What Really Happens When Employees Are Working Remotely

An employee who is working remotely

At first, we all assumed that working remotely would be like heading to the beach with our laptops or working from a cozy coffee shop in town.

The reality was quite different.

When Covid19 hit, all these lush expectations came to fade away, as our daily commutes to the office became daily commutes to the couch.

Working remotely… is it really as awesome as we all thought it would be? Are employees still maintaining the same level of productivity? The truth is, working from home is great. Employees can now work around flexible schedules and from a safe and comfortable environment. Yet it’s only natural for things to take a slight detour from time to time.

When this pandemic first started, we all started working remotely and became digital nomads. Which means that we can all probably relate to what really happens behind the scenes!


When you realize you wasted a lot of time on Netflix and you’re close to missing a deadline

When you’re easily distracted by everything around you

When your kids barge into the room in the middle of a meeting

When people don’t believe you’re actually working

When productivity becomes a daily battle

When sick days and work days tend to look alike

When working from home starts to make you feel lonely

When your kids want to play but you have to work

When you develop a true bond with the fridge

When you unlock new levels of procrastination

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