5 Great Ways Video Interviewing Software Reduces Job Application Discrimination Today

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A group of diverse candidates from different backgrounds, getting ready for their video interviews.

Sometimes, it can be easy for discrimination to slip into the assessment and hiring process.

Granted, discrimination is quite prevalent everywhere. But there’s always a way to swerve around it and eliminate it all together from the assessment process.


Tthree words: Video interviewing software.

Job application discrimination is illegal, but we still see it happening at times in the workplace. And today, this is a pressing issue for companies worldwide. Irrefutably, using video interviewing software can be an awesome way to gain deeper insights into the applicants who are applying to jobs.

Let’s just say it this way, if video interviewing software is incorporated into the assessment or remote recruitment process, would job application discrimination exist?

We think not!

Video interviews mean less guesswork

A female recruiter wearing a grey blouse, looking sideways, with a pensive look.

Discrimination can flare up in several ways during the interview process; from age, gender, religion, physical ability to nationality. During face-to-face interviews, applicants might not exactly act in ways that represent their true selves. This can be due to stress and the desperate desire to impress. This means that interviewers might ask misleading, off-topic, or irrelevant questions that won’t help them get the accurate insights they need to make the right final decision.

As a result, they’ll most likely resort to guesswork. On the bright side though, video interviewing software takes the guesswork out of the equation. With video interviews, all applicants are asked the same set of interview questions and are evaluated equally based on the same pre-defined criteria. This signifies, that all applicants are given the equal opportunity to showcase their skills, and interviewers can objectively assess their responses.

Interviews are stored and archived as proof

An employee watching a video assessment on his desk and taking notes on his notepad.

Sometimes, when interviews take place behind closed doors, it’s nearly impossible to know for sure what was discussed and if any form of discrimination took place. But with video interviews, everything is saved and stored as proof. Where interviewers and employers can access them at any time and can use them to either support or refute their decisions, which makes it easier to spot and stop discrimination. This way, video interviewing software can pave the way for more transparency, as interviewers can go back to the one-way video interviews, re-watch any specific parts, refresh their memory on the applicant, and reduce any personal bias or discrimination.

Data-driven insights never lie

An iPad on a desk showing advanced analytics and insights.

Analyzing interview metrics is not easy. Sometimes, you need the right tools, resources, and technology. And the best way to get started is by leveraging video interviewing software that is powered by AI and offers incredibly accurate insights.

For example, conducting a video assessment interview with our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS, means that you get access to powerful and insightful AI psychometrics reports that help you know your applicants beyond paper.

Where you can use modern science and powerful technology to learn more about your applicants learning and communication style, programming aptitude, ability to work with customers, and performance in sales. This way, you can rely on data-driven insights to make the best decisions, rather than depend on assumptions or resumes alone.

Applicants get to show their true identity

A female employee wearing a white shirt and looking over her shoulder.

Job applications and CVs don’t tell the whole story. It’s nearly impossible to learn more about applicants from a few pieces of paper. That’s because applicants might not elaborate articulately on their skills, experience, and potential. They might use the wrong keywords to describe themselves, and they might fall into the trap of painting a false first impression.

Vdeo interview software like ours gives applicants the chance to impress the interviewer and tell them more about themselves than their applications ever could. With video interviews, applicants can break any misconceptions, use their voice and local language to eloquently express themselves, and eliminate any unconscious discrimination from spiraling out of control.

Video interviews remove geographical barriers

A female employee working remotely from her living room.

Believe it or not, quite often, top applicants get turned down because they live too far from the interview location. Due to geographical barriers, companies might miss out on hiring top talent who live in different cities or countries. However, video interviewing software makes it possible for interviewers to interview applicants from all around the globe, without discriminating against them due to their location. This implies, that all applicants, far or near, are given an equal shot at the interview process. As a result, this won’t invoke any discrimination that might spread negative word of mouth towards the company, from dissatisfied and upset applicants.

In conclusion

Video interviewing software can help you move beyond the constraints of the CV and learn more about applicants without inflicting any unfair discrimination. Where you can get more clarity on what really counts; their skills and qualifications. When used correctly, video interviews make the interview process fairer for all applicants, with no exception. It can also inevitably create a more equitable assessment and hiring process that boosts the applicant’s experience and satisfaction.

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