What Should Talent Acquisition Teams Expect to See in the Second Year of Covid19?

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So, 2020 happened.

And it was most definitely a year full of hardship. Especially for talent acquisition.

We will never forget the toilet paper shortage, avid hand-sanitizing, and panic buying at grocery stores. What started as a mild frenzy, ended up with talent acquisition teams being forced to adapt to the new reality of remote work.

Experts anticipate the virus to linger around longer, maybe even for another year. As businesses step into 2021, many are wondering if they will move into a new direction or bring back their old work habits.

Will employees come back to the office? Should we still expect 15 virtual meetings a day? We wish we had a Magic 8-ball to predict the future, but we do have certain things we expect talent acquisition teams to see in the second year of Covid19!

Masks, avid hand-washing and cleaning will still be necessary.

Returning to the office might be a possibility for many employees.

Business travel will still be significantly reduced.

Work events could make a resurgence.

We might have a (somewhat) normal summer.

Companies will focus more on privacy and GDPR compliance.

AI technology will unbelievably seep into and transform various work processes.

5g will live up to its hype.

Reskilling and retraining employees will continue to be a priority.

We will have to to relearn how to socialize in groups…again.

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