Video Interviewing Software: 5 Great Reasons Why HR Teams No Longer Rely on CVs Only

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recruiter using video interviewing software

The more we look around us, the more we’ll see things that are outdated in HR. We’re surrounded by a wave of disruptive technologies, yet we still see HR resorting to the old ways of evaluating prospective candidates.

We may define these old ways as passé, traditional or archaic. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with using CVs to evaluate candidates, but they’re just opening a door to the past. Not future. And what’s our stance? It’s time to ditch the status quo of CV reviews and adopt something more innovative!

Enter: video interviewing software.

Poor decisions are expensive. That’s why we believe that the best decisions HR teams can make, are powered by leading-edge and hiring technology.

Here’s why it’s time for HR teams to stop relying on CVs only, and start using video interviewing software instead!

They don’t offer in-depth insights

candidate conducting a video assessment interview

Conventionally, candidates would apply to job vacancies with long and bulleted CVs that are most likely embellished to an extent. HR teams would then take a day, a week, or an entire month to assess the candidates based on the content available in their CVs. But does this process predict job success? We think not!

As we said earlier, CVs reflect the past. Not the future. With video interviewing software talent acquisition specialists can get a multidimensional snapshot of the candidate. Meaning, they can assess their personality skills, their potential, and skill sets.

For example, once candidates take a video assessment interview, HR teams can then get access to a psychometric report that unravels personality traits, advocates recruitment, predicts job satisfaction, foresees career success, and determines effective leadership. These powerful insights are hard to squeeze out of CVs. That’s why relying on video interviewing software is a much more convenient way to assess candidates.

CVs alone may elicit bias

candidates using video interviewing software

Subconscious bias can sometimes creep into the recruitment process. To simply put it, CVs can have inaccurate information that is often poorly delivered. This means that talent acquisition teams might end up forming a biased first impression about them. Unconscious biases are inevitable. Even the most experienced HR professionals may fall into the bias trap. Luckily, video interviewing software minimizes bias in several ways.

For example, our video interviewing software generates a personality report for each candidate after each video assessment interview. This report is backed by the Five-Factor Model science that reveals valuable insights into the candidates’ personalities in the following five traits: agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness, extraversion, and emotional stability.

This report helps HR teams learn more about the candidates behind the screen, such as how they learn, communicate, conduct sales, and their programming aptitude. With our video interviewing software, businesses will always have a database and reference for the candidate’s assessments. This means that they can always refer back to them at any time, to mitigate the risk of bias.

They’re inconsistently created

laptop showing video assessment interview

All CVs are formatted differently. And every candidate has a different and unique CV. Given, bad formatting will stand against a candidate. But what’s considered as bad formatting to one recruiter, might be considered as a passable mistake to another. And what does this mean?

This means that CV reviewers can assume that candidates with poorly formatted CVs are weak candidates with low spatial awareness. Where one single typo or grammatical mistake might get the candidate disqualified. And that candidate might’ve held great potential.

This is particularly why recruiters would rather rely on video interviewing software. When candidates answer a list of questions in a video assessment interview, they all undergo a standardized process. No one is favored over the other, and recruiters are able to assess them objectively and thoroughly. Our video interviewing software uses AI to review the candidate’s answers more than just once, as well as compare and contrast how each candidate answered the same question.

In addition, recruiters can compare the candidate’s answers to their model answer. The model answer is the ideal answer that is expected to be heard from the candidates. The AI will then generate a relevancy percentage for each question, which represents how relevant their answers are in comparison to the recruiter’s model answer. This paves the way for a standardized, consistent, and fair way to assess candidates. Unlike with CVs, where there’s no standardized way to assess them.

They’re not as powerful as video assessments

talent acquisition team working together

While candidates can bend the truth a little in their CVs, they can’t exactly do that in video assessment interviews. It becomes much harder for candidates to fabricate their experiences with video interviewing software. That’s because video assessment interviews can successfully ascertain the candidate’s abilities and competencies in no time.

Traditionally, recruiters would have to sit with the candidates several times to learn more about them. Unlike with video assessments, recruiters can screen, assess, and evaluate candidates in a few minutes only. With our video interviewing software, recruiters can rely on advanced analytics and the candidate’s profile to view everything they need to assess applicants faster. Such as the relevancy of their answers, their personality reports, their team’s feedback, and the candidate’s entire profile. This way, recruiters no longer need to rely on CVs alone to get deeper insights. They can get everything they need from one place only, where all the candidate’s information will be centralized and easily accessed.

CVs take time to review

candidate conducting a video assessment interview

On average, it may take recruiters up to 10 hours a week just to sift through CVs. And for other recruiters, it might even take them more time. In addition, HR teams are also finding it equally hard to simultaneously schedule meetings, make phone calls, send emails, update calendars and arrange assessments with candidates. They’re always feeling like they’re running out of time.

Alternatively, recruiters can save up to 90% of their time by conducting video assessment interviews. Where in only 2-3 minutes they can review and assess a mass number of candidates. Even better, HR teams can review the candidates’ video assessments at any time that suits their convenience.

To increase trust and add an element of speed to the process, video interviewing software like ours also involves more people in the process, such as team members. This collaborative experience helps team members share their thoughts and feedback to reach a collective decision faster and more accurately.

To wrap up

In today’s fast paced and innovative world, it’s time to assess and source great candidates like your company depends on it. Because it does! While relying on CVs only may be helpful at times, but not in the long run. Talent acquisition teams need to rely more on hiring technology and video interviewing software to step up their hiring game, assess a large pool of candidates innovatively, and foster an innovative approach that mitigates biased and inefficient selection processes.

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