7 Strong Reasons Why Video Assessment Interviews Are Essential to Assessing Applicants

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applicants conducting video assessment interviews

Once upon a time, talent acquisition teams relied on spreadsheets, outdated processes, and text-based CVs to assess applicants. However, from words to phone to video – the interview process has exceptionally evolved over time.

Today, tech-driven teams are leveraging video assessment interviews to assess the skills that are hard to measure the old-fashioned way. To simply put it: the more technology is evolving, the more the assessment process is changing too.

Video assessment interviews can help you save countless hours on tasks that can be automated, so you can develop a more genuine connection with applicants.

So if you’re looking for a modern and more efficient way to assess applicants, then video assessment interviews are your best shot. Here are a few reasons why!

Save time and reduce scheduling mishaps

recruiter scheduling an interview

Today, the race to hire top talent is starting to feel more like a marathon at the Olympics, than a sprint. The job market is competitive and if you’re not moving fast, the best applicants can slip through your fingers. Therefore, one of the main reasons why HR teams need to start adopting video assessment interviews is because they lay the groundwork for assessment success.

Assessing applicants with video assessment interviews gives you the chance to cut through the noise and not rely on a single paper. This way, applicants don’t need to be troubled or confined to a certain time or place to be assessed. Rather, they can be assessed at their own leisure, with an assessment process that you can customize on
the fly with video interviewing software.

Moreover, by using video interviewing software, applicants can complete their video assessment interviews in a matter of minutes, and directly send them back to the recruiter. Then, recruiters can simply evaluate and assess them faster and fairer with the use of leading-edge technology and modern science.
Results? Fewer headaches, fewer scheduling hassles, and fewer mistakes.

Build a better and more standardized process

recruiter using video interviewing software

With video assessment interviews, you get a better first round of screening because talent acquisition teams have more insights into candidates. They offer a structured way to assess all applicants equally and in several dimensions. Such as by taking into account their facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. Take, for example, our video interviewing software.

With EVA-SSESS you can craft customized assessments and assess how each individual applicant answers preselected questions. For example, you can send a mass number of applicants the same assessment, and the AI will evaluate them all objectively and make the first round of cuts for you. Recruiters can also add the designated keywords and model answers that they wish to hear from the applicants in the video assessments.

Then, the AI will compare the answers and assess the relevancy and quality of the applicants’ answers. This is based on the AI’s ability to analyze, calculate, and interpret information faster than recruiters. This way, all applicants will undergo a fair and standardized process that doesn’t leave any room for bias.

Ability to analyze body language, attitude, and personality

recruiter reading a personality report

Oftentimes, recruiters who see applicants slouching or crossing their arms in an interview, assume they’re bored or disinterested. That’s not always the case though. With in-person interviews, there’s always a possibility for biased first impressions to slip through. That’s because we’re all inclined to pick up misleading nonverbal cues. And applicants don’t always behave the same way in interviews, solely out of stress.

Luckily, video assessment interviews allow applicants to showcase their true personalities and skillsets. They also allow recruiters to instantly spot and detect any hesitancy or timidness from the applicants. For example, our video interviewing software generates a Five-Factor Model report for each individual applicant, once they’re done with their video assessment interviews. This report unravels their personality traits by simply taking into account their tone of voice, word choice, and inferred facial recognition. This way, recruiters can instantly predict the likelihood of an applicant excelling at the job from their video assessment interviews alone.

Fewer applicant no-shows

talent acquisition specialist

The issue of assessment no-shows is pretty prevalent in today’s digital world. You’ll see passive applicants extremely interested in the job, but later on, think twice about it. This could be due to a slow-moving assessment process or a weak applicant experience.

So are you tired of getting ghosted by applicants? Missed phone calls, downloading apps, and scheduling hassles can be a problem. But we spare applicants from all of that. Take our video interviewing software as an example.

Applicants using EVA-SSESS will have greater flexibility to choose the time and place that suits them best. Which gives them no excuse to ghost you or not turn up! As for talent acquisition teams, they won’t have to spend an extensive amount of time either on prepping for a face-to-face assessment only to have the applicants bail out last minute.

More fresh and valuable opinions

recruiter using video interviewing software

Let’s be real, resumes alone are poor predictors of job success. And sometimes it could be hard to arrange a suitable time for all your teammates to sit and discuss an applicant’s performance. On the other hand, video assessment interviews can be quickly shared and sent to teammates for feedback.

For instance, our video interviewing software allows teammates to collaborate in one place. Where they can swiftly share feedback, comments, evaluations, and ratings with each other. They can also engage in discussions that flow in real-time and get valuable feedback from each other in no time.

As a result, by having multiple people involved in the assessment process, you will be able to get a more holistic overview on every applicant. And in tow, you can assess applicants faster, more efficiently, and with more accuracy.

Cuts down on traveling costs

recruiter assessing a video assessment interview

The greatest thing about video assessment interviews is that they’re not tethered to a specific location or place. In fact, all that recruiters and applicants really need is an internet connection and a device to get the assessments done. So if you’re contemplating hiring a freelancer who lives in a different country, there’s no need for them to book a ticket and fly all the way for their first interview.

With video assessment interviews, recruiters and applicants alike can cut down on traveling costs and conduct assessments on the go. Whether it’s from their mobile devices, iPods, laptops, or computers. Therefore, video interviewing software makes it easier and fairer for applicants to attend initial interviews and assessments.

As a result, a video assessment interview gives applicants a better sense of your business before they decide to take time off, relocate or travel specifically for a second interview.

A more pleasant applicant experience

talent acquisition specialist

The golden rule is, don’t make assessments impersonal. Personalizing the applicant experience isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. It’s a necessary strategic investment that delivers measurable results! With advanced hiring technology, you can smoothly configure the applicant journey. Meaning, you can use video interviewing software to draw out your end-to-end experience. And you can start by creating touchpoints at each stage.

From the career page, email communication, video assessment interview, to the hiring stage – video interviewing software allows you to personalize the applicants’ experience at each of these stages. Also, it’s an opportunity to break the ice and make applicants feel happier and more confident to open up.

To wrap up

While some may think that adding video assessment interviews is extra work, they can actually save companies a whole lot of time and money in the long run. As a matter of fact, they can help you quickly spot raw potential and eliminate any hasty decisions. Our video interviewing software makes it possible to engage applicants immediately with powerful video assessment interviews. Also, EVA-SSESS helps you thoughtfully evaluate applicants while crafting an experience that everyone loves! Afterall, a more optimized assessment process is possible when you let the applicants drive.

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