwhelming for recruiters, especially when they don’t have the right resources to manage and optimize incoming applications. But this is when a comprehensive ATS comes into play.

With an applicant tracking system, you can organize your hiring process and see all your candidates in a single glance. Where you can sort candidates into pipelines, filter candidates, view hiring stages and manage reports all in one place. You no longer need to jump from one tab to another, or one system to another, just to keep track of your candidates. You can also customize your workflows to suit your hiring needs! In addition, it automates low-high repetitive tasks to free up the recruiter’s time to focus more on what’s important. The candidates.

Not only will this save your time and money, but it will give you the efficiency you need to easily manage the applications clogging your inbox, without the hassle.

Maintaining a strong employer brand

Recruiters using a hiring platform

Today, employer branding is an essential part of the recruitment process. We can all agree on that, right?

But many companies out there aren’t fully leveraging its importance. In fact, some of them are struggling to sustain a positive employer brand. With outdated processes, lackluster candidate communication, lengthy application forms, and inefficient interviews – can you blame them?

In today’s candidate-centric market, you want your employer brand to grip the candidate’s attention. You want to show them why they should choose you as an employer instead of the competition. And you can’t exactly do that when your employer brand is too mediocre. So the best way to do that is by communicating more frequently with candidates.
Luckily, a hiring platform like ours can help you keep communication with candidates consistent and fast. Where you can send them automated follow-up emails and keep them in the loop on their application status. As a result, this can help you move them faster through the hiring process, boost their experience, and consequently improve your employer brand. Everyone wins this way.

Crafting a delightful candidate experience

recruiter watching a video assessment interview

When candidates encounter a negative experience, they’ll not only reject the offer but also have a mouthful of bad things to say about it online. Today, these sorts of recruitment challenges and solutions are exactly what hiring teams need to focus on, if they want to craft a wonderful candidate experience.

Given that the recruitment process is the candidate’s first real contact with your company, make sure it lives up to their expectations. It needs to be efficient and professional. A slow and dreary process is exactly why top talent have been lost or poached.

Start by making the interview process a breeze. Meaning, let candidates sail through them without any hurdles. Prepare the questions in advance and make sure they don’t make candidates feel alienated. Also, we can’t emphasize enough on the importance of innovation and agility. When candidates take part in a recruitment process that is powered by advanced technology, they’ll instantly see your company in high regard and  in a better light.

Ensuring the human touch

recruiter and candidate shaking hands

Technology continues to play a critical role in recruitment. In fact, recruiters are relying more on it ever since they started working remotely. On the back end, it helps them optimize all their recruiting functions. But on the front end, the human touch might get lost in translation.

The point is, you don’t want candidates to feel like they’re only interacting with robots and machines. You want to add some human element to the hiring process, and this is exactly why such recruitment challenges and solutions need your undivided attention today.

On the bright side, recruiters can always leverage video interviewing software to humanize the hiring process.
Video assessment interviews enable HR professionals to ‘’hear’’ what candidates might not say in text. It enhances and, at times, even replaces the traditional phone screening process. With this software, HR teams gain more insights on candidates before moving them forward. Plus, talent acquisition teams can validate their hires with video interviewing software by seamlessly collaborating together in one place.

For instance, our video interviewing software allows teams to collaborate, share feedback, discuss candidates, and give ratings in one place. This incredibly brings life to the recruitment process and enables HR teams to create a personalized and humanized process for candidates.

Last words

We get it, you might feel a bit daunted with this list. But these recruitment challenges and solutions are common in every workplace, and at any point of time. Every HR team has their fair share of challenges, so don’t feel discouraged if you feel them too. We hope that with these recruitment challenges and solutions you can overcome all your hiring mountains and stay ahead of the curve.

Facing more than just these recruitment challenges and solutions? Then our hiring platform can help. EVA-REC is an end-to-end hiring platform that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. It offers hiring teams of all sizes the ability to fully optimize the hiring process – and create an immersive hiring experience for everyone. With our hiring platform, you can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias, without dehumanizing the hiring process. And obliterate all your recruitment challenges starting today. Eager to get started? Start you 14-day free trial with our hiring platform today!

‏Get a head start on hiring

Stop trying to conquer your recruitment challenges on your own. Our end-to-end hiring platform makes it easier for you to optimize the entire recruitment process from sourcing and evaluating candidates to sending e-offers.
Start posting jobs for free!

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