5 Unexpected Places Talent Acquisition Teams Can Find Awesome Hires

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An HR professional looking for top talent in unexpected places

Every successful business has talent acquisition professionals that just know where to source top talent. The same way they know how to keep a great hiring process in place.

In the past, recruiters used to depend on traditional methods to find awesome hires. Whether it’s through newspaper ads, job fairs, or outdated job boards. It’s a competitive field out there, and everyone is on the hunt for top talent. But in this day and age, HR trends are reshaping the way we hire, and talent acquisition teams have to start thinking outside the box.

So are you a talent acquisition professional who is looking to hire top talent? Believe it or not, we’re going to share with you some surprising places where you can find your next big hire!

Are you as excited as we are?

Great! Let’s dive right in.

At a café, restaurant, or store

A female recruiter using EVA-REC.

If you’re hiring for customer-facing positions, then you will most likely find the candidates who best fit these roles in places where they serve customers. Many companies today don’t overlook candidates with unconventional backgrounds. This is why they may ask their recruiters to observe employees with exemplary customer service skills and offer interviews to those who make a lasting impression.

Sometimes, at a café, restaurant, or store you’ll find a go-getter who is willing to learn, enhance and develop his or her industry experience to excel at the job. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can find all sorts of candidates all over the place! Looking for a Data Scientist? You might spark a conversation and share LinkedIn profiles with one as you’re standing in line at a grocery store. In fact, from these places, you can instantly see potential straight away, as you get to see prospective candidates in their own element.

Online professional communities

Do you frequently visit online communities like Reddit or Quora? In this tech-driven world, there’s an online community for all sorts of professionals. Especially the ones you’re trying to hire! In these communities, passionate professionals share their thoughts, ideas, and work samples.

Talent acquisition teams often overlook online communities when job prospecting. They don’t focus on the notion that there are many people out there who are open to spark conversations and engage with people they’ve never met before. Therefore, talent acquisition professionals can easily spot potential candidates in these communities, get to meet them, and learn more about their skillsets and experience.

Networking events

Despite the fact that recruiters are used to prospecting candidates online, networking events are an awesome way to spot ambitious talent in person. A pristine resume doesn’t always reflect the candidate’s true identity. Therefore, talent acquisition teams can always opt to look for top talent at networking events.

They can simply spark up conversations with professionals, swap business cards, talk to potential candidates in a casual setting, and discover who might be interested in a new opportunity. If you spot a professional who is interested in what your company has to offer, connect with them on LinkedIn and send them a job description. And most importantly, always keep in touch with the people you meet at HR networking events! You’ll never know when you’ll need them in the future.

Virtual Hackathons

Given that the majority of talent acquisition professionals are working remotely as a result of Covid19, and traveling isn’t always an option, then opt for hosting a virtual hackathon. Hackathons give prospective candidates the chance to show their strengths, capabilities, and skills. To get started, simply present a problem that potential candidates might encounter and post it on social media. Ask them to come up with a creative solution, and present it at a particular deadline. You can also ask them to create a 1-minute video of themselves discussing the solution. Once you spot the candidate who wowed you, reach out to them and call them in for an in-person or video interview.

Your customers

We’re pretty sure that as a talent acquisition professional, you want to hire the right people for your company. You want to hire people who deeply care for and understand your business. If you happen to learn that one of your customers is actively looking for a job, then don’t hesitate to reach out to them! Especially if you know that they have what it takes to succeed in your organization. If you have business customers who are creating a change and disrupting their own industries, then they will definitely make attractive hires. Knowing that your customers are aligned with your organization’s values and they’ve already interacted with your team, the transition process would also be exceptionally easier.

Final thought

Being a proactive recruiter is a never-ending job. Today’s HR market isn’t what it used to be. And sometimes posting on a job board alone simply won’t cut it! Therefore, we highly encourage you to look into new places to find your awesome hires. Whether it’s through online communities, cafes or stores, virtual hackathons, networking events, or your customers. Instead of waiting for top talent to find you, use your creativity and all the resources you have to find them!

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